REVIEW: Coreana RODIN SHO's EGFactor Timeless Program (28 Days)

I am extremely adventurous when it comes to trying out new beauty products and trends, especially skincare! I have tried many unique ingredients in my skincare products such as snail slime and starfish extract, but I have never gotten a chance to try horse oil until recently! For those of you who are confused as to what horse oil is, I'll explain very briefly.

 Horse oil is essentially horse fat and oil that is extracted from the horse's mane. It is processed and used as an ingredient in beauty products especially in beauty-forward countries like South Korea.   Horse oil is becoming a more and more popular ingredient in beauty products because of its high moisturizing capabilities (from the lipids) and the ability to help heal the skin. It is similar to the natural skin's sebum, therefore it works well in penetrating the skin instead of some products that sit on the surface of the skin. Trust me, horse oil is not as gross or weird as it seems! It's just like snail mucin extract that is processed and purified before it is used in products, so it's perfectly natural and safe!

Today I'll be reviewing the RODIN SHO's EGFactor Timeless Program which contains the interesting ingredient: (you guessed it) Horse oil!


The RODIN SHO's EGFactor Timeless Program is a 28-day program that contains 28 bottles of ampoule and 2 eye-creams encased in beautiful gold colored syringes. The whole box is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! The use of the color gold with the brown box is very chic and gives off a luxurious vibe.

The main purpose of the RODIN SHO's EGFactor Timeless Program is to combat the signs of aging by incorporating anti-wrinkle skincare ingredients and products in the system. This anti-wrinkle program is enriched in Jeju's horse oil and Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF (certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug safety). EGF is a growth factor that helps stimulate cell growth within your skin.

There are 28 bottles of ampoule provided within the program. The ampoule has already been conveniently separated into once-a-day portions. Its purpose is to help prevent the skin from dryness while also preserving an oil-moisture balance.

There are also two eye-creams included in the program. The eye-cream helps to treat and brighten the eye area. Since the cream is very soft and easily absorbed, it's perfect for all types of people, even those with sensitive eyes. These creams are my favorite out of the whole box because of the packaging! It's just so pretty!


First of all, I cannot rave enough about the packaging for the RODIN SHO's EGFactor Timeless Program. I love it when a product looks good not only on my face, but also on my vanity or bathroom! It's a super luxurious box, and everything is packaged nicely.

I love how the eye-creams are not in tubs or jars, but in syringes! Not only is it interesting and unique, but the syringe packaging keeps the eye creams clean and free from bacteria. Tubs are most likely to become breeding grounds for bacteria because constantly dipping your fingers into the tub to get product can contaminate the whole jar. Using spatulas can eliminate this hazard, but only if the spatulas are kept clean. The syringe packaging not only helps keep the product from becoming easily contaminated, but it also works in controlling the amount of product I dispense so I don't get too much at a time!

Another plus about the eye-cream is that it is a very lightweight cream. It is able to penetrate deep within the skin by covering the eye area in complete moisture and hydration. Every time I applied this cream on, I felt more awake and refreshed! The hydration boost helps keep my eyes from appearing too tired and it makes my eye area appear more youthful and elastic. The scent of the cream is a very faint and pleasant floral.

Unfortunately the ampoule bottles were not a big hit with me as was the eye-cream. I adore the packaging for the ampoule, but I find it a bit excessive to separate it into once-a-day portions. In my opinion, it is VERY convenient to just grab a capsule and pop it open to use every night, but it's just so wasteful to throw away such a highly made bottle each night. 

Not only do I find it a bit wasteful, but the ampoule is the most difficult thing to open EVER. Like, this is harder to open than a jar of pickles. I spend about 5-10 minutes every night trying to figure how to pop open these bottles and I end up trying to press the gold top to the ground at an angle and bend it off. 

The amount of ampoule provided in each capsule was also too much! I use about half a bottle to 2/3's of a bottle and that is already enough for me. Besides the generous portions, the ampoule itself is a clear yellow and has a thick consistency. It feels very rich in moisture and is super hydrating which would be great for the colder winter months or those with dry skin. It also spreads really easily onto the skin, but takes an extremely long time to dry and feels sticky. Because of the really long time to dry, I recommend that it be used before bedtime. I always put it on before bed and I sleep while it dries. When the ampoule does dry up and sinks into my pores (usually the morning when I wake up from my sleep), my skin is flawless, bouncy, supple, and glowing! It also looks like I had a good night's rest even when I haven't. Lastly, the scent is lovely; it smells almost like the eye-cream, but a bit heavier.


Ampoule and eye-cream are both super moisturizing
Feels very luxurious on the skin
Makes skin glow
Skin is bouncier and more supple
Scent is very pleasant (florals)
Packaging is beautiful
Ampoule packaging is very convenient
Eye-cream is in syringe = cleanliness


EXTREMELY difficult to open the ampoule bottles
Ampoule packaging is wasteful
Ampoule portions in each capsule is too much!
Ampoule is sticky on the skin
Ampoule takes forever to dry.

RATING: 3.8/5

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. That packaging is just too much! I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging and I'd end up spending a ton just to have it sit on my vanity and look pretty. Plus the inner packages? Shut up and take my money!

    I honestly want to try this kit now.

    While the ampoule packaging is rather wasteful, why not repurpose the little jars and lids? I'm sure there are some killer craft projects out there that you could end up making with all of those excess jars. I save my circle lens jars for craft projects, or holding really small things. I have teenage boys in my house that like to take things like phone chargers, so I get jewels to stick all over the charger and put the extras in the lens bottle. Less waste, and some pretty ^^

    1. Right?! The packaging is the BEST. I love gold everything hehe. :D

      If you have dehydrated or dry skin, this will work wonders for you! It absorbs deep in your skin and you'll wake up with super soft, hydrated, glowing, and supple skin!

      That's such a smart idea Vonnie! I don't know what I would do with the little jars, but I could definitely repurpose the pretty gold caps and makes some pretty room decor with it. I'm sad I threw some away already! Haha, thank you for the lovely idea! <3