REVIEW: MOONLAB Real Cooling Thermometer Mask in Nutrition Supply

The MOONLAB Real Cooling Thermometer Mask Nutrition Supply is a nourishing mask that cools down and supplies nutrition to overheated and tired skin.

This bio-cellulose sheet mask works by delivering nutrients to lifeless and overworked skin. The liquid ice inside the mask relieves heat sensations and keeps the skin cool by decreasing the skin's temperature by 7.5°C. The Rose of Jerico (Selaginella Lepidophylla, a desert plant), helps to relieve skin stress while also improving the skin's elasticity.

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There is also an optimal application time sensor installed on the mask packet. The installed sensor lets us know the optimal targeted temperature of 25°C when the white snowflake in the thermometer turns pink. Using the mask at this time allows a sufficient amount of moisture and soothing ingredients on the mask to effectively penetrate into the skin.


The overall size and structure of this sheetmask is pretty decent. It is a bio-cellulose sheet mask made from fermented coconut juice and the smooth gel feeling is definitely refreshing on the skin. I prefer bio-cellulose sheetmasks over cotton sheet masks and hydrogels because they adhere onto the skin so much better and stay in place.

Once I applied the Real Cooling Thermometer Mask onto my face, I was able to multitask without having to readjust it once! There are slits along the outer edges of the mask that allows for a more customizable fit by overlapping the flaps. The eye, nose, and mouth cutouts were a very reasonable size with enough wiggle room to fit most face shapes and sizes. The sheet mask itself is relatively short compared to other masks, but it fit my small face perfectly!


The Real Cooling Thermometer Mask in Nutrition Supply is one of the coolest masks I have ever used partly because of the liquid ice! The sheet mask is ultra cooling on the skin and really relieves the skin of heat and stress. It feels so relaxing and soothing for my skin. What's great is that the cooling sensation lasts as long as you have the mask on; it doesn't go away or lessen. I left the mask on for 40 minutes and still felt the cold, tingling sensation!

When I removed the mask, I could see that it left my skin and complexion slightly brighter. This sheet mask infuses the skin with ample amounts of moisture which improved my skin's overall texture by eliminating dry, flaky, and rough patches. However, this mask did leave a greasy feeling on my skin afterwards.


The Real Cooling Thermometer Mask in Nutrition Supply is such a fun and useful mask to use when you're looking to just cool down and relax. This mask is perfect to use if you need to cool down on a hot summer day, if you just had an intense workout, or if you just need to revitalize your tired and stressed skin. I love how this mask instantly cools down the skin and soothes it back to a healthier and brighter state. I would definitely recommend this sheet mask if you're looking for a boost in moisture. Beware though, it does leave a somewhat greasy feeling in the skin that takes a while to fully absorb. 

The Real Cooling Thermometer Mask in Nutrition Supply is currently available for $19.90, HERE!

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