REVIEW: Pony Effect Personal Cheek (Safe Forever, Call You Mine, Lusty Singing, Flame of Desire, Count On Me)

It's finally PONY EFFECT time again! :D 

I'm losing track at how many releases Pony has done for her Pony Effect Essentials collection because it seriously feels like she's releasing new products bi-weekly. This time, she's back at it with blushes, highlighters, contouring powders, and MORE! They're all part of her seemingly never-ending collection, but she's able to take products that are already in the market, like lip tints and eyeshadows, and put her own spin on them with formulas that have proven to be pretty darn amazing so far.

Among her plethora of new releases, I'll be reviewing the Personal Cheek blushes today, courtesy of Memebox!

So without further ado, lets get on with the review~


Blush prettily in this velvety soft, blendable powder. Featuring a Skin Fit System, this luxurious powder blends effortlessly to add a healthy pop of color that lasts.

The Pony Effect Personal Cheek is a pressed-powder blush that comes in a mini navy blue compact with a clear see-through panel in the center of the case. I love the see-through section on the front cover because it's useful in differentiating between the shades with just one glance. The clear panel also features her signature rose-gold lettering as do most of the products in her Pony Effect collection. I was initially really surprised by the Personal Cheek because they're so tiny -- two can fit in the palm of my hand! Each mini compact contains 3g of product.

The navy blue compacts are super lightweight, and slightly cheap-feeling, but very luxurious looking with its sleek design. It features an easy-to-use and secure magnetic closure, which makes opening and closing the palettes a breeze! Plus, the palettes open up all the way (180 degrees).

The blush pans are a narrow trapezoidal shape which is a turn-off for me because I tend to prefer bigger blush brushes, like the Real Techniques one, and it's hard to get my brush to fit into the pan!

The Pony Effect Personal Cheek is available in 5 shades:

#SAFE FOREVER - Safe Forever is a soft baby pink in a matte finish. Despite having a nice velvety formula, it was very poorly pigmented and just wouldn't show on my light-medium skin. It was literally like I was applying layer after layer of nothingness onto my cheeks, even at 5+ layers!

#CALL YOU MINE - Call You Mine is a matte light salmon with a hint of peach. It's a beautiful shade, but unfortunately it doesn't show that well on my skin tone either. It's so similar to my skin tone that it camouflages! It's definitely an improvement from #Safe Forever, but still not as pigmented as I would like. These blushes require much more effort than I would have expected and I'm talking about 5+ layers to get a nice flush. :(

#LUSTY SINGING - Lusty Singing is a pale apricot in a matte finish. This shade is much better than the previous two, but the pigmentation could use a little work. It require a bit of building to get it to a natural flush, but would probably work better on those with fair skin.

#FLAME OF DESIRE - Okay now we're finally getting to the good stuff! :D Flame of Desire is a poppy reddish coral with an orange tone. It has tiny gold microglitters that give off a beautiful golden sheen, and is actually the only Personal Cheek that's shimmery! It's MUCH better than the previous shades in my opinion because it has decent pigmentation and would compliment most skin tones whether you're fair, medium, or dark. It gives my cheeks a lively pop of color which I think is perfect for the spring and summer months!

#COUNT ON ME - Count On Me is a matte mauve rose and another shade I would definitely recommend from this collection! It has decent pigmentation, and it seems like only the darker shades from this collection do. This shade would also compliment most skin tones, but it's for those who want a blush that's more toned down. It's perfect for adding a nice natural pop of color to the cheeks without being over-the top!

The Personal Cheek blushes have a velvety smooth texture that applies easily onto the cheeks and blend out seamlessly. The formula is a bit iffy with these products and vary depending on the shades. The lighter shades like Safe Forever, Call You Mine, and Lusty Singing, aren't very pigmented on the skin. They're buildable, but it takes MANY layers for it to achieve a noticeable intensity. The lighter shades just take a lot of effort to use, though they're not completely hopeless, but ain't nobody got time for that! I feel like these particular shades would work much better on those with fair skin. I have a light-medium skin tone (NC30-35) and it's just very hard to notice any change with these blushes. On the bright side, it's nearly impossible to go overboard with these blushes!

Now the blushes that are actually worth it in my opinion are the darker shades: Flame of Desire and Count On Me! Both of these shades are nicely pigmented, buildable, and wear for about 5 hours before fading. They have the same velvety smooth texture as do all of the shades and blend out effortlessly. The matte powders give a nice 'soft focus' effect that's slightly blurring and doesn't emphasize pores or uneven skin textures.


The Pony Effect Personal Cheek come in a beautiful array of colors, but unfortunately the lighter shades failed to impress me. #Safe Forevericon, #Call You Mineicon, and #Lusty Singing were poorly pigmented despite having a wonderful velvety smooth texture. They blended effortlessly into the skin, but were really hard to notice. The blushes have a buildable formula, but unfortunately the previously mentioned shades require 5+ layers to get a noticeable pop of color on my light-medium skin tone. They require a lot of effort and can be time-consuming, so they definitely need some improvement. These lighter shades would probably work best with those who have fair skin, but if you're darker than that I would advise to skip these shades!

Personally, only two of the the five shades, #Flame of Desireicon and #Count on Me, are worth buying! These two darker shades have better pigmentation and give a natural pop of color with as little as one layer. Like the previous shades, the intensity can be built up for a stronger flush. These two shades would look best on most skin tones whether you're fair, medium, or even dark! 


The Pony Effect Personal Cheek retails for $15 and is available HERE!


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post also contains some affiliate links.


  1. Ohmygoodness, it's been so hard trying to find reviews, let alone a good one, on her blush products&palette! Thank you so, soo much, loved your reviews, (:

    1. I'm so glad you liked my review and that it helped you! :D I have a ton more Pony products I need to review, so hopefully you'll like those too. :)