REVIEW: Vera Mona Color Switch Duo and Solo (HOLY GRAIL)

Most of the time when I'm using eyeshadow to create a look, I like to mix different colors. If you're like me, you probably understand how hard it is to go from a darker color to a lighter color! Sometimes I'll be trying to use a light cream shade after using a dark brown, but I'll end up getting a weird mixture of a murky brown instead of the cream. I usually have to switch out my eyeshadow brush and use a clean one so the colors won't mix, or else I'll have to wipe my eyeshadow brush back and forth on a tissue to remove all of the leftover eyeshadow before switching to a new shade (which doesn't always work). Unfortunately, either way is time consuming and buying extra eyeshadow brushes just to switch between colors isn't always cost-efficient. 

LUCKILY, there is the Color Switch by Vera Mona that's made to be the solution to this problem!

The Color Switch is a unique and very innovative invention; it's a small container that houses a sponge that you just glide your used eyeshadow brush against and it removes all of the eyeshadow that's still on your brush! That way, you're able to go from a dark eyeshadow color, like black, to a lighter one, like white, with the same brush without accidentally mixing the shades. How cool is that, right?! Of course, I had to try it out for myself, so lets get down to business. :)

The Color Switch Solo is made for dry eyeshadows while the Color Switch Duo can be used with both dry and wet eyeshadows.

The Color Switch Solo:

The Color Switch Duo:
The black sponge is for dry eyeshadows and the white sponge is for wet eyeshadows

The packaging is super pretty; I really like the tin case and the pretty design on the lid! We all know I love cute and pretty packaging!

Duo: Glide eye shadow brush against black sponge to remove color. Soak mini sponge with water and press eye shadow brush against it for wet make-up application.

Solo: Glide eye shadow brush against black sponge to remove color.

My review will be based on the Color Switch Solo, since the Color Switch Duo houses the same sponge for dry eyeshadows and I'm not really the type to use wet eyeshadows. To test out the Color Switch Solo, I only used one eyeshadow brush throughout it all: my Mac 239 (just a normal medium sized eyeshadow brush).

I think I've fallen in love. Like where has the Color Switch been all my life?! There was absolutely no leftover eyeshadow residue when I ran my brush chocked full of eyeshadow through the Color Switch! I was able to create my eye look by only using one brush, which is super convenient for me because I don't have to stop and switch between brushes all the time. I do like to use a second brush, a blending brush, to blend out the harsh lines when mixing eyeshadow colors, but other than that I only NEED to use one brush thanks to the Color Switch. I am usually in a rush to get ready (because I like to sleep that extra 5 minutes x5) and what's worse is that I love switching between shades, but I don't really have the time to! I was able to do the eye look I want with multiple shades of eyeshadows in a breeze. So HUGE thanks to the Color Switch!

First, I tested it out on my arm by using a dark matte black eyeshadow in the shade Furious from my Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette and then using the Color Switch so I could swatch a light cream in the shade Righteous also from the Pulp Fiction palette.

The Results:

After using the Color Switch, my brush was completely clean! It removed all of the black eyeshadow! I was able to switch from a black to a cream without mixing the shades.

At first I had some doubts because could a black sponge really just remove all the eyeshadow left on a brush and prevent colors from mixing? The answer was YES. I am in awe at this product. I'm guessing the only downfall would be having to replace the sponge, especially the wet sponge because you have to replace that after every use! Luckily, I don't really use wet eyeshadows, but for those of you that do, it might be a little pricey having to constantly buy refills. Now, for the dry eyeshadow lovers, the Color Switch is a MUST. Honestly, it just makes life easier. You don't have to spend a bunch of money buying different brushes just for the purpose of using dark and light shades and you also don't have to waste time by rubbing a brush back and forth on a tissue trying to remove the leftover eyeshadow. The Color Switch saves me time AND money!

For my eye look I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I started off by applying Triple Fudge to my outer V and part of my top lash line. Then I used the Color Switch, since Triple Fudge is a super dark brown, to switch to the shade Amaretto for the lid. Next, I used the Color Switch again to transition to the shade Marzipan, a pale shimmery pink, to brighten up the inner corner of my eyelids. Lastly, I followed up with Milk Chocolate along my crease to blend out the harsh lines.

Removes all eyeshadow residue from brushes
Able to switch between dark and light colors
Portable and Travel-friendly

Having to replace wet sponge after EVERY use

RATING: 5/5 - I can't live without this!

 I have honestly never even thought about needing an invention like this, but I was seriously missing out on life. I don't think I could ever go a day without using the Color Switch because it has made everything so much easier.

The Color Switch Solo retails for $16.99 and the Color Switch Duo retails for $19.99. Both can be found at or on Amazon!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.

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