PSA: New Asian Beauty Box Subscription Services and Sites (3BBox, MISHIBOX, Pretty lil Face)!

If you guys are like me and can't resist subscription box services, then you guys need to check out these new Asian beauty box subscription services and sites: 3BBox, MISHIBOX, and Pretty lil Face! These new (and totally adorable) sites and services are sure to capture your heart and wallet!

3BBox - 3B (Beauty Beyond Borders)

3BBOX Philosophy: "We believe in seeing all of the beauty in the world. However you feel, wherever you're going, be your own kind of beautiful"

The 3 B's for 3BBox stands for Beauty Beyond Borders. They are a recently launched subscription beauty box service that is dedicated to bringing the most popular Asian beauty products right to your door! While chatting with the super friendly company, I was able to learn a little about them. "The reason we decided to focus specifically on Asian beauty products is because the Asian market is so far ahead of other geographies in terms of their innovation in beauty, yet their products are so hard to get your hands on in North America!" (quoted from one of the very kind emails I've received from them). This company totally understands how difficult it can be to try out, let alone purchase, Asian beauty products. They curate a special beauty box filled with 4-5 deluxe Asian beauty samples each month and send them right to your doorstep, so you won't have to fly to Asia to get these products yourself! 3BBox is here to help you discover the most popular Asian beauty products all for just $12 a month! In addition to their subscription services, 3BBox is also working on starting a 'Full-Size' section on their website where you will be able to purchase the full-sized version of your favorite products you sampled in your beauty boxes! This is like the Asian beauty box equivalent to the American IPSY subscription service!


"Our mission at MISHIBOX (pronounced "me-she") is to help you explore the world of Korean beauty and discover your favorite products in a convenient, effortless, and affordable way."

MISHIBOX is a brand-new beauty box subscription service that focuses solely on Korean beauty and make-up products. They offer customers a specially curated box that contains 4 to 6 deluxe and FULL-SIZED Korean beauty products for just $18.95 a month! Now THAT is a STEAL! This is the perfect box for those of you who are tired of receiving subscription boxes with samples that just aren't big enough. Sadly, MISHIBOX is only shipping to the U.S. (FREE SHIPPING, YAY!) as of right now, but they are currently taking sign-ups for their International waitlist, so you guys can all help decide where they will start shipping to next. All of you non-Korean speaking lovers of Korean beauty/makeup products out there can totally understand when I talk about how hard it is to understand/translate the directions on product labels, but with MISHIBOX, that won't be a problem! Included along with their beauty box is brand descriptions, product descriptions, ingredients and instructions all in English! 
Not much info is out about their store yet, but by the looks of it, MISHIBOX will start carrying some of your favorite products, in full-size, in their MISHISHOP, so you will be able to purchase them, hassle-free. MISHIBOX is expected to launch their very first beauty box in June, so mark your calendars! This is the Korean beauty box equivalent to the American BOXYCHARM subscription service!

Pretty lil Face

"We will never market products that we do not believe in. It's that simple. We've carefully curated products that we personally love and products that we truly believe to have proven their effectiveness. Because we all know shopping and discovering new products should be fun and simple."

Unlike the first two websites I talked about, Pretty lil Face is NOT a subscription service website. They are a recently new online shop that carries the most popular and effective Korean beauty products (that they curate themselves) on their website. I know how difficult it can be to not live in Korea, but still want to purchase Korean beauty products and not pay a ton for international shipping! Luckily, Pretty lil Face offers a flat rate shipping charge of $4.95 to Canada and the United States (FREE SHIPPING over $50 for Canada, $100 for United States). I love how Pretty lil Face puts their customers first by choosing to sell products that they have tested themselves and personally love. You never have to worry about wasting money on a gimmick-y product because they only carry the best of the best! This site reminds me a lot of SOKOGLAM!

What sites are you excited to try or have already tried and love?!


  1. Thanks for sharing about us! To clarify, we currently offer 4 to 6 deluxe and full-sized samples. It's a mix. We may be updating our statement to say 5 to 7 though because so far we just don't have any months with only 4 products in the box. We haven't disclosed much information regarding our shop, but there will be exclusive perks for subscribers. ;)

    1. Thanks for clarifying! I have updated my post to include your information :)