REVIEW: Etude House Berry Delicious Collection (February Pink Bird Box)

Etude House just won't quit it with the constant super cute collections! They're seriously churning them out non-stop each month and I'm amazed at the consistent high quality products they keep releasing! My February Pink Bird Box (I know, it's super late), was filled with some pretty amazing products from Etude House's NEW Berry Delicious collection, which is their main 2016 Spring/Summer line. The products I'll be reviewing today from the Berry Delicious line includes the  Berry Delicious Any Cushion, the Berry Delicious Fantastic Color Eyes palettes, Berry Delicious Cream Blushers, and the new Color in Liquid Lips Juicy lipsticks. Also included in the new Berry Delicious line, that I won't be reviewing, are mascaras, lip treatments & scrubs, and body care products.

So let's dig in! :D



This flawless cushion foundation creates beautiful, pearly bright skin with its full coverage and smoothing effects.

The Berry Delicious Precious Mineral Any Cushion is available in only two shades: Light Beige or Natural Beige. The shade range is very limiting, as most Korean base products are, and unfortunately won't fit many of us who have medium or darker skin tones. The shade I'll be reviewing today is in Natural Beige! Sadly, this shade is way too light for my medium N30-35 skin tone, but regardless of the shade selection, the packaging, formula, and performance of the Any Cushion is top-notch.

The theme for the Berry Delicious Collection is strawberries, so everything is decked out with juicy red strawberries and hearts! The Any Cushion case is pink and red with an adorable strawberry and heart pattern printed across the cushion case. The entire theme is just super girly and cute, and I am obsessed with it!

The Any Cushion (in the Berry Delicious Collection) does not come with an extra refill or applicator puff. However, these are the same size as the regular Any Cushions, so you can pop in replacements using that! Just so you know, the Any Cushion in the Berry Delicious Collection is exactly the same as their regular permanent Any Cushion line. The only difference is that they're repackaged in an adorable case!

The Any Cushion has a lightweight formula that provides a decent light-to-medium amount of coverage! It's easy to apply and blend onto the skin. My favorite way to apply this cushion, and any cushion foundation, is to use the cushion puff applicator that comes with the foundation. It's just easy to use and gives an almost flawless appearance! The Any Cushion does a good job covering most imperfections like redness or discoloration, along with some blemishes. It also gives the skin a natural-looking glow, that's not too dewy, but also not matte either!

Here are some pics of me wearing the cushion! I used a lot of bronzer around the edges to help the foundation match my skin more. It really brightens up my face and evens out my skin! :)


The Fantastic Color Eyes palette is a 6 color eye shadow palette that comes in trendy colors and various textures, which is perfect for many different occasions! 

The Fantastic Color Eyes palette in the Berry Delicious collection comes in two different shades: Strawberry Fondue and Strawberry Mojito. The one I'll be reviewing is the Fantastic Color Eyes Palette in Strawberry Fondue, which is actually my favorite out of the two different choices!

The palette comes in an adorable red and pink case with the same strawberry and heart pattern as the Any Cushion. Included in the palette is a mirror, 6 different eyeshadow shades, and a double ended sponge applicator. The eyeshadow palette is relatively small, which makes it perfect for traveling! I have to mention though, the pans inside the palette are uneven, however, none of the pans are loose, so it's not a huge complaint.

The Strawberry Fondue palette is where "strawberry meets chocolate," hence the name. There's a nice shade selection that's a mix of neutral shades of brown, but also some pops of pink mixed in. It's perfect enough for natural makeup looks that are also eye-catching!

Strawberry Fondue's 6 shades include:
Hazelnut Chocolate | Berry Milk Chocolate | Sugary Butter | Cheese Berry | Fresh Strawberry | Dip! Dip!

Hazelnut Chocolate - a warm matte brown with a pink undertone

Berry Milk Chocolate - a very light matte peach-pink

Sugary Butter - a sheer light champagne with pink and gold microglitters

Cheese Berry - a bright pink with gold shimmers and a stain finish

Fresh Strawberry - a red with pink and gold shimmers and a sheer shimmery/pearlized finish

Dip! Dip! - a warm chocolate brown with pink and gold shimmers and a sheer shimmery/pearlized finish

Surprisingly, I am quite impressed with all of the eyeshadows in this palette! All of the shades, even the glittery & shimmery ones, have a smooth velvety texture that's really easy to apply. The matte shades can be very light, but they're not powdery or chalky. Out of all the shades, Sugary Butter is the most chunky because of the microglitters. However, it transfers and applies really well onto the lids, so it's workable! There is very little fall out with each of the shades and the pigmentation, though sheer, is nice for a natural makeup look and definitely buildable.


The Berry Delicious Cream Blusher is a smooth strawberry colored cream blusher that gives cheeks a lovely flushed look! 

Now on to my favorite products! The Berry Delicious Cream Blusher comes in 3 different shades: #1 Ripe Strawberry, #2 Full of Cream, and #3 Grapefruit Strawberry. The shade I received and will be reviewing today is the Cream Blusher in #1 Ripe Strawberry! Ripe Strawberry looks like a very bright and vibrant strawberry red (reddish-pink) straight out of the pan. It's intensely pigmented and looks as red on the skin as it is in the pan. This is a product that you have to be careful to use a light hand with because the pigmentation is just CRAZY. When used with a light hand, it looks absolutely gorgeous, giving the cheeks a natural flushed look that looks really fresh and youthful! It's totally buildable, so if you want a more intense flush, just layer on more blush!

I absolutely LOVE the texture and formula for this blush. It's a unique cream-to-powder formula that feels like a cream on the skin, but looks like a powder! It comes with a spongey cushion puff that's unlike any cushion puff applicator I have ever used -- It's totally different from the ones that come in BB cushions! The spongey applicator was designed specifically for the blush and I highly recommend using that to apply it. I've tried applying with a brush, but the outcome was very patchy and uneven, however, with the cushion puff, it blended out so well and looked very natural!


The moisturizing Berry Delicious Color in Liquid Lips softly melts onto the lips, leaving behind a sweet and juicy pout!

Another favorite of mine from this collection is the Color in Liquid Lips - Juicy! The Berry Delicious  collection added in a lot of new shades to the Color in Liquid Lips lineup, but the one I'll be reviewing today is RD305 Berry Very Much! Berry Very Much is a vibrant strawberry red (reddish-pink) that's absolutely gorgeous. It brightens up the complexion while also making teeth appear much whiter.

I've never owned any of the Color in Liquid Lips before, so this was pretty much life-changing. I have been missing out on SO much, but boy are these good! First of all, the packaging for the lipstick is beyond cute. It looks like a real lipstick in the bottle, but it's actually a liquid lipstick. Plus, the Color in Liquid Lips in the Berry Delicious collection all have strawberry seeds on the bottle making them look just like strawberries! How cute is that?!

Housed in the lipstick is a slanted and curved doe-foot applicator that consistently gets out the perfect amount of product every time. It has a flexible head that makes it fits into the contours and curves of your lips, while also making gradient lips a piece of cake!

The texture of the Color in Liquid Lips is also very unique. It's a lightweight jelly texture that feels almost like water on the lips. It applies so easily, and very evenly. With just one swipe, you get juicy and vivid color with a glossy finish that's not sticky. What I love about this lipstick is that it's a liquid lipstick, and also a tint and stain combo. I found that this lipstick transfers easily because of the glossy finish, but I'd say that this is long-lasting and long-wearing because once the glossy finish is gone, it leaves behind a beautiful and pigmented reddish-pink stain that lasts at least 5 hours on me.

One of the biggest 'wow' factors for me was that this lipstick is SO moisturizing. I tend to have very dry lips and was shocked to find that it doesn't accentuate dry skin or cling to dry patches. It also doesn't settle into fine lines, and honestly, there's nothing else I could possibly want from a lipstick.

The very last thing in my Pink Bird Box was the Berry Delicious Sweet Pouch which is a super cute makeup pouch! It comes in two different colors, Red or Pink, and I received the pink one. The pink one has an adorable strawberry, flower, and heart pattern printed across the entire pouch, both front and back. It's the perfect size and fits all of my daily essentials! ^ o ^


Did I mention that the entire Berry Delicious collection is all based on strawberries?! I absolutely adore this collection, with my star favorites being the Cream Blushers and the Color in Liquid Lips - Juicy! I highly recommend the blusher and the lipstick, just because they're the most unique products from the entire collection with excellent pigmentation and long wearability. But all in all, the entire Berry Delicious line is a hit! Plus, they all smell like delicious strawberries (besides the cushion and eyeshadow palette), so what's not to love? :D


The entire Berry Delicious collection is available at and is currently 30% off!

Products reviewed today:
- The Berry Delicious Any Cushion is currently on sale for $15.12 and is available, HERE
- The Berry Delicious Fantastic Color Eyes palette is currently on sale for $11.76 and is available, HERE
- The Berry Delicious Cream Blusher is currently on sale for $7.70 and is available, HERE
- The Berry Delicious Color in Liquid Lips - Juicy is currently on sale for $8.68 and is available, HERE

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions.

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  1. The lip gloss stain is really nice. And your skin looks very luminous. :) I've never heard of Pink Bird Box. That's one of my nicknames so I'm curious about it.