REVIEW: Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer

I always have really tired eyes and it's especially obvious with my dark circles! Yikes, right? Well I usually am able to get away with it because I always use a concealer to mask them. For me, concealers are a necessity! I need it not only for my dark circles, but also to cover up the occasional red blemishes, acne scars, or just to even out some discoloration.

I was sent the Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer in #1 Light Beige courtesy of, but unfortunately I feel like this shade is a bit too light for me and #2 Natural Beige might have been a better fit. I'm still going to do the review on this item anyway based on it's formula and the product itself!

One of the things I found unique about this product is the applicator. I'm use to seeing a doe-foot applicator with concealer type products, but this one comes with a round sponge-tip applicator which I like a lot more! The sponge-tip applicator is in the shape of a ball and it makes it easy to just dot or glide the concealer on.


Dab or glide the concealer on desired area using the sponge-tip applicator. Gently pat and blend the concealer into the skin to conceal blemishes and other flaws.


This is my very first time seeing and using a product with a sponge ball applicator (instead of a doe-foot applicator) and I must say that I love it! I usually like to dot my concealer on and the ball tip made it easier to do. To blend out the concealer on to my skin, I like to use my fingers (occasionally I'll use a brush or my trusty beauty blender). This is a really creamy concealer, which made it really easy to blend out. It's good that it's creamy because it won't cling to your dry spots and that's a very big problem for me no matter how moisturizing my moisturizer is. Once blended out, the concealer provides light-to-medium coverage and it is buildable! This concealer did a VERY good job neutralizing and masking red spots. However, it doesn't completely cover up my dark circles, but it did make it less noticeable. I prefer this more as an allover face concealer than an under eye concealer. The tube is relatively small with 6g of product, so it's portable enough to bring with you whenever you need a quick touch-up or out traveling!

Wearing the Sunday Riley Tinted Primer, kind of like bb cream, with the Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer

Sponge-tip applicator
Creamy formula
Light-to-medium coverage, perfect for everyday wear
VERY good at concealing redness

Makes dark circles less noticeable, but doesn't completely conceal


This Etude House Surprise Concealer retails for ~$8 and is available HERE!

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. I really like the tip of that sponge! It's the first time I've seen one of that sort!

    Concealers are something I rarely use, but I am really interested in this product.

    It makes me wonder, though, since you said it made your dark circles noticeable, do you think it's possible to build the product up almost like you would do to a bb cream? I have a little pot of concealer that came in my Too Cool For School multibox, and I generally build it if my circles are super bad that day.


    1. Right?! I thought it was just me that thought the applicator was so cool haha :)

      I was just testing out to see if it could completely cover my dark circles in one go, because it made my red spots basically disappear. That's why I prefer it as an all-over face concealer rather than an under-eye concealer. But yes, you could totally build it! I usually use it under my foundation/bb cream and the added foundation over it usually does the trick for me. :)