REVIEW: too cool for school Skinny Body Soda

Though I'm quite petite and slender, my body isn't as toned as I would like it to be. When I got the chance to try out and review the too cool for school Skinny Body Soda from my June BNT Box, I couldn't have been more eager! I don't necessarily have cellulite on my body, but hey, if this product could tone and tighten my body like it claims then why not give it a try? I mean even just looking at the photo on the bottle and packaging is motivation to get my dream body!


The too cool for school Skinny Body Soda is a spray-on foam that contains patented ingredients that helps construct a body line. I know, even just hearing that gets me all excited! It has a 4-in-1 functionality that assists in toning, firming, massaging, and soothing the skin and body.

The bottle itself is sexy looking, and it also comes with a nozzle dispenser that dispenses the product as a foam. The instructions indicate to shake the bottle vigorously about 10 times to activate the product. When you press the nozzle, a white bubbly foam comes out. What's super cool about this is that the foam is actually fizzing and bubbling like how the Pop Rocks candy explodes in your mouth, but imagine that on your skin! It's down-right mind-blowing for me and way too cool (for school hehe). The foam is also extremely cold to the touch even when the bottle has been in room temperature. The foam creates an Air Bubble Massage and once you rub it into your skin, it feels very relaxing and refreshing. The foam is like if carbonated water meets gel for a whole new unique beauty experience. It contains a patented tightening ingredient: FRUCTAN, which is known for being excellent with elasticity.

Sparkling air bubble spray containing Mate Tea Extract and body toning patented ingredient SLIMLITE provides intensive care for healthy and toned body.

Specialized body care provides powerful cooling massage effect which instantly reduces cellulite, relieves swelling and improves firmness, while offering refreshing soothing care.

This product can be used in any desired areas, like the arms, stomach, or legs!


Lets begin with the packaging... it's super sexy and it doesn't necessarily fit into my preference of cute packaging. Like I mentioned before, it gives off a sense of motivation to want to use this product to achieve a toned body like the one on the bottle, but realistically not many will achieve that kind of body with the use of this product. The nozzle top dispenser is functional and works well in dispensing the product as a light and airy bubbling foam. It's not too hard to press down and I am able to dispense product using just one hand.

The foam itself is a very lightweight, white, and carbonated foam. Once dispensed from the bottle, you can hear and feel it crackling and fizzing the more it is rubbed into the body. I was so surprised when I first tried to dispense the product and it sounded like opening a can of soda. It feels SO cold and refreshing, but the chill quickly disappears as you rub it in. The carbonated foam transforms into a white gel-like cream the more it is massaged in and dries quickly. The scent smells very light like a faint lemon-lime soda scent, but it is almost undetectable.

I decided to use this product on my legs and my stomach since that is the part I wanted toned the most. I have taken before and after photos to see the difference, but unfortunately I cannot tell at all. I have used this product for about three weeks now and can't tell one difference! I'm not sure how much longer I need to use this product in order to see results, but I think it's safe to say that it just doesn't work for me.


Refreshing on the body
Unique (and cool) carbonated foam texture
Easy to dispense product
Easy to apply product
Light lemon-lime scent


No results; didn't see a change in body


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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. I've seen this before and have been really curious. My biggest fear is it will be a waste of money, that I'll use the whole bottle and not get any kind of results.

    1. Yeah, I've been using it like every other day for a few weeks now and can't tell a big difference! They have some before and after photos (I'll link below) of some trials that were done and it looks like it's worked for them! I just don't know how long it took until you get to see a difference... I'm also pretty petite, so I don't have much, if any, cellulite for it to work on. I was just hoping it would make my body more toned!


  2. I am a big supporter of too cool for school, but as I was sending you girls this product, I knew you were going to be disappointed. It doesn't sound promising at all, I don't trust any kind of slimming or toning product - the only way is work out and healthy diet, oh dear. I still feel bad because, with this, I feel like too cool for school joins the gang of these brands who claim propaganda loud but have nothing to offer...and I don't want this to happen haha.