REVIEW: Etude House Snowy Dessert Collection (November Pink Bird Box)

If you've been following my Instagram, then you may already know this, but I'm super happy to announce that I've been invited to join Etude House's Pink Bird program! :D I'm a huge fan of Etude House products, so I was literally jumping for joy. 

Today, I'll be reviewing the products from the November Pink Bird Box (I know, it's late and not even November anymore)! This box contains products from their winter Snowy Dessert collection and a mini bonus item.



This is a gel-type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play

I received the Play 101 Pencils in #71 and #73. I already own a few of their Play 101 Pencils, and they are FANTASTIC. The formula is ultra-creamy, like a gel liner, and glide on effortlessly on the lids with zero tug or pull. These are extremely long-lasting and waterproof, with no budging or smudging. Plus, they're also highly pigmented!

Shade 71 is a gorgeous pale pink with gold shimmer and Shade 73 is a slightly sheer beige with a pearlescent shimmer finish. #71 is my ideal shade to use on my inner lid to help brighten up my eyes while #73 would be perfect in the inner corners of my eyes or even on the lower lash line to help brighten up and highlight my eyes. This shade could also be used on the under-eye area to create the illusion of an 'aegoyosal', or under-eye fat. 

The Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencil currently retails for $7.80 is available at Etude House, HERE!


Soft pudding tint that melts lips with its sweet, soft embrace. 

I received the Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint in PK001 Grapefruit Pudding, which is a beautiful and vibrant coral shade. I was disappointed in this lip tint because in the jar, it looks like a jello that would melt onto my lips to create a moisturizing lip tint, but unfortunately, the lip tint was actually super drying. It clung to my dry spots and emphasized my fine lines. :( I have naturally dry lips so this was a nightmare for me! In the photo below, I scrubbed my lips really hard before applying and you can still see it clinging to the dry skin on the edges of my lips. :/

What I do love about this lip tint is the amazing scent of grapefruit and it's ease of use thanks to the handy spatula! Luckily, I discovered how to work the Pudding Tint despite it's drying formula. The secret is to apply lip balm BEFORE applying the Pudding Tint, and the tint will glide on perfectly creating a juicy lip! The lip tint leaves a gorgeous coral stain that's long-lasting!

The Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint currently retails for $10.40 is available at Etude House, HERE!


This is a two tone blusher with a warm and sweet baked ginger man that brightly flushes cheeks. 

I was the most surprised and blown away from this blusher! From looks alone, this blush looked orange straight out of the box. I was completely wrong and this turned out to be my most favorite item out of the entire collection! This blusher is actually creates a beautiful golden bronze sheen with a subtle shimmer when applied to the cheeks. It compliments my medium-tan skin so well and I highly highly recommend this product. I feel like a sun-kissed goddess when I wear this blush and it lasts all day (12+ hours). The formula blends out beautifully and can be intensified by adding more layers. 

The Snowy Dessert Ginger Cookie Blusher currently retails for $16.80 is available at Etude House, HERE!


This is a 4-step trial kit consisting of products from the Honey Cera Skincare line that provides nourishing and firming care to the skin.

The Honey Cera Skincare Kit contains Honey, Royal Jelly and Ceramide. This kit comes with a Nourishing and Elasticity Cream, a Priming Eye Serum, a Toner, and an Emulsion. This is a tiny kit filled with deluxe samples, so I was only able to get a few uses out of them. The Nourishing and Elasticity Cream was my absolute favorite from the kit because it really helped to moisturize my dehydrated skin. It improved my skin's texture and made my skin really supple to the touch. The Priming Eye Serum helped to hydrate my eye area and keep it smooth, but I was unable to notice a difference with lightening/brightening up the area. The toner and emulsion was also a nice addition because it helped eliminate the dry, flaky patches on my nose, cheeks, and chin, with increased use!


I'm a huge fan of the holiday Snowy Dessert Collection and I highly recommend the Snow Dessert Ginger Blusher and the Play 101 Pencils. I have a love-hate relationship with the Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint; it works for my dry lips, but takes a lot of effort. It works best with applying lip balm beforehand to prevent it from drying out your lips or clinging to dry spots! Besides that flaw, they're quality lip tints that leave a gorgeous stain!

The Snowy Dessert Collection and Honey Cera Skin Care line are all available at!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. Omg the packaging though! Can't it get any cuter? The ginger cookie idea looks super adorable and I'm glad that Etude includes a spatula for the liptint jar.

    P.S: Join my mini giveaway!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. Yes! The Ginger Cookie Blusher is my favorite and I want to get the contouring version of it too! :)

  2. Woohoo, congrats! You will be spoiled with an amazing array of products each month! Can't wait to see what is in the December box!

    1. Yay! Thank you! ^^
      It truly is the highlight of my month getting the pretty pink box! :) Are you a Pink Bird too?

  3. gosh the blusher looks so cute but it wouldn't fit my skintone at all ;-;
    i have the Grapefruit tint too, the scent is amazing! the other colours they have smell super good too, i test them out whenever i pass by an Etude house here

    1. Ooh there's also a Ginger Cookie Contour that would probably work with more skin tones! The blusher might be a little too "orange" for fair skin. :/

      You're so lucky! I wish there was an Etude House in America!

    2. i'll look into that :D

      only for one more month, then i gotta get back to germany where there's not korean cosmetics anywhere to be found either ;-;