REVIEW: too cool for school Hot Girl Lash Mascara + Four Ways to Wear Colorful Mascara!

Summer is the ideal time of the year to rock a bunch of bright, bold, and fun beauty looks! Whether you're sporting a bright bold fuchsia lip under the hot summer rays or flaunting those pastel lavender long locks, summer is the best time to be as daring as you want! Thankfully, I received the too cool for school Hot Girl Lash Mascara in Raspberry Pink, a colored mascara, in my July BNT Box and was beyond excited to try it out.

I have no problem wearing bold colors on my lips, but colorful mascara is a whole other story for me. I actually have never in my life strayed from the ordinary black mascara and never imagined trying anything different, so this was definitely experimental for me.

The too cool for school Hot Girl Lash comes in three different colorful shades: Raspberry Pink, Nuts Brown, and Royal Blue. The one I'll be reviewing today is the Raspberry Pink!

Raspberry Pink is a cool-toned pink and I love how it's not too bright or neon looking. A cool-toned deep pink is a lot easier to style than a neon hot pink. This is the perfect mascara to wear for a fun look during the day or even at night when you're going out and want to be a bit more daring than your average smokey eyes.

I adore the cute old school plaid packaging on the box and also on the matching twist-on cap of the mascara. The bottle of the mascara is also the same shade as the formula inside of it, but it isn't see-through, so you can't exactly tell if you're running low from first glance. Also, the little phrase on the box is just TOO CUTE: Sometimes life can be boring, but you cannot! You are not boring. You are too cool for school. Can this just be my life motto? :D

The too cool for school Hot Girl Lash is comparatively a tiny tube of mascara; it actually looks like it would be a deluxe-sized sample because of its small stature. However, I think its shape is absolutely reasonable and perfect. I'm the kind of girl that would wear colored mascara for special occasions or events and definitely won't wear this every single day.

The small size also makes it extremely travel-friendly; you could just toss this into your bag and carry around with you from day-to-night if you're in a pinch and want to spruce up your look throughout the day. This mascara is also ideal to bring along for vacation!

The brush itself is in an hourglass shape which aids in adding volume to the lashes. I found the mascara wand easier to control since it's relatively shorter because of the mascara's size. 


Colored mascara can admittedly be very intimidating to wear, but it's all about having fun and being creative with your beauty products, so here are some different ways to try out colored mascara! :)

1. Coat your top lash with the colored mascara and wear black mascara on your bottom lashes for that two-toned look

2. Coat both your top and bottom lashes with the colored mascara for a bold look that will be sure to make you stand out!

3. If you're afraid that colored mascara is too bold for you, then try this one! Coat your lashes with your regular black mascara. Then, go back with the color mascara and coat just the tips to created a unique splash of color without being too daring.

4. Also give this one a try if you don't want to wear full-on colorful lashes: Coat your lashes like usual with your trusty black mascara. Then, coat just the backside of your upper lashes with the colorful mascara. This creates a crazy cool effect where your lashes look somewhat normal when looking straight on, but when you blink or look down, it shows off a glimpse of the colored mascara perfectly!


Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this mascara as much as I wanted to. The formula of the mascara isn't very pigmented, so it was difficult to achieve the amount of intense color I wanted from the mascara. I had to coat my lashes at least 4 times to get a noticeable and even coat. That's a lot compared to my usual 2 coats of mascara! Since I had to coat my lashes so many times, it also felt too heavy on my eyelids and made the curl on my lashes droop down.

On the other hand, the formula of the mascara is surprising creamy which helps in nourishing the lashes and keeping it flake-free and drying up throughout the day! My lashes felt flexible to the touch and they weren't hard or stiff.

The mascara helped in lengthening my lashes, but it made my lashes look too spidery cause of the multiple coats, yikes! What I did love about this mascara was the design of the packaging, the wonderful color choices, its size, and the hourglass shape of the wand. Sadly, the mascara did not perform well for me and I'll definitely have to pass on this mascara. 


Cute design & packaging
Creamy formula
Doesn't dry up hard, stiff, or flake off
Hourglass brush for volumizing


Not very pigmented
Takes at least 4 coats for decent color; but ends up being too heavy on lashes


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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. Ok, I am really sad that you didn't like it because the color looks really nice on you!

    1. Oh thank you! I thought it looked a little too crazy on me haha ><. I wish it was a bit more pigmented so I wouldn't need so many coats of it; it kept weighing down my lashes! :(