REVIEW: BEIGE CHUU Cosmetics Lipstick in Gladiolous Pink

One of the newer beauty brands I've been noticing all over social media lately is the brand, Beige Cosmetics! Beige is a relatively new cosmetic brand that was launched by the popular fashion site, I have not personally shopped there, but the style and vibe reminds me a lot of Stylenanda, which I absolutely ADORE! Though I've noticed Beige's presence on social media, it was nearly impossible to find their products sold anywhere online besides, of course, their online website where shipping was ridiculously high. You can probably imagine my surprise and excitement when one of my favorite online K-beauty destinations,, announced that they were going to begin carrying a few items from Beige on their website. ^ o ^ YAY!! Cupidrop is actually the very first online store to be carrying them in the United States!

I was even more ecstatic to receive a sweet little package from the lovely Kate over at Cupidrop with a few of their newer makeup items from Beige and 3CE to play with, test out, and review for you guys! Thanks again Cupidrop!

The first little beauty that I'll be reviewing today is the Beige Lipstick in Gladioulous Pink!

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The Beige Cosmetics beauty brand has a very simplistic and classic aesthetic. The lipstick comes in a beige (pale sandy, yellowish-brown) box with the word BEIGE in big all caps right in the center of the box. The lipstick itself comes in a gorgeous, but simple glossy black rectangular lipstick tube. It's actually all black with the exception of the BG logo printed at the very top of the cap. I actually really appreciate this simple aesthetic because it looks so clean, sleek, and luxurious! Removing the cap reveals a shiny golden neck which adds on to the luxurious feel -- I LOVE IT! Plus the cap is really easy to pull off and has a satisfying click when it snaps shut. The entire packaging is very secure and sturdy which means it's travel-friendly and can be lugged around in a purse in case you need a touch-up. Lastly, the lipstick tube is really easy to maneuver and twist up or down. I give an A+ for presentation and functionality! :)

The Beige Lipstick comes in a wide array of gorgeous colors ranging from natural nudes, pretty pinks, and even vibrant reds!
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The shade I received was the popular shade, #103 Gladiolous Pink, which is a sweet and innocent bubblegum pink. The formula of the Beige Lipstick is incredibly creamy which is a pro and a con within itself. I love the ultra smooth formula because it's like a lipstick and glossy lip balm in one! It's glossy enough that it glides on the lips almost effortlessly and hugs the lips with an even coat of moisture. However, the creaminess also is a con because it's slightly too creamy to the point where it settles into my fine lines! It's only slightly noticeable, so it's not that big of a deal for me. Personally, this tends to be a big and noticeable problem with lighter lipstick shades and not so much with darker shades with most lipsticks I've tried, so the darker Beige Lipsticks might have a better wear.

Nevertheless, I'm amazed at how this creamy lipstick is able to have FULL coverage in as little as just one swipe! I would definitely recommend about two swipes to evenly coat the lips though. Also, the Beige Lipstick has one of the best color payoffs I've ever seen for their lipstick/lipbalm hybrid formula -- the lipstick is super pigmented allowing for a strong, and intense application of color! 

The Beige Lipstick, as I've mentioned before, is really like a lipstick and lipbalm combined into one. It has a nice glossy finish that's not sticky, but actually very hydrating and moisturizing for the lips. I prefer to wear this for everyday wear because of that very reason! I tend to have dry lips and wearing lipsticks can be very bothersome throughout the day and end up looking a hot mess, but the Beige Lipstick, on the other hand, is very low maintenance and I love that!

This gorgeous shade of light pink is suitable for everyday wear because it gives a clean pop of color that can be worn down or dressed up! What I like about this shade is that it's a very simple shade that would work well with almost all skin tones, especially those with fair skin! Gladiolous Pink is also a beautiful shade that would compliment all outfits, even on casual days!


The Beige Lipstick in Gladiolous Pink is one of the prettiest shades of light bubblegum pink I've ever seen, hands-down. The formula is creamy, nourishing, and moisturizing enough even for those with naturally dry lips like myself! This lipstick feels more like a lipstick + lipbalm hybrid, because it has a glossy texture which allows for a smooth application and it also has a glossy finish that's not sticky at all! Unfortunately, I did notice it settling in some of my fine lines and clinging to dry spots, but I think this would be less of a problem with a darker shade. I tend to have this problem with lighter shades in most lipsticks anyway, but that might be because I have really pigmented lips so it's more noticeable when wearing colors lighter than my natural lip shade. Regardless, the Beige Lipstick is highly, HIGHLY pigmented with amazing color payoff and I would definitely recommend to those with fair skin, or any skintone if you wear a lip concealer, so the true color can be more prominent! It's a gorgeous color that deserves to be shown off :D

The Beige Lipstick retails for $23 and is available in FOUR beautiful shades at, HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. I've seen this brand all over Instagram lately and have been curious about it. I really like the color payoff! It's not too overwhelming, which some pinks that bright can be. It looks really nice on you. Since CupidDrop has them, I think I will be making a purchase with them in the very near future...

    1. Thank you! :D I usually hate light pink shades just because they're really hard to wear against my medium skintone, but this one works really well. The formula is also very decent and I'm definitely planning on purchasing a few of the other shades as well. I think it's well worth the price tag :)

      I'm glad more K-beauty sites are noticing Beige and hopefully we'll have more access to their products! ^ o ^

  2. The shade turly is very pretty! I like the packaging too.