REVIEW: Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™

So as being a completely new member to Influenster for about a month, I finally qualified for my very first VoxBox, which happened to be the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish duo! The duo came with the nail polish color in 'Redgy' (an orange-red) and then a clear top coat. 

The box claims that the benefits are:

1. No UV/LED light needed
2. Dries like a regular nail polish
3. Increased wear and durability over time
4. Removes easily with regular nail polish remover

As soon as I received the box, I painted my nails right away because I was so excited to see if this really was a "miracle gel"... And indeed it was! 

First of all the brush that comes in the bottles are thin and flat and not like usual nail polish brushes. I found that the brush that came in the bottle was a lot easier to use and in one stroke, I already covered most if not all of the nail! The brush helps for an easier and more even application of the color in less time than the usual sized brush. 

Second, though I am not a huge fan of the 'Redgy' color, the formula of the nail polish was wonderful! It surely did not look cheap and it wasn't streaky either. 

After I applied the color, I applied the top coat and it not only made my nails super shiny but it also made it feel very durable. Usually nail polish never stays on my nails for longer than a day and it always ends up getting chipped within the next hour of being applied because I'm always typing on the keyboard or just accidentally hitting my nails on things. However, I've had this gel polish on for a few days already and guess what? NO CHIP. It looks brand new! I agree that there is no additional UV/LED light needed for this nail polish and it does dry just like a regular nail polish.

All in all, I am very pleased with this product and I honestly cannot wait to go out and buy more colors because I am OBSESSED!

DISCLAIMER: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

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