REVIEW: Spongellé Infused Boxed Flowers Body Buffer & Pedi Buffer

Today, I'm reviewing the Spongellé Boxed Daisy Body Buffer and the Pedi Buffer! Before this, I've been switching between bar soaps and liquid body washes (with loofahs). I preferred using the liquid body wash with loofahs because it helped exfoliate my skin more than the bar soaps, but not by much. Using towels or brushes to exfoliate my body was also a bit too rough and I never enjoyed using them. I've also never exfoliated the skin on my feet besides getting them scrubbed and buffed during pedicures, which I didn't treat myself to often.


The Spongellé Infused Body Buffer and Pedi Buffer is a body wash infused buffing and cleansing sponge. It's an innovative alternative to your traditional bar soaps or body wash + loofahs! All of the buffers are infused with exotic extracts, rich moisturizers and gentle cleansers that help keep skin youthful and glowing by removing and buffing away dead skin cells and cleaning away dirt. 

These buffers possess unique fragrance blends and a creamy lather making it a lovable and luxurious bathing experience for your body. It's not just a new way to clean your body, but it's also a unique way to pamper yourself!

The Spongellé buffers are designed for gentle exfoliation, to whisk away dry skin, stimulate circulation, and provide a delightful massage at the same time. The unique surface changes instantly as you squeeze, from a sensual rigid exfoliating massage texture to as soft as silk when water is absorbed.

The Boxed Body Buffers are designed to moisturize, rejuvenate, and restore the skin from neck to toe with 14+ uses. The body buffer contains extracts of yuzu, edelweiss, and vetiver.

The Pedi Buffer is infused with Arnica, Sea Kelp, and peppermint. This multi-function feet buffer is formulated to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and massage.

The Pedi Buffer is made specifically for your feet with 30+ uses. It has a unique textured side that gently whisks away dry skin and calluses so feet are soft and silky. 


I received the Daisy Body Buffer and I LOVE the shape of the sponge. It adds a unique touch to any bathroom and livens up the space. One of my favorite flowers of all time is the daisy! It's such a carefree and happy flower that goes so well with the Coconut Verbena scent. The scent itself is phenomenal! It smells like a tropical paradise and is the perfect scent to whisk you away into a peaceful state of mind when using the body buffer.

When the body buffer is completely dry it still feels a bit sticky or soapy, but it's because it's infused with a shower gel. The buffer is hard when it's dry and I like to use that to exfoliate my whole body in the shower before squeezing it in water to soften it up. When it's hard, the sponge isn't too hard or rough on the skin. When water is absorbed, it transforms into a soft sponge and engulfs the whole body in a soft and creamy lather with lots of bubbles.

Ever since I started using the body buffer, I always look forward to taking showers. They're so relaxing for me now and this helps me indulge in pamper my body, while also making it look and feel good. I've gotten compliments from friends who have accidentally touched my legs about how soft and smooth my legs were!

The Pedi Buffer is also amazing. I'm going to admit that my feet are the most under-nurtured part of my whole body. The scent is Beach Grass and I have to admit, it's not nearly as delicious as the Coconut Verbena, but it still is able to make me feel like I'm on vacation at the beach. When completely dry, it has the same slightly sticky/soap feel as the body buffer. Also like the body buffer, it buffs and cleans the skin on my feet really well without being too rough, harsh, or painful. I love how it has a textured part that can easily remove the dead and dry skin on my feet. My feet come out from the shower looking totally smooth, soft, and sandal worthy!

Exfoliates well
Cleans and lathers well
Easy to use
Skin is smooth and soft

Buffers feel slightly sticky when completely dry

RATING: 4.5/5

The Spongellé Infused Body Buffer and Pedi Buffer both retail for $16 and can be purchased from the Spongellé website, HERE and Pedi Buffer, HERE. They are also available at Anthropologie, Kitson, and many high-end spas. 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.

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