REVIEW: Pony Effect Favorite Fluid Lip Tint (Due Respect, Cherish Values, My Pleasure, Lavish Praise, Sheer Delight)

It's time for another PONY Effect review... YAY! :D I know it's been a long wait -- I just started summer school and I'm trying my hardest balancing both, so please bear with me as I try to get a more consistent posting schedule out! I still have a lot of PONY Effect products to review, but for today, lets take a look at one of my favorite products from her whole collection: The Pony Effect Favorite Fluid Lip Tint!

I've previously reviewed the Favorite Fluid Lip Tint in #Be Agape when Pony initially launched the first part of her PONY Effect Essentials Collection (review HERE) and I can easily say that that was the star product out of the first release, for me at least! I've been reaching for that lip tint ever since I tried it and I am totally 100% in love with it, so imagine how crazy I went when I found out she was launching FIVE new shades?! :D

As a Memebox Ambassador, and thanks to the incredibly kind Memebox team, I was able to get my hands on these new shades, so I'll be reviewing and swatching them all for you guys today!


Complete your look with vibrant, luscious lips thanks to the Favorite Fluid Lip Tint. Pony designed the perfect lip tint formula that doesn't settle into fine lines like traditional water-type tint or apply blotchy like oil-type tint. Favorite Fluid Lip Tint features a Moisture Fit System that keeps both the color and shine intact for hours.

Pony actually launched the Favorite Fluid Lip Tint during the first part of her release and that included 5 shades: #Romantic Breath, #Simon Pure, #Go Pitapat, #Fatal Allure, and #Be Agape. NOW, for the second part of her release, she launched five vibrant new shades that are perfect for summer making that a total of TEN Favorite Fluid Lip Tints in all.

The packaging for these lip tints have remained the same beautiful rose-gold packaging with see-thru lettering that shows the actual shade of the tint inside. It comes with an easy to use twist-off cap that has a thin and flat applicator attached to it.

Nothing has changed packaging-wise and I'm so glad because I loved the applicator! The tip is flexible and bends to fit the curves of your lips for easy application -- it's the ideal applicator for tints!

I've previously reviewed #Be Agape from the first half of the release, HERE, and I have been completely obsessed with the amazing formula since. I'm happy to say that the formula of these lip tints haven't changed one bit, but the new shades she released are so lively and gorgeous! These shades are more 'fun' in my opinion compared to the previous release since they're bright and seriously add a pop of color to the lips.

The new Favorite Fluid Lip Tints now come in:

#Due Respect - Due Respect is a soft peachy coral that goes on slightly sheer on my lips. It's the perfect shade for everyday wear when I'm sporting my natural makeup look, or it can also be paired to balance out an intense smokey-eye without going overboard! Unfortunately, since Due Respect is a lighter shade and not as pigmented as the rest, its lasting ability is quite short ringing in at 2-3 hours before it starts wearing off and fading. Out of all the shades, this shade doesn't tint the lips for me and I can barely notice a stain once it wears off! This is more of like a nourishing gloss for me since it doesn't tint my lips.

#Cherish Values - Cherish Values is a bright watermelon pink and is still a little bit sheer on my lips, but definitely more opaque than Due Respect. It's one of my favorite shades to wear for the summer days! It adds a lively pop of color to the lips without being over-the-top, but like Due Respect, it's more of like a lip gloss rather than a tint in my opinion -- It gently stains the lips, but it's not on the caliber of a lip tint! Cherish Values wears about 3-4 hours on me before wearing off and the stain left behind disappears quickly after.

#My Pleasure - My Pleasure is a very vibrant orangey-red that's super opaque and one of the most pigmented out of the five! This shade is one of the more longer lasting ones and doesn't wear off till 4 hours later. It leaves behind the most saturated and pigmented stain that seriously lasts all day for me (10+ hours). It's a punchy color that really brightens up the complexion and is a nice change to the typical red tints, but is just as alluring.

#Lavish Praise - Lavish Praise is the boldest out of all the shades and my personal favorite! It's a bright, almost neon, fuchsia that's not for the faint of heart. It's such a vivid shade that's super pigmented and has the strongest staining power out of the bunch -- it can stain the lips in just a few minutes! Lavish Praise is one of the more longer-lasting ones for me and lasts for 4 hours before fading. The stain, however, lasts over 24 hours on me no matter how much I try to rub it off!

#Sheer Delight - Sheer Delight is a neutral salmon and looks nothing like the online promo swatches! The online swatches show the shade as more of a muted rosy brown, but it's very misleading. Nevertheless, I still adored this hue! Sheer Delight lasted a decent 4 hours on me before fading and it tints my lips just enough to be visible, but still manages to look very natural on.

As I've mentioned in my previous review, the Favorite Fluid Lip Tint is hands-down my favorite lip tint of ALL time. The formula is still one of the best I've tried -- It's a gel-like/water-type formula that not only feels moisturizing on the lips, but IS moisturizing! It goes on smoothly and doesn't settle into fine lines, cling to dry spots, or dry out the lips... It's literally everything I have been searching for in a lip tint! I suffer from dry lips, but I was so amazed at how the lip tint didn't cause my lips to wrinkle up or crack even after several hours of wear. Not to mention, this baby is long-lasting! On average, I can get about ~4 hours of wear from most of the tints before they start wearing off. Most of the shades also leave behind a very powerful stain that last from a few hours to all day depending on the shade!

The Favorite Fluid Lip Tint also has a lovely shiny, non-sticky finish and wonderful color payoff. It's very vibrant, pigmented, and surprisingly long-lasting despite its glossy finish. Though the shiny finish lasts several hours on me, it does transfer easily. However, I'd still say it's long-lasting because it leaves behind a gorgeous stain that stays all day. The darker shades leave behind the most noticeable and pigmented stains while the lighter shades only gently tint my lips.

Oh, did I mention that they all smell like watermelon candy?! :D


The Pony Effect Favorite Fluid Lip Tints were already amazing the first time around and I never thought that they could get any better, but boy was I wrong! These newly released shades are brighter and bolder including some neutral pinks, corals, bright red-oranges, and even a neon fuchsia that's not for the timid! All in all, no one could go wrong with these lip tints. The formula is moisturizing, nourishing, and doesn't accentuate fine lines or dry patches. They also leave behind stains that are very long-lasting. I can't recommend these lip tints enough!


The entire Pony Effect Collection is available HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post contains some affiliate links.


  1. So great that you were able to review all these shades. I love the colors Sheer Delight and My Pleasure.

    1. Now I just need to buy the other shades from the first half of the launch hehe :D Sheer Delight and My Pleasure would look so pretty on you! I definitely recommend trying out these tints -- they're one of the best I've tried so far!

  2. Beautiful swatches and useful blogpost, it helped me a lot. Thank you ^^