REVIEW: 9wishes Perfect Ampule Serum

Long time no talk, right? I'll start posting regularly soon once I get my post-grad life all figured out, promise! I've been really busy the past few months finishing up school, exams, graduating, moving back home, and also finding a real adult job. Frankly, it's been so stressful and as a result, my skin has taken a major toll. *sad face* :'(

I've purposely avoided posting skincare reviews for a while now since my skin was going through some major troubles - pore congestion, acne, cysts, the like, and it makes me feel so vulnerable showing my bare skin in this state. However, I decided to start back up since my skin has been behaving really well and I can only hope that what works for me will be of help to those of you that are struggling with similar issues. These skin troubles have pushed me to test out more products geared towards fighting acne, scars, and a dull complexion, so I hope you guys can relate or find some benefit in this post! :)

One product I've been testing out for almost two months now is the 9wishes Perfect Ampule Serum, courtesy of BB Cosmetic! The Perfect Ampule Serum comes in 6 different types, or "flavors", that are formulated to target different skin troubles and concerns. This serum is an effective little weapon of mine that I've been using to not only combat my acne, but also help heal scars and push my skin into a healthier-looking state.

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RETAIL PRICE: $13.00 ($10.99 on BBCosmetic)

The Perfect Ampule Serum comes in a glass dropper bottle with a clear pipette attached to the cap. The end of the pipette is slightly angled and its unique tip allows me to easily place drops directly onto my face - three drops total with one on my forehead and one for each cheek. It's recommended to use 3 drops per use and I find that that's the perfect amount!

The texture of the serums are pretty much uniform across all six, regardless of the different type/flavor of the serum. They all have a slightly viscous texture that isn't sticky whatsoever, but when applied, it feels almost water-like. They're much thinner than your average ampoule and most similar to typical serums on the market.

They're very lightweight on the skin and sink right in, penetrating deep inside the layers of the skin. It creates a bouncy and supple exterior for the skin, but feels virtually weightless on! Despite the beautiful colors of the serums in the bottle, they don't appear to have any colorants when applied onto the skin, nor any added fragrance.

There are 6 different "flavors" of the 9wishes Ampoule Serum and generally, every single serum did the basics of hydrating the skin, making it more plump and supple, and improving the skin's overall texture and appearance. However, despite the similarities, a handful of the serums did stand out from the rest by going beyond the basics and doing more for the skin. Overall, I'd still recommend going for the one that targets your specific needs, but I did find that some worked better towards their claims than others where the effects were less noticeable to the eye.

The 6 different types are:
CALM   |   COLLAGEN   |   HYDRA   |   OXYGEN   |   VITAMIN   |   WHITE 

Relieving + Anti-Redness
Out of every single serum, Calm is hands-down my favorite. It's my go-to serum and secret weapon for fighting acne, blemishes, and redness. Not only does it make my skin feel more supple and hydrated, but it reduces inflammation, irritation, and redness. Whenever my skin is going through some trouble or feels irritated, I slap this baby on and my skin feels soothed. After a little while I notice the redness calm down. Now this serum, like all skincare, takes some time to work its magic. With consistent use, I notice my blemishes healing more quickly and the redness on my skin actually fades as each day passes.

Lifting + Anti-Wrinkle 
Collagen claims to lift the skin and be anti-wrinkle, but I didn't notice any special effects that the other serums didn't do too. This particular one helped plump up my skin making it more bouncy to the touch, but then again all of the other serums helped make my skin feel supple too. As for the anti-wrinkle claims, I have yet to notice any significant changes to my fine lines or wrinkles!

Glowing + Deep Hydration
Hydra is another fave of mine. As I've previously mentioned all of the serums hydrate the skin and plump it up, but this one takes it a step further by giving my skin a healthy glow. It's not sticky whatsoever and helps me achieve that fresh and dewy appearance I crave. 

Refresh + Anti-Stress
Oxygen claims to refresh the skin and it does just that! It gives the skin a more hydrated and fresh appearance, while balancing out my dull complexion. It's not significantly different from the other five, but it works and I found its effects similar to Hydrate and Vitamin.

Healthy + Balancing
Vitamin is another go-to serum for me when my complexion is looking a little dull or just blah. This provides my skin with a more even tone, balances out my complexion, and improves its overall appearance. 

Whitening + Discoloration
White claims to whiten/brighten the skin and even out discoloration. With extended use, I noticed my complexion looked a bit more even and slightly brighter, but the results weren't as apparent as I wish it to be. I also don't have much discoloration on my skin besides PIH, but it hasn't been a huge help with fading the scars.

Of course I didn't use these serums by themselves! I kept my skincare routine very minimal during this period since I wasn't sure what the exact cause of my acne problems were. Here's what I used on a daily basis with the exception of sheet masks:


- Oil cleanse with Labiotte Wine Sherbet Cleanser (one of my favorite cleansing balms!)
- Moisturize with Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream Triple Bright

AND... Here are my Before + After shots! Since these photos were taken weeks/months apart, it was so hard for me to get the lighting to match up, but all of these photos were taken by natural sunlight!

This is my progress after just two weeks! I would use certain serums that I felt my skin needed each day. As always, it's important to listen to what your skin needs! In the 'Before' photo, I was struggling with a cystic breakout and several other bumps along my chin. Yeah, it wasn't pretty. My cheeks were even worse, but I didn't get a shot of it two weeks in.

Here is the difference after one whole month of consistent use! My acne pretty much went away, but I was still left with minimal redness and of course scars. By now, my skin had several clogged pores here and there, but it slowed down a ton.

And lastly, here is a current photo of my cheek that I took this morning approximately 1.5 months in! As you can see the acne has definitely disappeared and all that's left is some minimal scaring. It's not apparent in the photos, but I had major congestion in my pores for several months, but now my skin is smooth and the majority of my pores are clear!

As you can see in my Before photo, I was struggling with acne, redness, and congested pores along my cheeks and my chin. It was such a bad time for me, but in 2 weeks, my skin greatly improved and in a month my skin was on it's way to being congestion free! Redness has gone down drastically and so has my acne flareups. There's no big secret on how I healed my skin, but it's important to listen to what your skin needs. Overall, I think these serums are a great addition to any routine, as there really is a serum targeted to almost any skin concern.


Every single serum is hydrating on the skin and improves the skin's texture by making it more supple almost immediately, but my standout favorites are: Calm, Hydra, and Vitamin! I found that these three really lived up to their claims and they had the most notable effects on my skin. I find myself incorporating these serums into my morning and night routines on a day-to-day basis, not just when I have certain skin troubles. There's a serum for everything and these helped my skin improve drastically! If you are suffering from acne, redness, or inflammation, I highly recommend picking up Calm as it has helped out my skin a tremendous amount. Hydra, Vitamin, and Oxygen are also fantastic choices to help improve your skin's texture and tone!

Would I repurchase? HECK YEAH. Whether these serums really did the magic on their own, or they just worked well in conjunction with my skincare routine, I don't doubt their abilities since my skin healed faster with the serums than on its own.


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  1. Hi Mary

    Can I ask for both hydrating and vitamin serum, what is the sequence to use?

    1. It doesn't matter which order you use the serums in - you can mix and match them to your personal tastes, or apply them to specific areas of concern. These serums are very lightweight so layering them is easy. :)