REVIEW: Foodaholic Collagen Lift Up and Gold Energy Hydrogel Masks

I know it's been a little over a week since I've posted, but it honestly feels like it's been FOREVER. However I have some GOOD NEWS: I'm back from my vacation which means I can go back to blogging, YAY! I've also settled back into college, so I'm bummed summer is over for me already. :( Did it go by too quickly for anyone else?

I'm coming at you guys today with another review of Foodaholic sheet masks! This time I'm reviewing the Foodaholic Hydrogel Masks in Collagen Lift Up and Gold Energy that I was so kindly sent from! These masks are featured as freebies on their website and I'll explain more on how to get these for free and other masks (just pay shipping) below!

I've previously reviewed a few Foodaholic Masks, HERE, if you're interested in checking out the brand. If given a choice, I totally prefer hydrogel masks over plain cotton ones. Hydrogel masks just feel a lot better and refreshing on the skin, but do end up costing a bit more than cotton ones because they are made of a gel substance.


Since I am reviewing two separate kinds of masks, I'll break them up into their own respective categories. Before I do that though, I wanted to discuss how these masks fit since they have the same cutouts and mask material used.

Like most hydrogel masks, these mask feel amazing on the skin. The gel used in the masks is very cool and soothing and the essences used doesn't feel sticky, but silky instead. It makes me feel like I'm getting a real facial done! This is a two piece mask, a bottom half and a top half that stay on the skin exceptionally well and stays put! I am able to move around and perform tasks without worrying about it slipping off. I usually have to stay in one place when wearing cotton masks!

Also, these masks come with the cutouts for the eyes and the mouth if you want to cover those up too for the ultimate spa night! :)

The cutout shapes are also semi-decent; the eye holes are very round in shape and would fit all eye shapes, but what I do have a problem with is the nose. Most Foodaholic masks have a large cutout for the nose and this is no exception. My nose is small in size, so I have quite a bit of mask material hanging from my nose. It's not necessarily a problem, but something I thought I would mention. The cutout for the mouth is also wide enough and a decent size to fit most face shapes, but the part that covers the chin is a bit short and doesn't wrap around the bottom of the chin.

Gold Energy Hydrogel

A little blurb on the back of the mask packet: "Foodaholic Hydro Gel Mask Gold Energy contains a propolis extract with abundant nutrition that gives your skin a glow. Its collagen and peptide helps you maintain vitalizing and elastic skin. The mask contains a high content of essence to replenish moisture, nutrition, and soothes your skin as well as improving skin elasticity by deeply penetrating into the skin. "

This is such a cool mask! The hydrogel mask contains tiny gold flecks all throughout the mask. It's one of the prettiest masks I've ever tried! 

When putting this mask on, you feel an instant boost of hydration. It's incredibly soothing and relaxing on the skin no matter how long I leave this mask on; most masks tend to start drying up and itching once I've gone past the allotted time.

I removed this mask after the recommended time of 40 minutes and did notice a few changes in my skin. My skin felt a lot more moisturized, but it didn't give my skin a glow. My complexion did seem a bit brighter and more even, but it wasn't exactly luminous or glowing.

Unfortunately, what I wasn't fond of was the scent. It has a very strong "old-lady perfume" scent that doesn't dissipate once the mask is on your skin so you're stuck sniffing it for about 40 minutes. It's definitely something I can push through because the mask itself feels super relaxing, but it isn't for someone who is sensitive to smells. 

Collagen Lift Up

A little blurb on the back of the mask packet (which is basically the same as the one on the Gold minus the first sentence): "Foodaholic Hydro Gel Mask Collagen Lift Up contains collagen and peptides that are skin-friendly and improve skin elasticity. Its propolis extract and fermented and purified yeast moisturize your tired skin. The mask contains a high content of essence to replenish moisture, nutrition, and soothes your skin as well as improving skin elasticity by deeply penetrating into the skin. "

 Out of these two masks, the Collagen Lift Up was my favorite! This mask isn't nearly as gorgeous as the Gold Energy because it doesn't contain the gold flecks within the mask. The hydrogel is a simple and all-around clear see-through mask. When applying to the skin, it made it automatically made my skin feel more moisturized, relaxed, and soothed. 

I noticed quite a few changes to my skin after leaving the mask on for 40 minutes. My skin was hydrated and therefore more supple to the touch. My complexion looked brighter and my skin/pores looked tighter. I felt like I looked more youthful since my skin looked and felt more fresh and lively!

The scent is a LOT better than the Gold Energy Mask; the scent gravitates towards the floral end, but is still a bit too strong for my liking. It doesn't have the 'old-lady perfume' scent like the Gold, so it's definitely more bearable.

The Foodaholic Hydrogel Masks I reviewed today are both available as freebies on

The Foodaholic Hydrogel Mask in Collagen Lift up is available HERE, and the Gold Energy Hydrogel can be found HERE.

The Skin18 Freebies have changed for the month of August and now you can get them with your purchases! The more you spend on your purchases, the more freebies you are allowed to add to your order. This is an especially good deal if you're already planning on making a purchase on their website! Click HERE to find out more information on how to get these freebies.

The link to the page with all the FREEBIES is HERE!

Let me know what your favorite hydrogel masks are :) I'd love to start trying more since I usually limit myself to the cotton sheet masks!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. I think like I am the only girl out there who's not into hydrogel masks...

    1. Haha do you not like the fit of them?! There's some hydrogel masks that just NEVER stay in one place when they're on my face and I hate those. This one actually stayed on really well and I could move around with it on without worrying that it'll fall off!

  2. I am glad you reviewed these; I have received a couple of them with my order, too, and I haven't tried them yet, since I know nothing about the brand. Glad you liked them; now I am sure I will include them in my sheet mask rotation soon, too. :)

    Asian Beauty Amateur

    1. Oooh how exciting, they feel pretty nice on the skin and stay on well! Do let me know how you like them! :)