REVIEW: BRTC Aqua Rush Cream

Today, I'm going to be reviewing one of my favorite creams to use for the colder months of fall and winter! Typically, my skin gets VERY noticeably and unbearably dry during the colder and drier seasons, so I always have to switch to a more heavy-duty moisturizer. The moisturizer I'm reviewing today is the Aqua Rush Cream from BRTC that I received from BNT News!

BRTC stands for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics which is quite a mouthful and a new brand to me. After using this cream, I instantly became hooked and craved more from this skincare brand!


BRTC describes the Aqua Rush Cream as a moisture-locking, water pumping mineral cream for dry skin.

This unique cream is infused with mineral-rich deep sea water that releases moisture as you rub, immediately relieving dryness and restoring the skin's natural glow. The Aqua Rush Cream creates a barrier on the surface of your skin to prevent moisture loss and helps to facilitate the absorption of nutrients for long-lasting softness and comfort.

The Aqua Rush Cream is part of BRTC's Aqua Rush System that features a moisturizing facial care line which includes mineral-rich seawater and Marine RX Force, a propriety complex that replenishes lost moisture and keeps skin hydrated for hours.

Here's a photo of the ingredients list! Sorry, I can't read Korean/Hangul, so I am unable to translate it. :(


Packaging and Design
The Aqua Rush Cream has a very simplistic, but pleasing aesthetic. This cream comes in a heavy frosted glass jar that's a bright aqua blue, which matches with the name of the product! Though the packaging isn't super special or flashy, its simplicity and high-quality packaging gives it a luxurious feel. The jar is very sturdy, but it's made of a slightly heavy glass, so I wouldn't recommend this to be carried around for travel. The silver twist-off cap is very user-friendly and causes no difficulty whatsoever. This product does not come with a spatula, but I highly recommend using one instead of your fingers to help minimize bacteria and germ growth inside the jar.

Texture and Scent
The Aqua Rush Cream looks like your average cream in the jar, but when scooped out and applied on the skin, it feels more like a thick and wet gel-cream. The texture isn't runny or goopy, but it actually has some structure to it, almost like a balm, that melts when met with heat from your fingers. The Aqua Rush Cream is like a gel-cream, rather than a lotion or regular cream, because of its lightweight texture and instant moisture delivery system.

This cream also has a slightly heavy, but fresh, floral perfume scent. I personally don't mind it, but if you hate scented products then you might want to avoid this one.

Ease of Use
HOW TO USE: Apply an appropriate amount of the product all over your face at the end of your routine. Gently use your hands to tap on your face allowing for a better and quicker absorption.

I typically use about a nickel-sized portion and I found that that's an ample amount for my entire face.   As you apply it onto the skin, the gel-cream melts to the heat of your touch and liquifies into a water-like texture, which I love! Products that transform to water or have water-like formulas are instantly and immensely hydrating on the skin without being thick or heavy. It's all the hydration, but without the greasy or sticky finish! This cream is incredibly lightweight and breathable when applied. 

This is currently my favorite cream to use for the cooler and drier seasons! The moisture level it provides the skin is very high and it immediately drenches the skin with hydration. I prefer to wear this at night as a night cream to replenish moisture into my skin as I sleep. I wake up with baby soft, hydrated, and supple skin that feels refreshed and revitalized. If you have very dry skin, this cream would also work wonderfully as a day cream too! I like to alternate between the two uses depending on how dry my skin feels in the morning.

This cream gives my usual dull skin a burst of hydration that transforms it into naturally dewy, glowing, and healthy-looking skin. It's very gentle to the touch and feels almost like water as you apply. The moisture doesn't sit on the surface, but it seeps into the deeper layers of your skin and provides moisture all throughout. My skin feels refreshed, flexible, and comfortable and the hydration lasts all throughout the day for me with no need to reapply. I think this is a great pick-me-up for exhausted and worn out skin. Plus, it even prevents rough patches and dry flakes!


Water-like texture that penetrates deep within the skin
No greasy or sticky finish
Lightweight and breathable formula
Long-lasting moisture
Prevents rough patches and dry flakes on skin
Provides a healthy, dewy glow and supple skin
Could be used for day or night cream




It's very rare for me to find a product where I have zero negative things to say about it, but this cream is seriously amazing! It works so well to help provide the skin with nutrients it may be lacking and nurtures it back to a healthy luminous glow. The texture is fantastic and I love how it melts into a water-like formula that really sinks in beneath the surface providing me with hydrated and supple skin. Normally, I always have dry, flaky skin especially on my cheeks and around my nose, but I haven't had them appear since using this. I highly recommend this to anyone, whether you have dry skin or not. It might be a little heavy for those with normal skin, but it's a life-saver when it comes to the cold fall and winter months and it works well as a night cream. This is also perfect for those with oily skin because of the lightweight gel-cream texture that won't clog your pores or leave you with a greasy finish. The Aqua Rush Cream gets two big thumbs up from me!

The BRTC Aqua Rush Cream (60ml) is priced at 40,000 won (~$34.55). However, I was able to find it online currently retailing for $23.88 and is available at, HERE

Thank you to BNTNews for sending this product over for reviewing purposes. Check out BNTNews for the latest news and trends!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions.

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