REVIEW: Catalina Geo Lash Power Volumizing Mascara

Though I've tried heaps of Korean makeup products so far, I have yet to really delve into the mascara realm of the K-beauty world. I have a few trusty ones from Western brands and never felt the need to venture out, but I was excited to be sent the Catalina Geo Lash Power Volumizing Mascara to review from BNT News.

The Catalina Geo Lash Power Volumizing Mascara claims to feature a "strong and immediate automatic volumizing effect". With it's "extreme one-touch, volume-up, curling-up ability", it's smudge-proof as well as long-lasting! That's an awful lot of claims for one mascara to make so I was very eager to give it a go because even my mascaras I use now flake or end up smudging onto my lower lids.


The Catalina Geo Lash Power Volumizing Mascara comes in a shiny golden tube with a delicate filigree design printed along the bottom half of the packaging. It's absolutely stunning and exudes an air of classiness and luxuriousness! The tube of mascara is made of a very sturdy packaging that feels like it's plated in metal. It features a twist-off cap, as do most mascaras, and a straight brush mascara wand. Packaging-wise, I'd give this an A+!

The mascara wand is slightly pointed at the tip, medium-sized, and has a densely packed bristled brush. I like this type of mascara wand because it's easy-to-use, universally friendly, and works with most eye shapes and sizes!

The formula for shade 6 Black is a nice dark carbon black that has a semi-matte finish. I usually prefer glossy finishes because a drier one tends to flake. Thankfully, this one doesn't at all! It evenly coats each lash and doesn't feel brittle to the touch. True to it's claims of being smudge-proof and long-lasting, I wore this for 12 hours and came home to see that there was absolutely no smudges beneath my eyes!

The mascara thickens my fringe a little bit making it still look natural. You can build its intensity by adding on layers without it clumping up or turning into spider legs. It's also able to hold up my curl ALL DAY without becoming flakey or rubbing off throughout the day.

Sadly, despite the name, it wasn't very volumizing for my lashes. It did thicken my lashes a little bit, but not enough for me to call it a volumizing mascara. I also didn't notice much length in my lashes and it still appeared sort of flat. It gave my lashes a nice black coat that made them more noticeable, but it's not a big difference.

One of the most important features for me with a mascara is its removal and I'm happy to report that this mascara is a piece of cake to remove. All you need is warm water to rinse it off and it breaks apart. I like this removal method a lot because it's extremely gentle to the lashes and the delicate lid area. It does leave behind a bit of residue left over, but it's nothing a quick oil cleanse couldn't fix!


The Cataline Geo Lash Power Volumizing Mascara is an okay mascara that doesn't flake or smudge off. It gives my lashes a natural black coat that's long-wearing and lasts all day for me, which is about 12 hours! It has the ability to hold my curl all day without drooping or rubbing off. Plus, it layers well without turning clumpy or into spider legs! Sadly though, this mascara didn't add much length or volume to my lashes, which defeats the whole purpose of the name!

It's a mediocre mascara that would work okay if you're going for the natural makeup look, but I'd pass on this if you're looking for one to give your lashes more oomph because all this really did for me was give my lashes a blacker coat.


Unfortunately, the Catalina Geo Lash Power Volumizing Mascara is currently unavailable in the US or on any online retailer. I'll be sure to link it when I'm able to find it!

Thank you to BNT News for sending this product over for reviewing purposes. Check out BNT News for the latest news and trends!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions.

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