REVIEW: SNP Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Special Set

The SNP Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Special Set is a luxurious skincare set containing 6 different products: a cleansing foam, a toner, an herbal essence, a lotion, a cream, and an eye cream. That's basically the essentials for a whole skincare routine!

All of the products in this set contain a Post-ferment 7 Ginseng Complex Tonic. This unique and special tonic is made up of 7 different herbal ingredients such as wild ginseng culture extract, Scrophularia buergeriana (a kind of figwort), Salvia miltiorrhiza (a kind of sage plant), Sophora flavescens (root), Codonopsis pilosula, Adenophora triphylla (pilose bellflower), and Astragalus membranaceus (leguminosae).


Mild cleansing foam with soft, rich and firm bubbles that helps to eliminate sebum or wastes to make skin clear. Prevents dryness after facial cleansing for softness. Energy from herbal fermented solution extracted from 7 types of ginseng makes skin soft and energized.

The cleansing foam is super creamy and gentle on the skin. The texture of it as it foams up reminds me a lot of a thick marshmallow-like texture that doesn't strip the skin of its natural oils. My face is left feeling clean, refreshed, and not too overly tight! This foam also helps to draw impurities from the skin, like sebum in the pores of my nose, and washes them away. My pores look more refined and minimized!


Herbal toner supplies ample moisture to make skin soft and smooth. Herbal fermented solution full of life energy from 7 types of ginseng immediately supples moisture to tone and smooth beautiful skin.

The Ja Aryeon Eun Yoon Skin Toner helps to inject moisture into my skin after cleansing. My face is usually a little tight after washing up, and this toner really helps to improve my skin's texture by making it more supple and smooth. It helps to balance out my skin's texture and overall complexion. There's also a mini deluxe sample of this included inside the set!


Herbal essence provides ample nourishment and moisture to make skin lustrous and invigorated. Herbal fermented solution full of life energy from 7 types of ginseng improve skin's moisture and reinforces resilience for vitalized skin.

This is actually a teeny tiny bottle of essence and more like a sample sized product. I like how it adds in more moisture into my skin and preps my skin for the upcoming steps. This essence brightens up my complexion and gives me a nice subtle glow that lasts throughout the day.


Herbal emulsion provides ample nourishment and moisture to make skin lustrous and invigorated. Herbal fermented solution full of life energy from 7 types of ginseng supplement the skin's vitality to make skin lustrous and healthy

The Ja Aryeon Eun Yoon Emulsion is a nice lightweight lotion, but I really dislike the packaging for this one. To dispense product, it requires you to vigorously shake the bottle until some product comes out which can be a pain! If it was in a pump bottle, that would be more practical and easy-to-use. Besides that minor flaw, the emulsion really helps to plump up my skin and revitalize it. 


A highly concentrated herbal facial cream that nourishes the skin while providing ample moisture making skin resilient and lustrous.

The Ja Aryeon Eun Yoon Cream is hands-down the most nourishing item in the whole set. I helped transform my dehydrated skin to a bright and glowing complexion by injecting it with moisture. This cream made my skin become plump and flexible to the touch, which is a blessing when it comes to the colder and drier months. Unfortunately, the ginseng/root scent is also the strongest with this product, which I don't particularly like. There's also a mini plastic spatula included so you don't have to stick your fingers into the jar and contaminate it.


Highly concentrated herbal eye cream provides ample nourishment and moisture to skin around the eyes to make skin resilient and lustrous. Herbal fermented solution full of life energy from 7 types of ginseng supply concentrates nourishment to thin skin around the eyes to diminish wrinkles making skin soft and resilient.

The last product in this special set is a mini jar of the Ja Aryeon Eun Yoon Eye Cream. This cream is a somewhat lighter version of the cream and works just as well by injecting moisture into my eye area. I have been using this set for about 3 weeks now and have yet to notice a difference in the amount of wrinkles in my eyes, but this cream has helped to brighten up my eye area making me appear more youthful.


This set is so luxurious and would be such a treat to give/receive as a gift or to keep for yourself if you're looking for high quality, natural, and effective ingredients. The packaging is so luxe for all of the products and I love how each item looks fancy, but is also very easy to use. The set comes with cute mini deluxe samples of the toner and the emulsion which is super handy to bring along for travel.

I do have to mention the scent though -- it smells like ginseng and roots! The smell is very strong in my opinion and I am not a fan of the scent. The ingredients and product itself is amazing and yields resilient and supple skin to the touch. My face looks and feels healthier along with appearing brighter and more radiant. All in all, the SNP Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Set is a definite winner!

I'm unable to find any of these items online, but the Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Emulsion is available for $31.91, HERE!

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    1. Don't they? I thought so too when I first saw them! :) I wish it had a different scent though because it's a little too strong for me. Plus I don't really enjoy the scent of roots haha.