REVIEW: Stiks Cosmetiks Lipstiks

I won't lie, I'm that girl that has a huge stash of lippies and any other lip product known to man. I love playing with lipsticks, lip glosses, etc. because there's so many different shades you can dress your lips up in. Having a bright and bold color on my lips is a great way to make my face and my outfit POP!

I was kindly sent these Stiks Cosmetiks Lipstiks to review and gasped when I saw the package! Like honestly, just LOOK at how beautiful and crazy-cool the packaging is on these lipsticks. They're a very eye-catching silver chrome and it almost feels like an accessory more than a beauty product.

Stiks Lipsticks without flash from L to R: Burgundy, Red, Mauve, Tangerine, Cinnamon, Nude

I decided to take my photos with flash so you guys could see every detail! The colors do look a lot more vibrant with flash, but I didn't want you guys to suffer from the bad lighting in my room. 

Stiks Lipsticks with flash from L to R: Burgundy, Red, Mauve, Tangerine, Cinnamon, Nude

These lipsticks are angular shaped, instead of the usual round shape, and come with an attached, clear flip-open cap. 

As like every other lipstick, you still twist to get more product, but for these lipsticks, the entire bottom half turns! As you can tell, I am super excited about reviewing this because the whole idea and design is just so innovative! The idea behind this lipstick and the packaging is so that you can now apply this lipstick with just one hand. Despite this very cool concept and look, I was skeptical on whether or not applying the angular shaped lipstick would be more difficult than a regular lipstick.

Here are all of the 6 different shades of lipsticks (I know, I'm very sad I nicked some of them when opening, tear :'(  ):

So first off, lets talk about the packaging. I absolutely think it's an amazing idea that the cap is attached to the whole tube of lipstick! That means no more searching for where you accidentally left the cap and no more losing the cap... YAY! Plus the cap is clear so you can effortlessly see what shade you have instead of having to open the cap or looking for the label with the name on it. The silver chrome packaging is also too cool because I love anything chrome and flashy. The only bad thing about it is that it's very easy to leave fingerprints on it and that keeps it from looking super shiny and nice. The flat shape of the tubes also make it easy to fit anywhere, ie. your clutch, bag, or even back pocket!

Lipstik Swatches (with flash)

Lipstik Swatches (without flash)

OKAY, enough with the mesmerizing packaging. Now the formula is actually really great. It's moisturizing when applied to the lips and most do not dry your lips out. However, the lighter shades (Nude and Cinnamon) were a lot more drying on my lips and sometimes caused dry patches, so make sure to use a lip scrub beforehand. Also, I was worried about how these lipsticks would apply since the it had an angular and slanted tip, but it actually makes it really easy to use! You could use the sharp edge to even line your lips before apply it throughout, kind of lip a lip liner! When applied, the color is slightly sheer, but is easily buildable. Despite some being slightly sheer, every single shade was seriously pigmented and had great color payoff.

Here is a photo of my natural lip color for reference; I'm only wearing a clear lip balm:

Nude - My least favorite shade is probably the nude, even though it has nothing to do with the actual formula, it's just my personal preference. It's a serious nude with hints of a peach undertone, but no big amounts of pink in it, unlike most nude lipsticks out there. Nude never was, and maybe never will be, my go-to lipstick color of choice. I'm just not the kind of nude lipstick girl because my lips are already too pink and a little too dark for me to try and cover it up with a nude color... it just looks too weird and different for me. I found that this formula felt a lot more drying than the other ones and it dried out my lips a little bit causing there to be some dry patches.

However, I am totally in love with the darker colors like my favorites: Tangerine, Red, and Mauve.

Tangerine - Tangerine is this BEAUTIFUL bright orange and I'm the kind of girl that loves bright and bold colors! This would be the perfect bold shade for spring and summer and it would definitely make any outfit pop. I can just imagine wearing a white tank with cuffed, destroyed, lightwashed denim boyfriend jeans, and brown chunky heels with this shade and ah I'm already swooning!

Mauve - My all time favorite shade is probably Mauve. It's such a universally flattering shade for everyone and can work with everything in every season!

Red - Red is a very bold and bright color and is my second favorite out of the bunch. It reminds me of a firetruck red and it is so rich and pigmented making it the perfect shade for someone wanting to make a statement. 

Cinnamon - Don't even get me started on Cinnamon. Cinnamon is such a gorgeous dark shade. It's like a mix of brown and a dark red and is a very unique shade that is perfect for fall. However, I'm not super crazy about this shade ON me... It looks so pretty in the tube, but I am more of a reds/pinks/purples kind of girl and I don't like the way brown looks on me. 

Burgundy - I love a dark lip and you could not go wrong with this shade! Burgundy is also a wonderful shade for fall. It's like a sultry, deep wine color and would be perfect for a date night out. It's a bit similar to the Mauve shade but with less pink/red in it and more purple.

Super cool packaging
Attached cap (won't get lost!)
Easy to apply
Most are moisturizing
Good color payoff
Nice sheen

Lighter shades are a bit drying

RATING: 4/5 - More shades please! :)

SO, I just want to say, if Stiks Cosmetiks came out with a bright pink, fuchsia, or purple-pink lipstick I would snatch that up SO quick. Bright pinks and purple-y shades are my current favorite shades of lipsticks right now and with Stiks Cosmetiks' formula and packaging... it would be divine.

The Stiks Lipstiks retail for $15 each and can be found HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. Girl, I've got a huge stash of lip products but only generally use two. It's nice to have many options!

    These have got to be some of the coolest lip products I've seen in ages. The design grabs me, as does the shape of the tube and the actual color. I'm not going to lie: I'd be one of those gals who buys this product just to show off on my makeup table because they are just that cool.


    1. I'm a lippie hoarder LOL! But yeah I usually have one or two that I ALWAYS reach for. I just love having the option to have a lot and to switch around :). These definitely are the coolest lipsticks I've ever owned!