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I briefly mentioned the online K-beauty site, Bisou Beauty Bar, a short while back during their Flash Sale, but I'm here today to discuss about them a little bit more in depth and also review the 3 Concept Eyes Liquid Eye Liner which they kindly sent to me for reviewing purposes.

Bisou Beauty Bar is an e-commerce store that specializes in Korean beauty products. I'm always on the hunt for new websites and stores that carry Asian beauty products because most of the time it's hard to find. Though Bisou Beauty Bar is a relatively small store compared to big sites like Soko Glam and Peach and Lily, Bisou Beauty Bar runs amazing deals on their items VERY often. Another thing that sets Bisou apart from the bigger sites is that they know how to thank their customers and by that, I mean they spoil you with samples and extras! And no, I wasn't paid at all to write this or anything about them. You can look up customer's photos on Instagram and see the many extras they throw in to thank you for shopping with them. There's nothing that keeps a customer coming back than good service and Bisou knows that! The only sad thing, for me at least, is that Bisou is located in Canada (yay for you Canadians!), so shipping can be a little bit pricey when coming to the United States. The prices on the website are also in Canadian dollars, but the exchange rate will be calculated when you checkout. They do offer free shipping over $65, so the best way to take advantage of that is to hoard a lot during their sales!

Now on to the review of the 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Liquid Eye Liner!


If you know me, you KNOW that I am completely obsessed with liquid eyeliner. I'm often found scouring the beauty aisles for new eyeliners because I have yet to find my perfect one. (If you have a favorite, PLEASE let me know in the comments down below! :D )

I have tried using liquid eyeliners that come in the little bottles or tubes a few years ago, like this 3CE one, but have migrated towards using liquid eyeliner pens. Personally, eyeliner pens have been way easier for me to use and maneuver! Winged liner is still difficult for me to do and I've been practicing for about two years now LOL.

What's different about this bottled liquid eyeliner compared to the pens, is that the brush applicator (which is prefered than any other kind of applicator) is significantly smaller and a whole lot thinner. This means that you're able to be more precise with your application, but it also means that it'll take a longer time to get the line you want.

Surprisingly, I LOVE this 3CE liquid eyeliner a lot more than my usual eyeliner pens! It takes me a little bit longer to apply my winged liner, BUT it's harder for me to mess up since the shape of the brush is so small and thin. I'm a perfectionist and I like my eyeliner to be straight and smooth. This applicator allows for me to achieve a precise line.

This eyeliner is literally perfect for everyone no matter how you like your lines, thick or thin! The thin shape of the applicator allows for you to build up the thickness of your liner and even vary the thickness throughout, if you're into that 'thin on the inside and thick on the outside' look!

Formulation: The 3 Concept Eyes Liquid Eye Liner has a shiny super pigmented black formula that quickly dries to a matte finish. I usually prefer glossier finishes, but there are just too many good things about this eyeliner that I can't help but love it!

The liquid liner does NOT emphasize small bumps on your eyelids and goes on very smoothly. It does not feel heavy at all when applied. It actually feels completely weightless for me and I don't even feel like I'm wearing anything at all!

Here are some close-ups of my eyeliner! The applicator also makes it very easy to get a sharp flick at the end of a winged cat-eye!

This eyeliner also does not cake up no matter how many times you go over your line. You could build the line as much as you want by layering the eyeliner and it still looks like one fluid line! If you touch it once it's dried, it's so smooth like it's not there. The formula is also very consistent and doesn't fade out in random areas. 

However, the 3CE Liquid Eye Liner is not waterproof. It kind of is, but I'll explain more. It's definitely budge-proof, unless you frantically rub it very hard. I tested this eyeliner by putting my hand under running water and the eyeliner swatches emerged unaltered. What I mean is, it's slightly waterproof unless you rub it when its wet because it will pile up and disappear like it was never there.

The fact that it's not waterproof is partially a good thing too! I usually always opt for waterproof makeup because I want it to last all day, rain or shine. However, it's always a long struggle for me to remove my eye makeup since waterproof makeup takes an extra amount of time compared to regular makeup. This eyeliner washed away in just a few light rubs! No more long fights between your eye makeup remover and your eye makeup! :D

I'm one happy girl! I love this eyeliner and it's definitely one of my favorites now. I'm still searching for a liquid eyeliner pen or bottled eyeliners that'll work as well as this! If you have any eyeliner recommendations, (pretty) please comment down below because a girl could never have too many eyeliners! :)

The 3 Concept Eyes Liquid Eye Liner currently retails for ~$12 (or $15 Canadian Dollars) and can be found HERE! Check out Bisou Beauty Bar for more K-beauty goodies!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.

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