REVIEW: TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner (Black, Pearl Brown, Plum Wine)

If you're a total sucker for cute packaging then you're going to faint when you see the TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner. TONYMOLY, a brand with a big reputation built off of their irresistibly cute products, recently released the Inked Cushion Liner and I about had a heart attack when I saw them. The product itself comes packaged in a mini ink jar with an attached quill. I mean COME ON, it can't get any better than this!

Luckily, I was able to get my hand on several of the shades, so lets get into the review! :D


Intense like ink, the Inked Cushion Liner is a liquid gel-type cushion liner that provides you with a smooth, clump-free formula for that perfect wing.

$18 on TONYMOLY U.S. Website
$8.98 on Jolse (currently on sale for $6.73)

Not gonna lie, I picked up the Inked Cushion Liner solely for the novelty packaging, because who can resist this, right? It comes in a cute little ink jar made out of lightweight black plastic. It comes with an attached plastic quill brush that fits right into the top of the jar. The ink pot itself is the cap for both the brush and the cushion liner. The actual cushion liner is the wee colored section at the bottom of the ink jar, which twists off easily.

Despite my love for the adorable packaging, it's chunky and unnecessarily bulky for the amount of product. The main body of the ink jar is basically for design, which I'm not complaining, but it is excessive.

The included brush applicator comes in the shape of a plastic quill. It has a wide shape, but a slim figure that makes it really easy to grip! It fits surprisingly well in between the fingers and gives the user steady control.

The brush tip is short, stubby, and tapered to a point. I thought I was going to hate it since most included brushes are usually trash, but this brush works surprisingly well with applying the cushion liner. Plus, it's really soft on the eyes too! I'm able to attain precision and accuracy from this brush when coupled with it's easy-to-hold body. It's also a breeze to adjust the pressure put onto the brush tip to get anything from fairly thin lines to thicker, bold ones.

At first glance, I didn't think the brush would be able to draw thin lines, but it does a decent job with it. However, if you want razor thin wings that will cut you just from looking at it, this won't be able to achieve that kind of thin, crisp line. 

The Inked Cushion Liner is currently available in 5 neutral hues ranging from blacks, browns, a dark plum and an olive-black.

I was able to get my hands on 01 Black, 03 Pearl Brown, and 04 Plum Wine which I'll be swatching below! I was really wanting to snatch up 05 Olive Black as well, but it was sold out at the moment :'(  

***For the eyes swatches below, I only used the included quill brush to draw the lines!


Black is your standard black shade, but in a semi-satin finish (it's not completely matte nor glossy). This particular hue goes on unevenly and it sheers out as you apply it. This shade is definitely buildable by adding on layers, so with effort this can work. However, because it's more sheer than the other shades, I find that I have to keep dipping my brush into the cushion jar to get more product.


Pearl Brown is a bronze brown with faint golden shimmers that gives it a pearlized finish. The shimmers are fine and not chunky or gritty on the eyes. I like Pearl Brown much more than Black, but it still applies patchily in some areas. The shimmers in the liner are not evenly dispersed throughout, so though it's buildable, the liner can appear uneven as some areas will be more dense with shimmers and others will not.  It's also important to not layer too heavily, or else the liner can get cakey and flake!


Plum Wine is a deep violet with strong blue tones in a pearlized finish. Personally, I don' think it resembles "wine" as the name suggests, but it's still a pretty shade nonetheless! There are noticeable fine shimmers in this shade as well, which gives it an iridescent sheen similar to Pearl Brown. Like the other hues, this one also went on a bit patchily.

Here are the eye swatches side-by-side:

Despite the Inked Cushion Gel Liners having the word 'gel' in the name, the liners have a more fluid liquid liner consistency. It's very lightweight and almost feels like I don't have anything on! Granted, they're a little too sheer for my liking, but they ARE buildable, so you can add on more layers to up the intensity and opacity. As a tip, if you're going to build these up, build them up as you go. Do not wait for the layers to dry! It'll start flaking off the layers underneath if you apply it over a layer that's already set.

The formula dries down and sets quickly on the lids. They're definitely budge-proof especially when you try to rub them, but they are NOT waterproof. They wash off easily which makes makeup removal a breeze. Performance-wise, I was able to get ~4 hours of wear with these before the pigmentation starts to fade a bit. There was very minimal transferring to my lower-lid as well, but to help prevent this, I'd recommend to set the under-eye with some powder! 


Without a doubt, the Inked Cushion Gel Liner wins in the packaging department. These super cute liners could win hearts with just looks alone, but would I recommend these liners? Eh, not really. Are you going to buy them anyway? Probably, because who can resist it! LOL

These cushion liners will look good on your vanity or makeup station, but that's about it. The brush works well for liner application, but the formula was too sheer and too lacking. The liners are definitely buildable to up the opaqueness of the liners, but I personally don't think the extra effort is worth the mediocre results.

These aren't super horrible, but they're just very mediocre. If you HAVE to have one, I'd definitely recommend going for one of the pearlized ones like 03 Pearl Brown or 04 Plum Wine!


The TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner is currently on sale for $8.98 and is available on! They are also available on Amazon, HERE.

 Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes courtesy of Jolse, however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own honest opinions. 


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    1. Thank you! The purple one is also one of my favorites :D

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  3. D'aw! That's a shame! I was really tempted to purchase this one - to be honest, the packaging is definitely up my alley.

    Tony Moly really does that well! All their Panda Dream collection items are to die for in terms of cuteness of packaging :')

    1. I agree - Tony Moly always has the best packaging! I can't resist :D

  4. Omg i totally agree with your review. I bought the plum one and it just didnt apply well for me. I thought I was doing something wrong. It was patchy from the glitter and my wing didnt last long.

    Great review. Thanks.

    1. Yeah, it was so disappointing! :( I still like to keep it for the design though LOL