REVIEW: Vely Vely No.19 Red Rouge Lipstick by Imvely

As you all know, I LOVE Korean beauty products, but I recently realized how there are tons and TONS of Korean makeup and skincare brands I have yet to try. One brand that I recently came across is Imvely! They're a super cute online store that's very similar to Stylenanda or Chuu. Today, I'll be reviewing the Vely Vely No.19 Red Rouge Lipstick which I received from BNT News!

The Vely Vely No.19 Red Rouge Lipstick comes in a smooth, all matte black packaging that reminds me of a Nars lipstick tube. It's very simple, but chic and also very easy to use! The lipstick cap closes shut with a sturdy click and the lipstick tube itself twists up almost effortlessly. I love the packaging of this because its sturdiness makes it extremely travel-friendly-- you won't be fishing around your purse for a missing lipstick cap! 

Shade No.19 Red Rouge is absolutely stunning! It's a vibrant shade of deep red with a moisturizing satin finish. It's so moisturizing and hydrating on my lips that I don't need any supplementary products at all, not even lip balm! The formula of the Vely Vely lipstick is very creamy and buttery smooth. It also delivers full on coverage with just one swipe! What's better is that the color doesn't settle into my fine lines or emphasize my dry/flaky spots and that's a very important feature especially during the cold dry months where my lips are almost ALWAYS dry! The wear time of this lipstick lasted about 4 hours for me until I felt like I needed a touch up; when I didn't touch it, it still left back a beautiful and even stain that I actual really adore. 

I know that this is a pretty bold shade of red, but my favorite part about this lipstick is how versatile it is. It can be dressed up for a bold, sexy look OR down for a more casual every day lip! One of my favorite ways of wearing the Vely Vely No.19 Red Rouge Lipstick is to wear it alone for a sultry night look paired with a LBD. It's definitely a show-stopper!

Another favorite of mine is to wear it as a gradation/ombre lip. I actually prefer this method over the first because it tones down the bright red a couple notches and makes it perfect for everyday wear! To do a quick, easy, and almost foolproof ombre lip, I took a nude colored lip pencil (or lipstick) and outlined my lips with it. Then, I filled in the center of my lips with the Vely Vely No.19 lipstick and blended out the harsh edges of the two different shades with my finger. How easy was that?! I totally see myself wearing this lip combo to school, work, or anywhere! :) 

You could also layer the Vely Vely No.19 with a nude shade to achieve a more natural and muted red/pink shade! The nude lip crayon I used in the photos below is the NUDESTIX Lip and Cheek Dual Pencil in Whisper. :)


I am unable to find the full list of ingredients, especially in English, but here are some ingredients used that I do know!

Honey extract: Helps to nourish and recover the lips back to a healthy state
A Six Flower Complex: Soothes and revitalizes the lips 
Three Oil Complex + Shea Butter: Moisturizes and improves the lip's elasticity


I have 100% fallen in love with not only this lipstick, but also the Imvely brand! The Vely Vely No.19 Lipstick was so moisturizing on my lips with vibrant color payoff that lasted for several hours. I prefer satin finishes to mattes especially for my already dry lips, and this lipstick was the whole package. There was not ONE single flaw or gripe about this lipstick that I can point out-- the formulation and quality is A+!

The Vely Vely No.19 Red Rouge Lipstick retails for $27.72 and is available at Imvely, HERE!

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions.

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