REVIEW: Foodaholic Natural Essence Mask in Blueberry and Green Gram!

I've been so busy and stressed packing for college and vacation this whole week since I leave Friday! I haven't really had any time to relax for myself or to post on my blog and I have missed it. To calm down the stress, I realized I needed to squeeze in an at-home relaxing spa night and to get back on my sheet masking game! I used to sheet mask (yes, I use it as a verb LOL) every single night and it's really helped my skin improve, but it can be kind of costly to use one every night. Luckily, I've discovered! is an e-commerce website that sells a lot of Asian skincare products, including MANY different kinds of sheet masks! They currently offer many different freebies, discounts, and promotions with their sheet masks, but the only catch is that you have to pay shipping for these freebies. Don't worry, the shipping you pay isn't a huge crazy amount! It's about $3 for 4 free masks and they ship from Hong Kong, so it's definitely worth it in my opinion.

The masks I'm reviewing today are the Foodaholic Natural Essence Masks in Blueberry and Green Gram! This review is a part of a series of sheet mask reviews I'll be doing for Skin18. They kindly sent me a package of several different kinds of masks for reviewing purposes. I was not compensated nor is this post sponsored, SO this review contains all of my honest opinions. :)


I'm going to review both of these masks separately below since they don't include the same essences/serums/yummy goodness as each other, but let me first talk about what they do have in common: THE FIT.

These masks are a relatively good size. I think I have a somewhat smaller face than normal because most masks tend to be way too big and go past my hairline, well that's not the case for the Foodaholic Natural Essence Masks! They stuck to my face well and didn't slip and slide around. On the contrary, what didn't match well for my face was the cutout holes. The cutout for the eyes and the mouth fit decently, but the nose was just way too big! I do have a somewhat small nose, but I had to fold the flap back and I never have to for other sheet masks.

What's unique about these masks is that they're "3D masks." What that means is that these aren't your average flat sheet masks, but they actually have dimension to them (hence the name). The masks are sewn together with a seam running straight down the middle of the mask! The chin part of the masks actually covers your entire chin, even the bottom of it near your neck, instead of just hanging off your face. The forehead part also has some shape to it, but I don't have a protruding forehead, so it just formed small wrinkles.

The quality of the masks is also decent! The cotton is slightly thicker than your average sheet mask and it didn't rip on me even when I was fumbling around with the mask trying to figure out what the seam was for.

Each packet contained just enough essences so that the masks were well-soaked, but it felt slightly drier than other sheet masks. I usually like to use the leftover essences in the packets to cover my neck as well (the skin on your neck is similar to your face by the way!), but there wasn't any leftover essences from the Foodaholic Natural Essence Masks and probably the reason why they felt relatively drier than others.

Green Gram

The Foodaholic Green Gram Natural Essence Mask is for nutrition and elasticity.  If you guys didn't know what green gram is, it's also called mung bean! 

This mask felt very nice on my skin. The essence in this mask was very cooling, refreshing, and soothing on my skin. After leaving this mask on my skin for about 30 minutes, my skin felt a LOT more hydrated. Not only was my skin moisturized, it was also glowing and I have been fighting with dull and dehydrated skin for the past week of skimping out on my skincare routine! 

The added moisture on my skin made my skin feel more soft and supple to the touch, so it definitely gave me an added boost of short-term elasticity.

I have actually never heard of or came into contact of Green Gram (mung bean) before, so I can't describe the scent as smelling like it. The scent itself smelled sweet and pleasant.


The Foodaholic Blueberry Natural Essence Mask helps with soothing the skin and making it more lustrous. 

I left this mask on my face for approximately 30 minutes and it definitely adds moisture into my skin. It helped soothe my cheeks that normally get irritated easily, but it didn't exactly make my skin any more lustrous. After removing the mask, I noticed that some tiny red blemishes on my forehead have diminished and were nearly gone! 

Unlike the Green Gram, the Blueberry scent wasn't my cup of tea. The scent didn't smell anything like real blueberries! It just smelled too sweet and artificial. 

Overall the effects of the masks were very similar in giving my dehydrated skin the needed boost of hydration and moisture. My skin felt a lot more supple and luminous after using the Green Gram Natural Essence Mask, while the Blueberry mask helped in minimizing my blemishes.

The Blueberry mask is currently offered as a freebie on! You can find the Foodaholic Natural Essence Mask in Blueberry, HERE, and the Green Gram, HERE (Note: The Green Gram isn't a freebie and costs $1.50). 

 Here is a small list of how many freebies you can get and how much shipping would cost:
1-4 Freebies = $3 Shipping
5-10 Freebies = $6 Shipping
11-15 Freebies = $10 Shipping
16-24 Freebies = $15 Shipping 

*24 items is the maximum amount of freebies you can get per user!

The link to the page with all the FREEBIES is HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Thank you for sharing! It's been a while since I last used sheet masks and there are so many out there, it's kinda hard to decide which one to get. :D

    These also have very nice packaging, don't you think? :)

    1. Of course! :) You should definitely check out and their freebies page so you can try a variety of sheet masks for a pretty decent price of $3 if you get 4! I actually really like Innisfree ones, but only when they have their BOGO sale hehe.

      And totally! It's very vibrant and colorful :)

  2. I love sheet masks. I like that these two are hydrating.

    1. Me too! :) I honestly try to sheet mask every night, but that can get kinda pricey, so I'm glad Skin18 does promotions like this!

  3. I feel like blueberry masks never work. Or is it only you and me? But every time I tired one it hardly kept its promises.

    I tried 4D masks last year, when I arrived in Seoul! I don't know if there's a difference with your 3D sheet because what you describe is pretty much what I had on my face, but that was really fun to try (the price was a lot less funny though - 30 bucks for 4 sheets is not what I call a deal.

    Anyway, I can't wait to read your other reviews from the box you received! It sounds fun!

    1. Haha we are the same! The blueberry one didn't do much for my skin. :(

      4D masks sound SO cool! Which kinds did you try?! I would love to get my hands on some and see what it's like hehe. But you're right! $30 is too expensive for some sheet masks unless they're magical haha.

    2. I don't remember the brand, it was a random purchase in a fancy shop in Seoul. But it was supposed to clean pores, brighten, and treat troubles. The two first promises, it kept. I left the mask 30 minutes on my face, read a book, and I felt like was born again! As for trouble treatment, I don't think 4 sheets are enough to do miracles so I didn't see any real improvement...

  4. Thanks for heads up on Skin18! That's a seriously stellar deal, and it's odd, but fruit masks don't really work for me (nor do I like the artificial-ness of their scents >_< lol); the mung bean one is definitely in my ballpark, though! :D

    1. No problem! :D There's such a long selection of freebies you can choose from which I love. There's also a lot of different 'flavors' (LOL) available like gold or collagen masks, if the fruit ones don't work for you :)

  5. Every night? That's some serious dedication (and moolah hahaha)!

    Korean brands have the nicest packaging! I can't help but to want them plus your review was very compelling., here I come!

    1. It just helps my skin SO much hehe, but I don't have enough moolah for all of that :'(

      You should definitely check them out because I haven't found any other place that has deals with being able to pick different brands and types of sheet masks for a set cost. I've had a few conversations with the owner and she's also the sweetest person! :)

  6. love your review <3
    i have tried the ginseng one and its good as well.