REVIEW: 3 Concept Eyes Triple Eyeshadow (#More Brown)

If there's one thing I can never get enough of, it's neutral brown eyeshadows! They're just so versatile and easy to wear for everyone, no matter your age or skin tone. A few weeks ago, Cupidrop sent me their 3 Concept Eyes Triple Eyeshadow in #More Brown to review and the shades are truly wearable for any occasion, whether you're dressing them up or down! 

So let's get to the review!


The 3CE Triple Eyeshadow is a pearlescent and highly pigmented trio of 3 eyeshadows designed to be layered with each other, to create gorgeous feminine looks.

The 3CE Triple Eyeshadow comes in 5 different shades:

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The Triple Eyeshadow comes in a matte black circular compact with a clear, see-through cover and the 3CE logo right in the center. 3CE packaging is pretty much uniform with all of their products -- they're usually all-black matte compacts! They have a very simple, but classy and professional-looking aesthetic. Personally, I find 3CE to be like the Korean version M.A.C., and they both have very similar packaging too!

The circular compact is lightweight and easy to open. It's definitely not the sturdiest compact around, and might not last if dropped onto the floor. However, it's definitely super travel friendly -- I think it's perfect for traveling light especially when you don't want to compromise bringing along your makeup. It's three different eyeshadows in one small compact, and you can create many different day or night looks!

Each trio is color-matched with a set of 3 colors that are meant to go together. I don't know about you guys, but I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I have too many shades to pick from and don't know where to begin. Luckily, this trio of eyeshadows has everything you need -- a highlighting shade, all-over base shade and a darker shade for contouring and liner! It makes creating makeup looks a piece of cake and cuts my eye makeup time in half since everything is already chosen for me.

The shade I'm reviewing today is #More Brown, which is a trio containing a champagne beige, a light golden bronze, and a chocolate brown. All of the shades are sheer, but have gorgeous shimmery, pearlescent finishes. They're definitely buildable, but not nearly as pigmented as Western eyeshadows like Too Faced or Urban Decay. However, most typical Korean eyeshadows are sheer, and the 3CE ones are definitely one of the more pigmented Korean eyeshadows I have personally tried! I've been reaching for this trio for my daily makeup because the browns make it perfect to be worn to school or work. Plus, the pearlescent finishes still adds a nice pop to the basic neutrals, making it a great choice for those whole love natural looks, that aren't boring!

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If you've already tried 3CE eyeshadows, the texture of these shadows in the trio are just like their singles or palettes! Each shade in the compact has a silky-soft texture that blends together easily and smoothly. Despite having a shimmery pearlescent finish, the shadows themselves are velvety to the touch and aren't patchy or "dry".

These shadows are pigmented enough to show its true color, but sheer enough for a natural makeup look. The pearlescent glow doesn't leave you with much fallout either during or after application! I just love how this trio has everything that can brighten up the eyes, as well as add dimension.

They're long-wearing and last about 4-5 hours on me without creasing, and without primer! I usually have oily eyelids, so this is a big accomplishment for an eyeshadow, in my opinion. However, I do prefer and recommend to wear a primer to prolong the shadow's wear time. I also recommend a white eyeshadow base to help the colors appear more vibrant, especially if you want the pigmentation to be stronger and more intense. :)


For my today's quick and easy eye look, I only used shades in the Triple Eyeshadow in #More Brown as well as an optional regular black liquid liner and blackish-brown pencil liner! :)

Upper Lid: Using the middle golden bronze, I applied this shade all over my lid as a base shade. Then, I took the right chocolate brown and worked that into my outer lid and outer crease. Next, I took the left champagne beige and applied it to my inner lid and inner corner to brighten up the eyes. Lastly, I took a fluffy blending brush and blended it all out in my crease to make it look more natural and smooth.

Lower Lid: I applied the middle golden bronze along my lower lid. Then I took the right chocolate brown and smudged that into the outer lower lid and blended it up to the upper outer lid so it would be a smooth transition.

Liner: Lastly, I used the right chocolate brown shade as a liner for my upper lash line and used a slanted eyeliner brush to smudge it out into a wing. I then used a regular black liquid liner to draw a thin black line following the shape of the wing I created with my eyeshadow. Finally, I filled in my lash line with a blackish-brown pencil liner to help my lash line look a little fuller.

Here are some photos of my completed simple & natural makeup look! :D


I am quite impressed with the 3 Concept Eyes Triple Eyeshadow in #More Brown! I tend to shy away from Korean eyeshadows, and it's true that these are sheer, but they're definitely workable! They're pigmented enough to highlight and add dimension to the eyes, but the sheerness gives them a naturalness about them which I truly think is great for everyday wear! Plus, the shimmery pearlescent finish adds an absolutely gorgeous, but subtle pop!

I have been reaching for this trio set of shadows for my everyday eye makeup because they're perfect for every occasion, especially school and work. The texture is velvety-soft without being patchy or gritty. Each shade blends together like a dream and there's just so many combinations you could do. I don't think anyone could ever go wrong with brown eyeshadows. ^ o ^ I give this two thumbs up!!! :D


The 3 Concept Eyes Triple Eyeshadow retails for $24 and is available in two shades, #More Brown or #Body to Body, at Cupidrop.comHERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. nice look. I'm pinning this on pinterest since it gives me inspiration

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked the look! :D

  2. I love brown eyeshadows and I guess most of my eyeshadows are brown shades...only, I hardly ever have time to use eyeshadow on a regular basis :D The swatches look pretty pigmented, too!

    1. Same here! I mostly use only brown eyeshadows haha. :) The quality of these eyeshadows are really good. Not as good as like Urban Decay, but definitely great for a Korean eyeshadow!