REVIEW: Hwajin Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream

Though not many men wear BB Creams in the Western part of the world, I know a lot of Korean men do. Taking care of one's appearance is the norm, so there's nothing wrong with a guy wearing a little BB Cream to achieve a better appearance! I have personally seen Men's beauty products, including BB Creams, BB Cushions, and even Men skincare lines, popping up recently in K-beauty stores, so I've been curious as to what the difference was with a man and woman's beauty products, specifically the BB Creams. Today, I'll be trying out and experimenting something new and fun! I'll be wearing and reviewing a Men's BB Cream -- The Hwajin Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream! ^ o ^


The Hwajin Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream is a multi-functional BB cream that takes care of the problems on a man's skin with just one touch.

The Dynamic BB Cream contains 40g of bb cream and comes in an all black squeezable tube with a twist-off cap that's fairly easy to use! The words are in a fancy gold font with a cool dragon image right in the middle. It has a very cool, but simplistic aesthetic that leans towards the masculine side. 

There is also a short nozzle at the end of the tube that has a small hole for dispensing product. The small size of hole makes it perfect for controlling the amount of product you want to dispense, so you don't accidentally get too much!

The Hwajin Homme Terrier Dynamic BB Cream contains Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, also known as a Botox-like Peptide, which has a strong firming effect. It claims that it has the minimum side-effects of Botox but keeps its function at maximum level. The small molecule of the peptide penetrates the skin more easily and directly increases the elasticity of the muscular tissues. However, I personally have not noticed any BIG differences in my skin while using this BB Cream for the past two weeks.

The Dynamic BB Cream is a honey-beige color with a yellowish undertone. It has a strong cologne scent, which I really dislike. :( I'm usually okay with strong scents, but this one gives me a slight headache. On the other hand though, the BB Cream has a very thin and lightweight texture that's more of a tinted moisturizer than a cream. It glides onto the skin really well and applies easily! Though I hate the scent, I like this BB Cream so much that I don't even mind it!

The Dynamic BB Cream gives light-medium coverage and is lightweight, just like a tinted moisturizer! It looks very natural on the skin, but evens out the skin tone and conceals redness and other light imperfections. My skin looks a lot healthier and vitalized when wearing this! The Dynamic BB Cream also has a very natural/semi-matte finish. It's not dewy, but it's not completely matte either. I do wish that the Dynamic BB Cream was bit more moisturizing -- I tend to suffer from dehydrated skin, and unfortunately noticed a bit of patchiness forming throughout the day, but that can be fixed by using a strong moisturizer!

And here is a closer up photo!

The main difference I've noticed with the Dynamic BB Cream and BB Creams for women is that the shades for men is much much darker. Korean women prize porcelain skin, and as a result almost all Korean BB Creams (for women) are extremely pale with a limiting shade selection usually only fitting for those with N13-N23 skin tones! That totally rules my N30-35 skin out, but I was surprised to see that the Dynamic BB Cream is actually pretty dark! It works well for my N30-35 skin tone, but still has a slight whitening effect that's very natural-looking. 


I am so surprised by the Hwajin Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream! I actually LOVE it and the shade match is actually really nice. I always have trouble finding Korean BB Creams that match my medium skin tone, and I've never found a good match until this one! The coverage is light-medium, and covers little imperfections, such as blemishes, redness, discoloration, etc. and creates an even toned and healthier-looking base. It has a semi-matte/natural finish, which I actually prefer, but it's not as moisturizing as I would have liked it to be, so be sure to moisturize well! Beware of the scent too -- it's a strong cologne-like scent which I highly dislike, but the good definitely outweighs the bad for me. Personally, I found no real difference between this BB Cream and those marketed towards women besides a darker shade range, but all in all, I'm definitely going to keep using this BB Cream! :)


Unfortunately, the Hwajin Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream is not yet sold in stores (or online), but I will be sure to update this post when it is! :)

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