REVIEW: Heimish Dailism Blusher Palette (Rose Petal)

I love experiencing new Korean beauty brands, especially when it comes to makeup. I recently received a few Heimish products to try out, courtesy of Ohlolly, and I'm hooked! Heimish is a relatively new beauty brand that just launched in early 2016, but despite being new, their beauty products are definitely eye-catching. So, lets see how the quality of their palettes hold up!

Today, I'll be reviewing the Heimish Dailism Blusher Palette in Rose Petal! :D

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This exclusive 3-in-1 palette brings Heimish's artistry techniques to life in an easy, fun way  allowing you to play with its Highlighter to enhance, Multi-Shading Colors to sculpt, and Blusher to add a beautiful flush. Lightweight powder with coated pigments provide true and long lasting colors. 

The Heimish Dailism Blusher Palette is available in 4 different color options:

The Heimish Dailism Blusher Palette comes in a very sturdy plastic packaging that's a shiny, glossy PINK! It's very simplistic with the only notable design being a rose-gold 'heimish' in the bottom right corner, but it still manages to look beautiful and chic at the same time. I love the simplicity and the pretty pink color! :D

One thing I want to note is that the palette doesn't open up 180 degrees, but instead it opens up about 3/4 of the way (~135 degrees)!

Opening the palette reveals a clear protective film which is lain across the powder pans with the words 'No More Normal'. How cute is that? ^ o ^ Also included inside the palette is a large mirror and a mini dual-ended brush, along with a highlighter, a blush, and a tri-colored contour shade!

The included brush has an angled edge on one side, while the other side is rounded. It's soft and nice for drawing precise contouring lines, especially when tracing along the sides of the nose and the hollows of the cheeks, but it doesn't do a good job blending out the contour. I like to use it to draw a sharp line on my cheeks, and then use a separate dense fluffy brush to blend the shading out.

The shade I'll be reviewing is Rose Petal! It's a gorgeous combination of shades that would really compliment those with warm skin tones -- though the Shading/Contouring shade and Highlighter would work well for all/most skin tones, the blush leans a little warm. The Shading/Contouring shade appears to be the same in all of the color options, but the blush and highlighter shades vary from palette to palette.

The Highlighter is a shimmery pearl with a soft iridescent gold sheen thanks to the gold microglitters! The texture is really smooth to the touch and isn't gritty at all. There are no chunks of glitter in the highlighter, but just a smooth shimmery sheen. Highlighters are my most favorite makeup product of all time, and this highlighter is fantastic! It gives such a pretty iridescent glow that doesn't emphasize pores or fine lines. It nicely glosses over the cheeks and creates a natural strobing effect that blends out effortlessly. It seriously creates such a beautiful glow! I don't really have any complaints with this one at all. :D

Here I applied it right on the highest points of my cheek to get a natural sheen!

The Blusher is a soft rosy pink in a satin finish. It looks matte in the pan but once on the skin, it has a nice satin sheen to it! This shade is the perfect everyday shade if you're looking for a natural flush to brighten up your complexion. Unfortunately, the blush isn't very pigmented, but it's definitely buildable with a little extra effort to get a noticeable rosy flush! I have to use a heavy hand and really swirl my brush in the blush. One layer is great for a natural look (with a heavy hand, of course), and two layers is what I would consider the right amount for a gentle flush!

The blush blends out seamlessly onto the skin and adheres well. It takes a bit of effort to use to get a strong intensity, but if you just want a light wash of color, then this is great for you! It lasts about 4-5 hours before it begins to fade. Also, the blush pan is almost double the size of the highlighter and shading pans, which is great for blush brushes!

I used a really heavy hand (think swirling your brush in the pan for like 5 seconds) and then applied on the blush. I did this twice and used two layers to get this natural-looking color on the cheeks! If you want an even more intense look, then just add one more layers!

The Shading/Contouring shade is a the most unique part of the palette! It's tri-colored, so you can mix the shades together, or use separately, to match your preferences. The first shade is a neutral brown. The middle shade is a warm medium brown with a slightly orange undertone that looks healthy (not the bad-spray-tan kind of orange). The third shade is a dark brown with a strong grey undertone. Together, the shades create a neutral medium brown that would work well for those with light to medium skin tones. It's very neutral and isn't orange, and also not too grey -- it does have a slight grey undertone to it, so it's able to look like a real shadow on the skin, but not enough to make it look ashy or muddy. It's super smooth and blends out easily onto the skin creating a natural slimming effect.

I applied a thick line following the hollows of my cheeks to give it a bit more emphasis. I then blend it outward and downward like a real shadow!

All of the powders are silky smooth to the touch, adhere well to the cheeks, and blend out seamlessly on the skin. They're decently pigmented with the blush as an exception, but all of the powders don't emphasize pores, fine lines, or uneven skin textures. Plus, none of the shades really kick up any excess powder inside the pan. This is a pretty solid palette that has everything you need for your cheeks!


 All of the shades in the Heimish Dailism Blusher Palette go well together and would compliment most skin tones, but the blush would probably be best for those with warm skin tones. This is a great palette for not only beginners, but also for those who just want a traveling palette that holds all of their cheek needs inside one handy compact. I haven't come across many K-beauty brands that have ventured into highlighting and contouring powders, but these shades are truly a hidden gem within the K-beauty world! The Blusher isn't as pigmented as I would have liked, but it's definitely buildable and not totally hopeless. It just takes a very heavy hand and a couple layers to achieve a rosy flush, but if you're also into a natural wash of color then this is right up your alley! I like to use this palette mostly for my daily makeup looks because none of the shades or too over-the-top, but just enough to bring out my natural features. All in all, the Dailism Blusher Palette is definitely worth checking out if you're into natural makeup looks!


The Heimish Dailism Blusher Palette retails for $30 and is available in all FOUR shades at Ohlolly.comHERE!

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 Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post contains referral code, but I do NOT make any form of commission from it.


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