REVIEW + SWATCHES: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk in PK015 and OR204

Today, I will be reviewing the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk in PK015 and OR204. I have been a huge fan of Etude House lippies for years now, ever since I discovered the Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk. Actually, I'm a fan of anything Etude House because I mean, how could you not like their adorable packaging?!

Etude House is the epitome of all things cute and darling. I'm a sucker for products with cute (and PINK!) packaging, but as always I love a product that looks good and also works well.

There are currently 3 different shades offered on Bisou Beauty Bar: PK005, PK015, and OR204

The Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk lipsticks come in an eye-catching shiny pink plastic tube. The cap pulls off like your regular tube of lipstick, and the lipstick twists up as usual. What's cool about most Etude House lipsticks (if not all) is that when you twist up the product, there's a cute fancy heart-shaped engraving on the side of the lipstick! It's a small, but unique touch to their products.

What's more is that the small pink bow detailing that wraps around the tube of lipstick can be pulled apart and is actually a tiny ring! How adorable is that?
The packaging does remind me of what a real-life dollhouse's makeup would look like and even though it's slightly kiddish, I adore it!

The PK015 shade is a beautiful deep berry color. The lipstick is very pigmented and I found that I only needed one swipe of the lipstick to reach a fully opaque color. The color of the lipstick looks the same on the lips as it does in the tube and I think this shade would look flattering on every single skin tone, pale or dark!

The PK015 has a very natural satin finish. There's no chunks of glitter in the lipstick nor is there a pearly sheen when applied.  The formula of the lipstick is very creamy and applies very easily onto the lips. I found that this lipstick doesn't cling to any dry patches (YAY!). This shade also does not settle in or emphasize the fine lines on my lips. I do advise you to wear a coat of lip balm before applying this product so it can have a layer of moisture. This lipstick isn't that moisturizing despite it being creamy.

I applied lip balm underneath the lipstick since I have very dry lips :(. This made the lipstick look more glossy and it wasn't nearly as drying as it is on its own! Isn't this just a gorgeous shade?!

The formula of the OR204 differs slightly from the PK015. I don't think this shade would be flattering on many skin tones: Since it's such a pale shade, I think it would only look good on those with paler skin. It might be difficult to show on those with medium-darker skin tones.

The OR204 also differs in the fact that it's slightly glossier/creamier than PK015 and has a pearly finish when applied. I found that the OR204 performed worse than the PK015 in several ways. The formula needed multiple swipes to reach the right amount of opacity since it was glossier. The application would also look very patchy and uneven on the lips. Despite the OR204 having a glossier and pearly finish, it was just as drying as the PK015. The OR204 had a tendency to settle in all of my fine lines and emphasize them.

Unfortunately, the lipsticks are very drying for me on the lips (and my lips are already dry!), so don't forget to wear a layer of lip balm before applying. Even though the lipsticks are very pigmented and creamy, the color transfers onto napkins, cups, fingers, anything very easily so you would have to reapply multiple times throughout the day. The PK015 leaves a stain behind after wearing, but the OR204 did not.

Overall, I would definitely recommend purchasing the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk in PK015 for anybody! It's such a gorgeous color that applies very smoothly on the lips. On the other hand, OR204 isn't my favorite and I would only recommend to those of you who have paler skin and don't have dry lips.


Cute packaging
Creamy texture
Nicely pigmented
Easy to apply


Color transfers easily
OR204 settles in fine lines


The Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk is available in three different shades at Bisou Beauty Bar, HERE. Plus, they're currently on sale for $6.90 ($9 CAD)!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. I like the way it looks with the balm underneath. Very pretty... Also, I love this line! I have the RD301(?) I think? I can't wait to bust it out in about a month.

    1. Me too! It helps alot with how drying it can be :) And nice! I can't wait to see how it looks on you! :D