UNBOXING: Beautibi Repair and Recover Box!

Lately, I've been obsessed with beauty box companies and I'm not talking about the monthly subscription services that you pay for each month not knowing what you're gonna get in the box. Don't get me wrong, I love a good surprise, but I often find myself being disappointed with atleast half of the contents in those boxes! Plus, my money just slips away month after month. What I'm talking about right now is those beauty box companies that specially curate and put together boxes that don't require a subscription! What's amazing about these sites is that you only pay for the box that you want and each box usually has its own theme, so you have a general idea of what you're getting. Most of the time, the contents of the box are even revealed to you, so you're basically saving money by buying things in a bundle!

Today, I'm going to talk about a brand new beauty box company that I recently came across, Beautibi.com!


What it is: Pronounced "Beauty + Be", Beautibi is an online beauty box company that also runs their own online store. Similar to Memebox, Beautibi differs from other beauty box companies by offering beauty products from all over Asia, not just Korea! Their mission is to make the best Asian skincare products more readily and easily available to the rest of the world. Beauty brands and products come from all over Asia, including Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.

Cost: Varies per box

What you get: Depends on the box you buy, but can range anywhere from skincare, makeup, beauty tools, etc, from Taiwan, Japan, and/or Korea


Today, I'll be unboxing the REPAIR AND RECOVER Beautibi Box!

I included the retail value of each item according to Beautibi.

Too Cool for School Good Morning Rice Wash (10 Satchets) - RETAIL VALUE: $8 
WHAT IT IS: Main ingredients being raw rice wine, rice extract, and rice bran extract, this rice wash will remove excess sebum and impurities to create clear skin, leaving a transparent, soft appearance. Perfect for all skin types.
THOUGHTS: This is without a doubt my favorite item of the box. Rice has extremely good benefits for the skin and this was my first time trying a rice wash! Before this, I have tried washing my face with carbonated water and since then, I refuse to wash my face with plain ol' tap water. It's very mild and gentle on the skin and smells really fresh and clean. It left my skin looking brighter and feeling a lot more hydrated. I do admit that it's a bit time consuming due to the fact that you have to mix this in a bowl of water, but if you're looking for a morning wash that will refresh your skin, then this is it!

Mizon Goodnight White Pack (Travel Size - 50ml) - RETAIL VALUE: $13
WHAT IT IS: A hydrating and brightening sleeping pack! It improves the skin texture and works to lock in moisture while brightening dull and uneven skin tone overnight.
THOUGHTS: This is a cult favorite product and with very good reason too! I have used this product before and it is one of my all-time favorite sleeping packs to use! I apply it just before bed and I wake up to supple, hydrated and glowing skin! Not to mention, I actually prefer using the travel size version of this because it comes in a tube and is a whole lot easier to dispense than buying the full size jar.

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream (Full Size? - 45ml) - RETAIL VALUE: $12
WHAT IT IS: A light-weight gel cream moisturizer that contains 74% snail extract and is used to rejuvenate your skin and smooth your complexion. Th gel-like texture allows it to be easily absorb onto the skin leaving your skin hydrated. This product is non-greasy and also alcohol-free!
THOUGHTS: This is ANOTHER cult favorite! I have been using this religiously ever since I received it because it works wonders for my skin. This gel cream can be used as an allover face moisturizer, but I also like to use this a spot treatment for blemishes that I want to go away pronto! It works amazingly well in healing blemishes (thank you, snails!) while also leaving my skin looking glowing and fabulous.

Etude House "I Need You!" Wash Off Pack in Honey or Yogurt (Full Size - 4 Packets) - RETAIL VALUE: $8
WHAT IT IS: A facial massage pack that is formulated with fruit and yogurt to soften, nourish, and replenish skin.
THOUGHTS: I received the Wash Off Pack in Yogurt which comes in 4 packets each with a different 'flavor' that has their own different benefits. Flavors include Strawberry (skin brightening), Kiwi (skin rejuvenating), Apple (skin moisturizing), and Apricot (exfoliating). There's enough in each packet for about 2 uses! What I didn't like about these wash off packs was that it's extremely hard to store if you're only using half and saving the other portion. It's recommended to save the half in the refrigerator, but I still feel like leaving an product open to the air is a disaster waiting to happen (I'm a pretty big germaphobe, if you haven't noticed LOL). My favorite out of all of these is definitely Apple. It worked really well in keeping my skin moisturized! All of the flavors smell delicious and I thought that the yogurt texture was very nourishing for the skin.

MasKingdom Metropolitan Radiant Glow Facial Mask 2 PCS (Full Size) - RETAIL VALUE: $6 EACH
WHAT IT IS: The MasKingdom Radiant Glow Mask provides calming and skin fresh effects. It quickly reduces oily skin leaving you with a glowing and hydrated face!
THOUGHTS: This was my first time ever trying MasKingdom sheet mask and boy, have I been missing out. Personally, I've never use any other sheet masks other than Korean sheet masks, but the MasKingdom from Taiwan blew my mind. The fabric they used is made out of Japanese silk and it feels amazing on the skin while also fitting a lot better than traditional cotton sheet masks. My skin was dewy and luminous after using!

Beautibi also includes an info card with each box you buy listing all of the products you receive in full detail with instructions on how to use them all!

PLUS, in the box was a small packet of samples and super cute confetti which I used when taking these photos! :D



First of all, lets all take a moment of silence and just gawk at the gorgeousness of this well-crafted and beautifully designed box! Like come on, this box could seriously not get any cuter. It's hands down the best looking box and also the best quality box I have ever received in the history of ever. It's incredible sturdy and well-made to the point where I actually want to keep this box and repurpose it to hold some of my products.

Moving on, I absolutely adored this box. It's evident that all of the products included in the Repair and Recover Box were carefully and thoughtfully curated. There was not a single product in the box that I did not like and two of them are HUGE cult favorites among K-beauty lovers! The selection of products included a very nice variety: a moisturizer, sleeping pack, face wash, wash off pack, and TWO sheet masks. Each product was different, which is great because some beauty boxes included too much of one product, like multiple face washes, or multiple creams.

Also, it's always a huge plus when a beauty box company includes a helpful informational card. Beautibi included a list of all the products included along with their descriptions, AND instructions on how to use. Most importantly, it was all in ENGLISH! 

Overall, I thought that this is the perfect box to get if you're new to Asian beauty and want to dive into the magical world of Asian skincare. Props have to be given to Beautibi for including so many great products in this box! It was expertly curated with wonderful products that also do wonders.


1. You are new to Asian Beauty and want products from all over Asia
2. You're interested in Asian skincare and want to dive in and experience some of the most-loved products
3. You want to get a bang for your buck

If you're already a devoted Asian beauty lover, this box probably isn't for you since you probably already own most of these products!

Unfortunately, this box just sold out on the website, but there are many other specially curated boxes available at Beautibi.com, HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. 

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