REVIEW: Mizon Returning Starfish Cream

I've heard a lot of hype about Mizon Returning Starfish Cream and even saw that it topped some beauty must-have charts on Allure and other websites causing my interest and curiosity to grow. If you haven't heard about this yet, you're not alone! Korean beauty products are quickly becoming more and more popular throughout the world and for very good reasons. Most of the beauty products are very advanced compared to the other countries and most of the time their products are very effective (and a lot are affordable)! 

What initially drew me to this product was the adorable packaging. They've recently updated the look and it's totally cute, but the old one is also pretty darn lovable and it's pink! Another cool thing about this cream is that it has memory-foam like texture where it always moves back to its original shape no matter how many times you shake it and poke it, weird (but cool) right?! Also, how can I not mention the intriguing name? I've never ever used starfish in any type of beauty product before and I've never even heard of it being used, so I'm definitely curious about it.

The product I received is the older packaging, and the photo below is the new and updated version! I personally really like the new packaging a lot!


"It is a unique moisturizer formulated with 70% starfish extract to hydrate, regenerate, and rejuvenate skin, leaving it optimally moisturized, firm, and beautifully radiant. The starfish cream also helps to fight wrinkles/blemishes, and protects the skin from harmful environmental factors. Ideal for all skin types." - Product description from

This product comes with it's own little spatula and I highly recommend that you use it only with a spatula and not your fingers to help keep bacteria from contaminating your jar of cream! Despite it having starfish extract in the cream, the scent is a very pleasant light floral scent which can be attributed to the many flower and plant extracts it also contains!


First and foremost, the texture is really unique! It's like a memory foam because no matter how much you dip your finger or spatula into the product, it will ALWAYS go back to it's original form. Plus, it doesn't really feel like a 'cream' to me, but more like a gel/pudding. It's also super smooth and literally just glides on my face. When it absorbs, it's not greasy at all, but just super moisturized and silky.

I've always had a problem with dull and dry since as long as I can remember. This cream literally changed MY LIFE. I put it on at night and I can wake up to beautiful skin without any problems. And I'm not even just saying this, I MEAN IT and I have photos to prove how my skin has changed.

I used to get these little bumps on my cheeks and little red spots, but I honestly don't know what they are and what they're called haha. If I had to guess, I think my face was just too dry and it caused the little bumps to form or my skin was just irritated. I'm not completely certain, but they were always around for as long as I could remember! Anyway, this cream is an absolute miracle and made the bumps disappear! It really helped improve the texture of my skin making it more smooth and supple and just all-around even.

I wouldn't wear this as a day cream or a day moisturizer because it just takes a while for it to dry and I just don't have time to wait around in the morning for it to absorb. This cream is perfect for night time though because you can just slather it on and go to bed. If I have any blemishes on my face, they either disappear or are drastically minimized the next morning.


Super hydrating and moisturizing
No dry spots whatsoever
Improves skin texture
Leaves skin dewy and glowing!
Helps skin regenerate and heal




The Mizon Returning Starfish Cream 60ml retails for $32 and can be found on, HERE! If you're not sure whether you should take the plunge or not, there's also a mini travel-sized version (25ml) for just $10, HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.

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