UNBOXING: January 2016 TUTIIBAG From MissTutii + COUPON!

I am super happy to let you guys know that a NEW subscription box service, MissTutii, just recently launched! I was kindly sent their first ever TutiiBag to review for you guys, but before I unbox their first bag, here's a little about this new beauty box subscription! There's also a coupon code for 20% MissTutii's entire store at the very bottom! :D


MissTutii actually launched THREE different subscription services: Tutiibag, Tutiibox, and Tutiimask! Each subscription service focuses on bringing you popular beauty items from all over the world including, but not limited to, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, etc.


WHAT IT IS: TutiiBox is an Asian beauty subscription box that delivers 5-6 FULL SIZE BEAUTY PRODUCTS OR PREMIUM DELUXE SAMPLES (brands like IOPE, SK-II, Shiseido) straight to your doorstep.
COST: $25 per month + FREE SHIPPING


WHAT IT IS: TutiiBag is a "smaller" version of the TutiiBox. You will get 4-5 FULL SIZE BEAUTY PRODUCTS AND/OR DELUXE SAMPLES. The brands included in the TutiiBag are less prestige than those that may be included in the TutiiBox.
COST: $15 per month + FREE SHIPPING


WHAT IT IS: TutiiMask is perfect for the mask lovers out there! Each month you will receive 6-8 MASKS ranging from facial sheet masks or eye, lip, and body masks.
COST: $12 per month + FREE SHIPPING


Today, I'll be unboxing the TutiiBag! I included the retail value of each item not according to MissTutii, but based on prices I found online.

TONYMOLY Aqua Aura Waterful Mist (Deluxe Sample - 65ml) | RETAIL VALUE: ~$6 (Full Size 85ml | Retails for $7.85)

WHAT IT IS: The Aqua Aura Waterful Mist immediately relieves dry skin while also revitalizes tired skin. This mist has a cooling effect that doesn't irritate skin. Can also be used as a makeup setting spray.

THOUGHTS: If I hadn't read the bottle, I would have thought that this was a full sized product! It's a really BIG deluxe sample and is almost full sized! This mist is perfect to bring on-the-go when you're in need of a quick pick-me-up! The Aqua Aura Waterful Mist is very light, hydrating, cooling, and non-sticky spray. It works really well to relieve dry skin or to refresh your makeup look during the day!

LANEIGE Original Essence White Plus Renew (Deluxe Sample - 10ml) - RETAIL VALUE: ~$10 (Full Size 40ml | Retails for $40.25)

WHAT IT IS: The Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew is a light weight essence that gives beautiful radiant skin.

THOUGHTS: This is one pricey essence! I love how MissTutii included this product into their bag because personally, I view this as a premium brand too, so I'm glad we get to have a little taste of this. The essence feels almost weightless once it absorbs onto my skin; it doesn't leave a sticky, greasy, or heavy residue once applied. My skin loves this stuff! My complexion has become noticeably brighter, healthier, less dull, and more even-toned the more I use it. Plus, my rough patches and awful skin texture during the winter has drastically improved; this essence helped minimize my rough patches and dry spots within a few days!

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Pumpkin Sleeping Pack (Sample) - RETAIL VALUE: UNKNOWN (Full Size 100ml | Retails for $14.80)

WHAT IT IS: A rich, but non-sticky pumpkin sleeping mask containing extracts of vitamin A and Beta-carotene to help brighten uneven skin tone while also moisturize the skin.

THOUGHTS: I actually own the full-sized version of the Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack, and it's a wonder worker! It helps to nourish the skin while packing the skin with moisture overnight. This is a tiny sample packet, but you could get 3-4 uses out of this if you used a pea-sized amount!

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Essential Eye Cream (Deluxe Sample - 5ml?) - RETAIL VALUE: ~$2.13 (Full Size 30ml | Retails for $12.77)

WHAT IT IS: A highly moisturizing eye cream that's made with royal jelly and honey extracts. The Royal Honey Essential Eye Cream targets tired eyes and fine lines.

THOUGHTS: I'm eyeballing that the eye cream is 5ml, but it doesn't actually say so on the tube. It could be more or less (I'm thinking between 5-10 ml?)! Honey is one of my favorite ingredients in skincare and this eye cream does not disappoint! It's super moisturizing and helps make my eye area look and feel more awake. Eye cream lasts forever for me, so it's a very decently sized sample!

LA GLACE Collagen Sheet Mask (Full Size) - RETAIL VALUE: $3

WHAT IT IS: Containing Marine Collagen, Hyluronic Acid, and Chamomile extracts, this mask delivers intensive supplements to tighten and moisturize the skin. It helps to reduce and prevent premature wrinkles, while restoring the skin's radiance.

THOUGHTS: This is the only item in the bag that isn't from Korea or Asia at all; It's actually from France! I thought it was really cool for MissTutii to include this in our bag because it adds a little diversity! Personally, it was just an average sheet mask for me. It wasn't anything super great or special, but it did help moisturize my skin!


WHAT IT IS: The Berry Milk Hand Cream contains 3 kinds of berries (raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry) and donkey milk which helps to moisturize and smooth hand skin. Hyaluronic acid creates a moisturizing barrier that keeps skin healthy and protected.

THOUGHTS: I was confused to not find this included on the info card, so I'm assuming it's a gift that was given to all subscribers since it's their first month launching! How sweet of them! :) I actually love ANYTHING containing donkey milk as it really does help to moisturize and nourish the skin and this hand cream is no different. It's a lightweight cream that isn't too thick or greasy. It's fast-absorbing, hydrating, and the scent is a very very faint berry scent!

TOTAL VALUE: $23.13 + a few unknown prices!


First, I do want to mention that MissTutii marks up the price of the products on the info card. This might be the actual retail price of the items, but of course there's plenty of online websites that sell most of these products for a fraction of the price. Do keep in mind though that most of these items are being sold from Korea and you may or may not have to factor in the price of shipping. PLUS, you'll probably wait a month or so for the items to arrive! Anyway, despite the pricing, I went ahead and did a quick Google search for each product and calculated the most reasonable prices I could find and the total value of the box came to be about at least $23.13! You get a whole lot more than you paid for! Also, MissTutii's subscription services only take 3-7 business days to arrive so I'd say it's definitely a great value!

Secondly, I LOVED the diversity of brands and products included in this month's TutiiBag. There were 5 different brands (6 including the bonus hand cream!) with products ranging from mists, essences, sleeping packs, eye creams, and sheet masks! The TutiiBag only contained skincare products, but I really hope they start to branch out more because from my knowledge, it's not skincare-specific! Nevertheless, I thought it was refreshing for a subscription box to include products outside of Asia, and I really wish MissTutii starts incorporating more products from different countries! All of the brands were Korean, except the La Glace sheet mask which is a brand from France. I hope they keep this up because I'm interested in seeing products from all over the world, not just Asia!

Also, it's always a huge plus when a beauty box company includes a helpful informational card. MissTutii included a list of all the products included along with their descriptions, AND instructions on how to use. Most importantly, it was all in ENGLISH! 

*Sorry for the slight blurriness especially towards the bottom! :(

Overall, I thought that this is the perfect subscription service to get if you're new to Asian beauty and want to dive in. If you're already a devoted Asian beauty lover, this box probably isn't for you since you probably already own most of these products! It's not only Asian beauty, but it's definitely a huge part of the bags/boxes. The first ever TutiiBag was definitely a success in my opinion and I hope they keep including more and more brands!  I can't wait to see what's in next month's bag/box!


1. You are new to Asian Beauty and want products from all over Asia and the rest of the world

2. You're interested in Asian skincare and want to dive in and experience some of the most-loved and popular products

3. You want to get a bang for your buck

To subscribe to MissTutii's TutiiBag, TutiiBox, or TutiiMask, click HERE to get to their webpage and sign up!


Use coupon code: THEPOINTOFVU to get 20% off the ENTIRE website
The coupon code can be used on products in MissTutii's store or on any of their subscription services!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. 

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