REVIEW: Pony Effect Long Wear Precision Liners

Today, I'll be reviewing one of my favorite items Pony recently launched in her extensive Pony Effect makeup line: The Long Wear Precision Liner! Ever since I started wearing makeup, I always found myself reaching for pencil liners rather than liquid liners because of how much easier they are to use, at least for me! I was so delighted to see Pony's latest makeup release containing pencil liners in a plethora of shades from neutral blacks/browns to bright pastels and everywhere in between!

So without further ado, lets get to the review! :D


The Long Wear Precision Liner (0.14g, retails for $13) is a retractable waterproof gel liner with an ultra-slim 2mm point. The super thin liner makes it a breeze to achieve precise lines (hence the name: Precision Liner) -- it's almost impossible to mess up with!

The liners come in a lightweight dark navy blue retractable pen. The twist-up mechanism is ideal for eyeliners since there's no sharpening needed AKA no product wasted at all! Be careful to twist up only a little at a time (Pony recommends 1mm), or only as much as you need, because the liner is so thin that twisting it up too far can cause it to break.

One down side of the super slim liner is that it's fragile and can be prone to breaking. I've been careful with not putting too much pressure when using these liners and I haven't had a problem, but I can definitely see it happening. Luckily, they don't require a lot of pressure for you to achieve pigmented lines. The gel formula gives off very opaque color that glides onto the lids easily with a light touch.

The Long Wear Precision Liner, can be worn both on the lash line and the waterline because they're incredibly budgeproof! These liners are also great for drawing cat eyes or winged liner, because of how precise and sharp you can get with the edges. Despite the super slender point, you can still achieve thick lines by building it up! The gel formula allows it to be very buildable without it caking up or cracking. This is actually the first time I've ever used a pencil liner that's so thin, and it's seriously life changing! I used to think winged liner was reserved for liquid liners, but that's definitely not the case here. The Long Wear Precision Liners are not only beginner-friendly, but they're also great for makeup professionals!

The Long Wear Precision Liner comes in 10 different shades ranging from everyday neutrals to funky, bold shades. The shade names on the boxes are slightly different from the website, but Memebox just simplified/shortened the names!

How fun are these shades?! Pony was quite adventurous with the shade selection and really explored the color spectrum. She included a unique variety of shades incorporating the basic everyday necessities (like black and brown), but also a handful of bold and funky shades that are really eye-catching. There's shades perfect for any season -- the brighter, colorful hues are perfect for Spring and Summer while the neutrals are ideal for Fall and Winter!

BLACKLIST (BLACK) - Blacklist is a super dark carbon black in a matte finish. It's one of the blackest black eyeliners I've ever used and is great for tightlining or using on the waterline! It's incredibly pigmented and really makes the eyes pop since it's such a dark contrast to whites of the eyes!

DUTCH COFFEE (COFFEE) - Dutch Coffee is a rich espresso brown in a matte finish. This is one of my favorite shades for everyday wear because it's not as intense as Black, but it still gives my eyes the same definition. This is a good medium if you don't want a dark black liner, but also not a liner that's too brown like Brown Sugar.

BROWN SUGAR (BROWN) - Brown Sugar is a warm toned milk chocolate brown in a matte finish. It warms up the eyes while still giving it definition, but gives a much softer appearance than Dutch Coffee.

MARSALA VELVET (MARSALA) - Marsala Velvet is a dark maroon in a matte finish. It's my first time trying an eyeliner in this shade and it's such a pleasant surprise! Marsala Velvet looks beautiful as an eyeliner, especially for a more toned-down pop of color that's giving me serious Fall vibes!

NARCOTIC KHAKI (KHAKI) - Narcotic Khaki is a dark olive green with a golden pearlized finish that's also great for Fall! The golden shift in this shade gives the eyeliner a subtle sheen making it the most unique out of the ten Precision Liners! Narcotic Khaki is my #1 favorite shade because it's neutral enough to be worn on the lids without being over-the-top, but the golden sheen helps add a little sparkle to the eyes. Plus, the dark green really compliments brown eyes!

MYSTIQUE NAVY (NAVY) - Mystique Navy is a midnight navy blue with blue microglitters and in a shimmery, pearlized finish. The glitter in this eyeliner is very fine and doesn't irritate or drag on my eyes when I apply it. Mystique Navy is a unique alternative to the conventional blacks and browns, but is still dark enough to give the eyes definition!

SECRET MINT (MINT) - Secret Mint is a pastel seafoam green/mint shade in a matte finish. This is one of the more bolder and daring shades in the collection, but even Pony manages to make it look beautiful on her in her promo photos! It's a very bright and fun shade that's great for the Spring and Summer months!

MAJESTIC PURPLE (PURPLE) -  Majestic Purple is a vibrant plum purple in a matte finish. This hue is much easier on the eyes since it's not a pastel like Secret Mint or Pink Shot, but still adds a bold pop of color that's very eye-catching!

PINK SHOT (PINK) - Pink Shot is a pastel baby pink in a matte finish. It's another really daring and bright shade like Secret Mint, but this can also be used to make the eye appear more awake. I like to rim my lower waterline with Pink Shot because the pink tone makes the eyes appear brighter and more lively.

GREEN ADDICTION (GREEN) - Green Addiction is a vibrant emerald green in a matte finish. Green is a unique shade to wear as an eyeliner, but the good thing about having brown eyes is that it can go well with practically any shade! This particular shade is also easier to wear on the eyes since it's not a bright pastel.

I am obsessed with the Long Wear Precision Liners! They're perfect to mix and match with when creating eye looks and there's SO many possibilities with these liners.

I decided to try and recreate Pony's makeup look from her promo photo above. As you can see in the photo, she wears the Black liner on her upper lash line and wings it out to elongate the shape of her eyes. She then adds Majestic Purple from the middle of her upper lash line and wings it outward to create a cutout cat-eye. Then, she uses the shade Mint to trace along the bottom edge of the Black liner to add a brighter pop of color.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the recreated makeup look! I have the Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Color in #On Point on my lips, just as Pony does, but hers looks a bit darker in the photo:

And here is a photo I posted on Instagram, but with no flash:

The Pony Effect Long Wear Precision Liner has a solid gel formula that gently melts on contact with the skin. The creamy formula glides onto the lids with ease -- it doesn't drag or tug on my lids! Each eyeliner is incredibly pigmented with intense, opaque color payoff. All you really need is one swipe, but if you want more opaque color, especially with the pastels, the Precision Liner can easily be built up by going over it a few time layers.

The Long Wear Precision Liner is truly long-lasting as well as budge-proof AND waterproof! I swatched these on my arms and rubbed them vigorously, but even 7 hours later, they looked like I just applied them! They can also withstand water without even being affected. The Long Wear Precision Liner is one of the very few liners that can last on my waterline without smudging throughout the day. It's a quick-drying formula (dries down in less than 30 seconds) that remains intact once it sets! The Precision Liner lasts all day for me and looks brand new even after 8 hours of wear. It's hands-down one of the very best pencil liners I've ever tried!


The Pony Effect Long Wear Precision Liner is one of the best pencil liners I've ever come across! They're made of a creamy, extremely pigmented gel formula that glides on the lids with ease. The super slim point allows you to achieve not only fine lines, but also build it up to thicker ones. They are completely budge-, smudge-, AND water-proof once they set, so I'd recommend them if you want a liner that will last all day! The Precision Liner also comes in a wide array of shades ideal for any season -- there's great neutral hues perfect for Fall/Winter as well as fun, bold shades for Summer! Pony did such an AMAZING job with these, and I can't recommend them enough! 

If I had to choose my top favorites, it would have to be Narcotic Khaki, Blacklist, Dutch Coffee, Mystique Navy, and Marsala Velvet! I just can't get enough of the darker shades! :D


The Pony Effect Long Wear Precision Liner (0.14g) retails for $13 and is available HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post also contains some affiliate links.

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