Teen Vogue X Hask Hair Review: Monoi Oil Hair Products!

I've always had a problem with my boring dull hair that was just never soft or shiny enough, but I always accepted it because I thought, "This is just how my hair naturally is... can't change it!" But boy was I totally wrong about that.

I was among the few lucky Teen Vogue It Girls that were chosen to try out and review hair care products from Hask Hair! You can find Hask hair products in many retailers like Target, Walmart, Ulta, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, etc.

Monoi Oil Nourishing Shampoo

Monti Oil Nourishing Conditioner

Monoi Oil Nourishing Shine Oil

Repair That Hair Leave-in Spray

Revive & Refresh Daily Hair Mist

Deep conditioning mask

I usually hate all things coconut and it was my first time trying out a hair product with coconut in it. After opening the bottle, I realized I obviously did not hate it that much because the sent smelled SO good. It smelled like I just stepped out of an island in paradise. Honestly, I've always heard the great benefits of using coconut oil (and other oils) in your hair and skin, but the word 'oil' always made me feel slightly afraid that it would be a greasy disaster. For this trial, I did a routine of using the Monoi Oil Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner whenever I showered. After I got out of the shower, I would follow up with a dime-sized amount of the Monoi Oil Nourishing Shine Oil and sprayed my hair with the Repair That Hair Leave-in Spray. The Monoi Oil Nourishing Shampoo lathers extremely well and left my hair feeling very clean! I honestly do not think you need to use the Monoi Oil Products every single day. It might be best to only use it once a week. It's super gentle and you could use it every day if you wanted, but there's really no need to. I found that my hair remained really soft days after not using it.

Now first, let me explain how my hair naturally is without these products. My hair usually gets in MANY tangles which I have to comb through diligently with a brush and I hate that because I always felt like I was breaking my hair. No one wants split ends! My hair was also lacking in shine and it was no where near being soft. It was basically super dull and boring. I never knew that it wasn't that soft until I felt how my hair was after using the Monoi Oil products and I REALLY mean that.

After using the Monoi Oil Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, even after the very first test run, there was such a HUGE and noticeable difference in my hair. My hair felt like it was light, silky smooth, and the softest thing I have EVER felt. Like I would run my fingers through my hair multiple times a day because I just couldn't believe how soft it was. It was like my hair was hydrated and refreshed after just one use. I saw that it added a decent amount of volume to my limp and dull hair. My hair even felt stronger and I didn't have to worry about it ever being brittle when I used these products. The Monoi Oil Nourishing Shine Oil was also pretty darn amazing. It's a very small vial that packs a punch. I used a dime-sized amount after I towel-dried my hair and my hair ended up being way shinier than it had been before. I also noticed a reduction in my flyaways sticking up from my head... every thing just looked so sleek.

If you tried it out for yourself, you will be able to notice the difference almost immediately (like literally when you're washing the conditioner out of your hair, you can feel how silky and soft it's going to be). I was surprised at how much I loved it after trying it out. Now, my hair is super light and feels strengthened whenever I use the Monoi Oil products. Plus, I always get compliments that my hair smells heavenly. It smells like I'm always in some kind of Tahitian paradise and everyone can tell. My hair not only looks shinier and more alive, but it also FEELS a lot healthier.

Lathers well
Smells heavenly
Strengthens hair
Makes hair super smooth and super soft
Cleans thoroughly
Adds shine
Adds volume
SUPER Inexpensive (~$2.99 - $5.99)


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.

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