REVIEW: Missha Super Aqua Mineral Cleansing Water

Cleansing my face is such an important part of my skincare routine and it's the one step I can't skip no matter how tired or lazy I feel. I've tried a wide array of them including foam cleansers, liquid cleansers, balm cleansers, gel cleansers, oil cleaners, you name it! One of my favorite types of cleansers and also one of the gentlest kinds is micellar/cleansing water! Today I'll be reviewing the Missha Mineral Cleansing Facial Water that I was kindly sent from Beauty Spin for reviewing purposes!

I love the simple, but beautiful blue gradient design on the packaging and the bottle. The bottle also comes with a gray pump (yay for pumps)! 

I have been a huge fan of Missha ever since I've tried their Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Mist and their Mineral Cleansing Facial Water does NOT disappoint! 

The Mineral Cleansing Water contains Blue Lagoon Water which is enriched with minerals that are effective for soothing and moisturizing the skin. This mild cleansing water leaves the skin healthy and moisturized after cleansing. It does not contain any skin irritants such as artificial colorants, fragrances, or alcohol to gently remove makeup.

How to use: Place an appropriate amount onto cotton pad. Put it on the sensitive lip and eye areas and gently wipe over the face to cleanse wastes and makeup.

Here is the list of ingredients:

The Mineral Cleansing Water's pump comes with a skinny nozzle that makes dispensing the water onto a cotton pad fairly easy. The pump also has a lock option, which is a tiny, but important factor. This means that you're able to bring it along for traveling without worrying that it'll spill or leak. To lock/open, just twist the head of the pump. The small opening of the nozzle allows for an appropriate amount to be dispensed without going overboard. I usually like to soak a whole cotton pad with the cleansing water, so it takes a few pumps around the cotton pad to do so.

The cleansing water itself is completely clear and looks just like regular ole water. At first glance, it doesn't look that special, but don't let that fool you! The Missha Mineral Cleansing Water is a miracle worker! It has seriously changed my life when it comes to removing facial makeup. 

The texture of the Mineral Cleansing Water isn't greasy or thick; it feels just like water! It also feels incredibly gentle on the skin and would work well for anybody, no matter your skin type.

Here is a brand new cotton pad soaked with the Mineral Cleansing Water:

Personally, I prefer to wear waterproof and long-wearing makeup, so I need a good eye-makeup remover. Unfortunately, the Missha Mineral Cleansing Water doesn't work well in removing all of my eye makeup. The cleansing water wipes off eyeshadow and eyeliner decently, but struggles with taking off my mascara. Also, be careful using this near the eyes and try to not get it in there!

On the contrary, the Mineral Cleansing Water is AMAZING at removing facial makeup. I can just lightly swipe it onto my face and it instantly dissolves anything it touches. I was shocked at how fast my makeup came off of my face. There is NO need to rub your skin; all you need is to lightly swipe it across the face and everything is removed.

Here is a photo of a cotton pad after swiping it across my cheek for like a second (no lie; also the little dots on the cotton pad is actually because it's organic cotton that isn't dyed, not dirt LOL):

And here is the cotton pad after swiping it all over my face:

I don't usually wear this much makeup, but I applied on full-coverage foundation just to put the cleansing water to the ultimate test. Look at how much makeup it removed! It's made removing makeup such a breeze and I don't think I could ever return to my makeup wipes. The cleansing water also works well at removing lipsticks and lip stains and leaves my lips clean and bare.

Using the Mineral Cleansing Water feels SO refreshing on the skin. It's hydrating and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or strip it of its natural oils. 

The instructions don't state whether you need to rinse your face after using (usually you don't have to when using micellar water), but with this you should! I mainly use the cleansing water as a makeup remover and a "pre-cleanser" and follow up with my normal cleanser to make sure my face is completely clean.

There is also no scent that I am able to detect.


Can be used on the eye area and the lips
Removes facial makeup and lipsticks/stains amazingly well
No need to rub, just lightly swipe!
Super gentle
Doesn't strip skin of natural oils
Hydrating (doesn't leave skin dry!)
No strong/detectable scent


Doesn't remove eye-makeup well

RATING: 4.5/5

The Missha Mineral Cleansing Water retails for only $11.10 and is available at, HERE! Check out for other deeply discounted beauty items (including K-beauty)!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.

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