REVIEW: STYLENANDA 3 Concept Eyes Eye Shadow Palette in #UP CLOSE

As I've mentioned quite a few times before, 3 Concept Eyes is one of my all-time favorite Korean makeup brands! I was super excited to see that they released brand new eyeshadow palettes! The four new palettes are #BITTER SWEET, #UP CLOSE, #SIENNA, and #SADDLE. The one I'm going to be reviewing today is the 3CE Eyeshadow Palette in #Up Close!

This eyeshadow palette, and like most of 3CE's other palettes and products, comes in an all matte black packaging. One problem I tend to see with their palettes is that it rattles a bit. The eyeshadow pans are carefully lodged in there, so they won't fall out, but I wish it was a little bit more sturdy on the inside. Besides that one minor flaw, the eyeshadow palette is super sleek and chic! It comes with a clear see through cover that has the 3CE logo on it which allows you to visibly see each shade in the quad!

#UP CLOSE contains warm bohemian-inspired shades all in the pink and purple range. These warm vintage-looking hues are perfect for sweet and feminine looks! 

The quality of these eyeshadows are amazing! They're so buttery and smooth to the touch and not chalky or powdery at all. Its buttery texture allows it to effortlessly glide onto the eyelids without any tug or pull. Each shade is intensely pigmented, which is a huge plus! You don't exactly need an eyeshadow primer for the colors to show, but using one does make it a lot more vibrant. I found that the eyeshadow lasted about 4-5 hours without creasing, however, I do have oily eyelids so eyeshadows always tend to crease on me when I wear them alone. With an eyeshadow primer, it lasted all day (10+ hours) without budging or creasing! 

#UP CLOSE includes these fours shades: 
Twinkle Pink |  Indie Pink  |  Reddish Brown  |  Vintage Burgundy

Twinkle Pink is a light and shimmery baby pink. This shade is the sheerest out of the four, but it is also the most luminous and sparkly. This is the perfect shade to highlight the inner corners of your eye to brighten up its appearance! This is also a very versatile shade that coordinates with the rest of the colors in the palette. Since this is a gorgeous pearly shade, it can also be used under the brow bone, or along the top of your cheekbone to highlight/strobe!

Indie Pink is a natural nude pink shade with a beige base. This is one of my favorite shades in this palette just because it's a gorgeous rose-gold hue and neutral enough to be worn by everyday! I like to wear Indie Pink on its own on days where I'm in a rush and don't have time to do an elaborate eye-makeup look. I just sweep this all across the lid and it gives my eyes a slightly sultry appearance. Plus, it's neutral enough to be worn with the other shades in the palette too! It's the perfect neutral shade that goes with any outfit and can be worn for any occasion. Indie Pink is also the one with the least amount of glitters out of the whole palette.

Reddish Brown is a reddish copper shade that has a hint of an orange tone to it. This is my other favorite shade because it's just so intense and vibrant! This shade is similar to the Indie Pink because it doesn't have as many glitters as the rest of the shades, but it does have a teeny tiny bit more than Indie Pink. I prefer to use this shade in my crease to add depth to my eyes and also along my lower lash line. This copper shade is great to use to achieve a sultry smokey eye!

Vintage Burgundy is a deep purpley-brown mix with tiny pink flecks. This is the most intensely pigmented shade out of the palette and is perfect to use on the outer lid to top off that smokey eye for a date or a night out. It can also double up as an eyeliner along the lash line!

Here is a look I created using all the shades in the palette! 

I applied Indie Pink all over the lid. Next, I blended Reddish Brown into the outer lid and lower lash line. I took Vintage Burgundy and pressed it along the edges of my outer lid and blended it in lightly and also into my crease. Lastly, I took a bit of Twinkle Pink and dabbed it onto my inner lid and the inner corners of my eyes. Voila! :)


I personally love all of the shades in this palette. I am a huge fan of neutral shades like browns, along with pinks and purples so this palette is right up my alley! It's great how each shade in the 3CE Eye Shadow Palette in #UP CLOSE is pigmented enough to be able to be used alone, but you can also mix and match the shades together to create many different and fun looks. The eyeshadow themselves are incredibly buttery, smooth, pigmented and long-lasting (even without an eyeshadow primer)! There is also very little fall out which is a huge plus! I've found myself reaching for this palette whenever I'm getting ready for school, dates, or parties; it's perfect for any occasion. I own quite a few 3CE eyeshadow singles myself, but now I'm wanting to get the rest of the palettes in this collection!

The 3 Concept Eyes Eye Shadow Palette in #UP CLOSE currently retails for $33.23 and is available at Stylenanda, HERE!

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