REVIEW: Cremorlab Essence Tonic

I have heard such great things about the brand Cremorlab and was beyond excited when I was sent the Cremorlab Essense Tonic from to try out and review! Let me start off by saying that anything Cremorlab is nearly impossible to come by, so thank goodness Peach and Lily carries a very nice and pretty wide selection of their products. I couldn't even find Cremorlab stuff on Ebay and usually Ebay has it all!


"Cremorlab Essence Tonic is formulated with Cremorlab’s T.E.N. thermal water, a proprietary hero ingredient acquired by the brand for its high mineral content and superbly hydrating properties. This product helps to improve the skin’s resilience and texture and promotes a brighter, more translucent glow. This paraben-free, artificial color-free, and denatured alcohol-free formula leaves your skin looking and feeling radiant and rejuvenated. " - Product description found on


First, let me talk about the packaging: I love how it comes in a bottle with a cap you have to twist open. This makes it super portable and you don't have to worry about it spilling all over the place. 

Now for the formula: I absolutely adore this toner. Usually toner is just regular ol' toner to me and I'm not usually picky about which ones I use, but I'm trying to be more conscientious and pay attention to what I put on my face. What I like about the Cremorlab Essence Tonic is that it has a paraben-free, artificial color-free and denatured alcohol-free formula. Plus, it's surprisingly hydrating! Most toners tend to dry me out or leave my skin feeling really tight, but this one doesn't. It's a completely clear toner with a pleasant clean, nature and mineral-ish scent that's very light and not overwhelming.

I apply this toner with a cotton pad and it's able to remove impurities still on my skin such as dirt, bacteria, and leftover makeup I may have missed. There has been absolutely no blemishes or pimples since using this, so I know it's doing a really good job at removing dirt and impurities from my face! I would recommend this for all skin types because it's super gentle on the skin and has not caused any kind of irritation. It feels really cool and refreshing on the skin.

When testing out skincare products, I like to review the product for two weeks and maybe more if I can't tell the difference. After using this for a few days, I could already see my skin becoming more even throughout and my skin has become a lot smoother. My face felt really clean after using and my dull skin has disappeared! I used to have little bumps on my cheeks from I don't know what (maybe irritation or dryness?), but they've finally disappeared since I've been using this along with the Mizon Returning Starfish Cream (review coming soon)! 


Improves skin texture
Super gentle / For all skin types!
Removes impurities and leftover dirt & makeup
Leaves skin feeling clean
Artificial color-free


A bit pricey


I've never been happier with my skin! The Cremorlab Essense Tonic retails for $40 for 250ml and can be found on! It's also available on Amazon, HERE! It is a bit pricey, but I think splurging a bit on really good and effective skincare that's not damaging for your skin is worth the extra bucks.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.

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