UNBOXING: September 2015 3BBOX

I was beyond happy to finally get off the waitlist for 3BBox, aka Beauty Beyond Borders, for the month of September! :D My box arrived today and it was just so excited to get a subscription box again, after quitting them cold turkey for a few months. I recently went and unsubscribed to all of my subscription boxes because I just didn't have the room for all the skincare and makeup items anymore and being a college student and all, I had to cut back on her spending :'(.... BUT, I CAVED IN ANYWAY LOL. 



A quick synopsis: 3BBox, the 3 B's stand for Beauty Beyond Borders, is a beauty box subscription service that focuses primarily on helping you discover Asian beauty products! The products can range anywhere from skincare, makeup, beauty tools, hair care, body care, etc. from all over Asia.

Cost: $12 a month (FREE SHIPPING)

What you get: 4-5 deluxe-sized samples delivered in a cute purple pouch (Not claimed, BUT they tend to send out a few FULL-SIZED products too!)


To calculate the retail value of each item, I searched the web for the cheapest prices I could find. Some of these sites ship from Asia and these 'RETAIL VALUES' do no calculate shipping costs that these sites might charge, so the value might be higher. I also included the average cost of the products from other retailers so you could see the range of prices.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream (Deluxe Sample - 0.3 fl oz.) - RETAIL VALUE: ~$3.84 ($16 for full size tube on Sephora icon- 1.25 fl oz.)
WHAT IT IS: Invented in 1957 by a Japanese pharmacist, Yu-Be is one of the bestselling vitamin-enriched skincare creams in Japan. The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and stays locked in for hours so your skin always feels hydrated. Use it to smooth rough, dry patches on hands, elbows, knees, and feet.
THOUGHTS: When I first heard about this item through 3BBox's sneak peek, I was disappointed because I was expecting a teeny tiny tube. HOWEVER, this is a lot bigger than I expected, so you'll definitely be able to get multiple uses out of this product to see if you like it or not. I've heard great things about this cream, but I'm not crazy about the scent; it's a very strong oriental/herbal/medicinal scent that reminds me of an old traditional ointment my dad used to use on me LOL

RiRe Luxe Eye Lash Essence (FULL SIZE) - RETAIL VALUE: ~$4.74 on RoseRoseShop.com -$12.99 from Amazon
WHAT IT IS: Transform your lashes with this nutrient-packed essence. This lash essence helps strengthen your eyelashes with a combination of peptides and black bean extracts. Use daily for longer and thicker lashes. Apply to clean lashes before bed. Make sure to coat the entire eyelash from the root up.
THOUGHTS: I'm so excited about this product! I'm always down to try out lash serums/essences that'll help to make my eyelashes become fuller and longer. Usually, products that claim to make my lashes grow tend to not work, but I have my fingers crossed! :D The brush on the wand also is the perfect size and shape; there's a ball at the tip of the brush that makes it possible to coat all of your lashes, long or short! The tube has a cool silver chrome cap, but the rest of the packaging is all white and really bland.

Secret Key Honey Bees AC Control Spot Remover (FULL SIZE) - RETAIL VALUE: ~$5.49 on BeautyNetKorea.com - $9.98 on Amazon
WHAT IT IS: Honey bee venom and propolis are well-known for their excellent antibacterial functions. This Secret Key AC Control Spot Remover is specifically formulated to directly target troubled areas by eliminating pimple-causing bacteria and healing irritated skin. It also contains centella and portulaca extract to soothe aggravated skin and repair it quickly. After cleansing, apply spot remover directly on blemishes.
THOUGHTS: This is my absolute favorite item out of the box. I've heard about this product before and it seems to be a favorite among many Asian Beauty lovers. It's like 3BBox read my mind because I was actually in the market looking for an Asian spot treatment to replace my Origins Super Spot Remover (which is like double the price and 2/3 the size... tsk tsk)!

Leaders Mediu Therapy Hand Cream in Placenta, Snail, Aqua, or Collagen (FULL SIZE) - RETAIL VALUE: ~$1.58 on RoseRoseShop.com - $4.66 on Ebay.com
WHAT IT IS: As we head into colder months, this hand cream will be a lifesaver! We love this hand cream for effectively moisturizing and nourishing the skin without the usual sticky feeling post-application. Make sure to keep this hand cream in your purse and apply whenever you hands feel dry.
THOUGHTS: I have mixed feelings on this hand cream. First of all, I love the brand Leaders (definitely a sheet mask fan), and I also love hand creams because my hands tend to get really dry when the weather gets colder. However, I'm iffy on the fact that I got the Placenta one (sounds a bit weird, right?)... I was really hoping for Snail or Aqua. :(

TOTAL VALUE OF BOX: ~$15.65 - $31.47

As always, the box comes with a very helpful information card that contains a list of all the products included, their descriptions, and instructions on how to use (in English)!


I had received a complimentary 3BBox to review a while back, HERE, and I loved it so much that I had to subscribe myself! I mean it was only $12, so what could hurt? Anyway, it seems as though 3BBox just keeps getting better and better!

First thing's first, it's always a plus when a subscription box includes a helpful informational card. 3BBox included a list of all the products included along with their descriptions, AND instructions on how to use. Most importantly, it was all in ENGLISH! All of the products are super easy to use and to understand thanks to this important piece of paper.

Secondly, 3BBox only claims to send out 4-5 deluxe-sized samples, HOWEVER, they somehow managed to include THREE FULL-SIZED items in this month's box! Isn't that just crazy?! It's totally beyond me how they can manage to do that, but I am definitely a huge fan of them for this.

Not to mention, the value of this box, not including shipping costs from retailers, is about $15.65 - $31.47! I arrived at the first number in the range by searching for the cheapest price of the items and I arrived at the second number by looking at the average price for the items, so you guys can get the gist of the cost of the products. It's evident that you definitely get your money's worth for the box. 

All in all, I think this is by far 3BBox's best box yet! All of the sizes of the products are phenomenal; one generous deluxe-sized item plus three other full-sized products. Most of the products are from well-known and good quality brands, so I'm definitely more than satisfied with this month's box.

This subscription box is perfect for you if:
1) You are new to K-beauty
2) You want to discover new brands
3) You want to build your K-beauty stash, or
4) You want to try a lot of products (& you're not picky) while saving money!

If you already have an overflowing stash of products to use, this box probably isn't the one for you since you probably already own most of these products!

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