REVIEW: 3 Concept Eyes 2015 Lip Color Palette in #GOSSIP RED

I have been a devoted fan of pink lipsticks all my life and probably strictly pink lipsticks up until this year. I know, it's surprising to see how much my love for lipsticks have grown and how accepting I've become of other shades I used to neglect. I've learned to get out of my comfort zone and it's fun adding a little spice to your life and outfit by rocking a bright lip. Recently, I've fallen in love with bold shades like reds, oranges, and even purples!

Today, I'm going to be reviewing one of my all-time favorite lip items that I received from this month's BNT Box, the 3 Concept Eyes 2015 Lip Color Palette in #Gossip Red!


The 3CE 2015 Lip Color Palette is a collection of STYLENANDA's best lip colors gathered into a single palette. The lip colors can be used alone as single shades, or mixed together to create new shades, ombre, two-toned, or gradient lips!

Each shade in this lip color palette moisturizes your lips with its natural squalene essence extracted from olives. It also contains shea butter and mango butter which helps to create a moisture layer on the lips for a long-lasting hydrating effect.

There are currently three different palettes available and I seriously want them ALL! The one I'll be reviewing today is #Gossip Red. #Gossip Red includes these four shades:
#403 Glass Red | #309 Celebrity | #702 Geeky | #409 Kiss Woo

#403 Glass Red contains the Glass Type formula while the rest (#309 Celebrity, #702 Geeky, and #409 Kiss Woo) have the Original Lip Color formula. Glass Type means that it has a sheer, transparent, and glossy finish sort of like a lip balm/lip gloss. The Original Lip Color formula has a satin, natural, and more opaque finish.


Packaging and Design
Like most 3CE packaging, the lip color palette comes in an matte all-black retangular box. The front of the box has a clear transparent plastic cover that lets you peek inside the box and see the shades up close without actually having to open it up. The entire lip palette is incredible chic and gives off a professional vibe that's very sleek. I'm obsessed with 3CE's simplistic but ultra-cool matte black packaging! The palette has a little lever indentation where you place your finger or nail inside to pop it open.

The lipstick pans inside seem to stay put in the palette. However, some of my pans arrived loose and the entire palette does rattle a bit. Luckily, it seems impossible for them to fall out since it's tightly wedged in there. Trust me, I've tried shaking this thing up and it passed the test undamaged. I'd say that this palette is very sturdy and durable. That means it's totes travel-friendly and can be carried around in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups in the car or anywhere! The design of this product makes for a very user-friendly palette that's convenient; it contains all of your favorite lips shades in one place to create day-to-night looks or the ever-popular gradient lips.

Ease of Use
The 3CE 2015's Lip Color Palette is easy for anyone and everyone to use. To apply this product you could either use your fingers for a more natural look or a lip brush for more precise application. For a precise and bold lip, take the lip brush and dip it into the color of your choice and apply! For a more natural look, use your fingers. To create an ombre two-tone look, lightly apply the first shade onto the center of your lips, blend it out towards the edges and apply the second color on the edges of the lips. Then, use your fingers and blend out the harsh edges between the two colors. Voila! I love how it's uber easy to use whether you're a beginner at makeup or an expert.

Texture and Scent
The texture of each lip color is very soft and creamy. I found that though only one is a Glass type, all of the shades where decently glossy and gave off a pretty sheen when swatched. The creaminess and softness of each lip color allows for them to be easily blendable to mix-and-match lip colors!

There's also no detectable scent from any of the shades in the lip color palette.

The star of this lip palette is the incredibly high pigmentation of every single shade, even the Glass Red! Each and every shade included in this palette is beautiful and not only that, but they all work really well and blend together seamlessly.

Here is a photo of my normal lips, with just lip balm on it:

The Glass Red is a pretty, lightweight, and sheer red gloss that is just vibrant enough to give a nice moisturizing shine for everyday wear. It has a similar texture to lip balm and it never dried out my lips. This is my go-to shade when I'm in a rush and don't have time to use a lip brush. Its sheerness allows for it to be applied with just your fingers!

Celebrity is a bright orange that thankfully isn't neon bright. This is a shade that I surprisingly love from the palette. It's bold enough to compliment all skin tones, but also not too bright and can be worn throughout the year no matter what season it is. I prefer this shade for fall since it compliments the warm autumn leaves and brightens up any outfit! Celebrity can be slightly drying and does cling to dry spots, so exfoliate your lips beforehand and use a lip balm!

Geeky is a vibrant coral shade that is really pretty and perfect for any season and any occasion! This shade pairs well with anything whether you're wearing it for a night out or just going to class. It adds a nice and sweet pop of color that isn't too overly daring, but is bright enough to make a statement. Geeky can be slightly drying and does cling to dry spots, so exfoliate your lips beforehand and use a lip balm!

Kiss Woo is a deep, dark, scarlet red that's absolutely stunning and my personal favorite out of the bunch. As mentioned before there was no problem with this shade being drying on my lips or emphasizing my dry spots. This is a shade that would look beautiful on a night out in town or for a date night!

The entire palette is useful for everyday makeup. It's so convenient to have so many wearable lip shades in one easy palette and I find myself constantly reaching for this during my daily makeup routines.


High pigmentation
Convenient palette
Easy to use
Diverse selection of shades and formulas


Lighter shades (Celebrity & Geeky) can be slightly drying/cling to dry spots

Overall, I think it's a great product to have! It's perfect for people that like to have their makeup products in one compact place or for those that are always busy on the go. I love the diverse selection of shades and formulas and it's definitely a makeup product I found myself constantly reaching for and using almost daily.

The 3CE 2015 Lip Color Palette by STYLENANDA retails for $33.99 and is available at HERE!

Thank you to BNTNews for sending this product over for reviewing purposes. Check out BNTNews for the latest news and trends!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. It seems like a great product, all 4 shades look so pretty! The oranges look very similar when worn, tho :D

    1. Yes, especially on my lips! I have naturally dark pink lips so it usually shows through with most lip products and makes them all look similar! :'(

  2. Ooo the warm tones in Gossip Red are really calling to me! I wish it had more reds though... 3CE should have named it Gossip Orange since it has more oranges than reds? That is one misleading name, haha!

    1. I totally agree with you! All of the shades look like orange ones! :'( The only red in there happens to be my favorite LOL

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