REVIEW: MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam + Cloud Embo Massage Brush

I'm a huge fan of double cleansing and as a matter of fact, I can't go a night with out it! My face never feels fully clean without using an oil cleanser and a foam cleanser, but truth be told, it's very time-consuming. Some of you might not like having the extra added bulk of having two cleansers, or others might just want to cut some time from their cleansing routine and resort to one cleanser. Thankfully, there are such things as all-in-one cleansers out there!

Today, I'll be reviewing the MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam and Cloud Embo Massage Brush!


The Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam is an all-in-one oil to foam cleanser that boasts a "Natural Oil Complex" with natural ingredients. Sadly, everything else on the box and bottle is in Korean, so I am unable to translate!

The Purifying Vitamin Oil Complex comes in a very simplistic airless pump bottle. It's made of a slightly cheap plastic that's see-through, but it still feels sturdy and durable. Though the bottle is a beautiful bright blue, the actual oil inside has a yellowish tint and shows through the bottle as green (blue + yellow = green)!

The pump works well and as it dispenses product, it breaks down the beads inside the oil into little bits. I'm not exactly sure what the purpose of these broken down beads are because they don't exfoliate the skin and they also don't blend into the skin as you massage the oil. They do disappear as you add water, so I believe it helps give the cleanser it's foaming ability, kinda like how beads in some hand soaps help it foam up!

I have to admit, the oil-to-foam idea is fantastic! Ideally, it would cut the double-cleansing routine in half since the oil is able to turn into a foam and eliminate the need of a foam cleanser all together. Unfortunately, the Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam needs more work because it's difficult for me to work with and it only saves me a small amount of time. The texture reminds me more of a gel rather than an oil. It has a thicker than normal consistency and isn't runny or watery at all, which can be a good thing because it's not messy! However, it's hard to spread on the skin and sort of pulls/drags on it. As a result, I need about 7-8 pumps of this product for it to spread easily on the skin! At this rate, the bottle might be gone in a month or so with daily use!

After a short time massaging the oil into my skin, it starts transforming into a thick, tacky, and white consistency, sort of like how soap is without water. I've never had an oil cleanser turn into something other than oil when there's no water added, so it was definitely a turn-off. That means there's a very limited time where it's in its best oil-form.

The first photo is the oil freshly applied and in its best form. The middle photo is the white tacky consistency it turns into after massaging the oil for a short while. The last photo is it foaming up.

The Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam doesn't foam up well alone, which is very disappointing. It turns into a slippery texture that is easy to move around, in contrast to it's oil form, and rinses off well. But, it just didn't foam up well. Thankfully, this is where the Cloud Embo Massage Brush comes in handy!

The Cloud Embo Massage Brush is a two part brush with a V-Pad on the backside and a super soft Cloud Embo design on the other. After massaging the oil onto the skin, use the V-Pad to further massage the face. Then, wet the brush side and gently massage onto the skin. This should cause the oil cleanser to foam up nicely! Lastly, rinse and you're done!

The Cloud Embo Massage Brush is so densely packed and incredibly soft that it's able to build up a nice lather while gently exfoliating the skin. Trust me, this brush is so soft that even those with sensitive skin could use it without a problem! It has a flat bottom which makes it easy to store and dry standing up. However, the only downside with this brush is that it's so densely packed that it takes a really long time to dry! Even after 24 hours, it's still slightly damp, but it helps to reposition the bristles every now and then for better air flow.

The cleanser works well in removing the day's dirt and grime, while leaving my face feeling clean and refreshed! Unfortunately, it doesn't remove eye makeup well or long-lasting makeup, so this is a cleanser I would prefer to use on my no-makeup days. It wasn't drying on the skin, nor did it leave my skin feeling unbearably tight, which is a huge plus. I'm left with a clearer complexion and slightly brighter skin!


The MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam has a great all-in-one concept, but unfortunately it fell short for me. It's an oil to foam product which eliminates the need for two cleansers when double cleansing, but instead of being an all inclusive product, it was mediocre in both forms. As an oil, it was very thick and hard to maneuver across the skin. It took up way too much product for it to easily spread and it's oil form was short-lived since it turned into a weird tacky texture after a short while. As a foam, it didn't foam up well unless used in conjunction with the Cloud Embo Massage Brush! Though it left my face feeling clean and revitalized, it's not a product I'm fond of and it just didn't work for me.

The brush on the other hand works incredibly well and is super soft on the skin! It's densely packed, which makes it difficult to dry quickly, but it's very gentle and good for all skin types. It's definitely one of my favorite manual brushes I've ever come across!


The MAXCLINIC Cloud Embo Massage Brush is available in Black on for $12.53, HERE!
It is also available on Ebay for $19.99 with Free Shipping from Seoul, HERE!

Unfortunately, the MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam is currently unavailable in the US or on any online retailer. I'll be sure to link it when I'm able to find it!

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