REVIEW: Catalina Geo Auto Eye Liner (Glitter Black)

Despite my love and obsession with liquid liners, I still prefer the ease of pencil liners! Pencil liners are a heck of a lot easier to use and control than liquid liners making them perfect for makeup beginners. Even after 3 years of wearing liquid liner, I still can't create a cat eye without messing up at least a few times, whereas pencil liners don't require as much patience or precision. 

Today's review is on one of the newer pencil liners I got to try out: the Catalina Geo Auto Eye Liner!


The Catalina Geo Auto Eye Liner is a mechanical eye liner that comes in an all black plastic pencil body, almost identical to the Catalina Geo Auto Lip Liner. The pencil liner has a coordinating colored stripe located near the bottom of the pencil that indicates what shade the eye liner is, but since the eyeliner I'm reviewing is black, it's hard to tell! 

The eyeliner features a pull-off cap and a hidden sharpener located at the very end of the pencil. The plastic pencil body doesn't need to be physically sharpened since you twist up the bottom to dispense more product, but the sharpener can sharpen the eyeliner bullet for a more defined point, which is better for precise application. 

The Catalina Geo Eye Liner comes in 5 shades featuring one black, one green, and the rest are blues.

 The color I'm reviewing today is Glitter Black! Glitter Black is a saturated midnight black shade with fine silver microglitters. The fine glitters help capture light and add an eye-catching sparkle. Despite containing glitters, it doesn't feel gritty on the lids. The formula is really smooth however, the eyeliner bullet is somewhat stiff. It's creamy enough to deposit even, pigmented color but not enough to glide effortlessly on the lids. It tugs and pulls a bit on the delicate eye area when applying. 

Pencil eyeliners are much more versatile than liquid eyeliners and can be used in a variety of ways. The Catalina Geo Auto Eye Liner can be used to line the eyes, which is the most basic way. I like to create cat eyes even with pencil liners because it helps elongate my eyes, while also looking much more toned down and not as dramatic as cat eyes with liquid liners. 

The eyeliner can also be used to tightline or line the waterline which helps create the illusion that the lash line is fuller and more volumized. 

Pencil liners can also be used as eyeshadow, but I wouldn't recommend it with this one because this one sets so fast. It doesn't budge or smudge at all once it sets. Plus, it's incredibly waterproof! The Catalina Geo Auto Eye Liner lasts all day for me (tested over an 8-hour period) and after the 8 hours, the eyeliner was still intact! There was no transfer or smudging onto my lower lids and very minimal fading throughout the day. 


The Catalina Geo Auto Eye Liner is a great eyeliner if you're on the market for one that does not budge, smudge, or transfer! It's incredibly pigmented, one of the blackest blacks I've come across, and is ideal for lining and elongating the eyes! The only con I could find about this liner is that it's slightly stiff and doesn't glide on the eyes. It tugs and pulls on the lid which can be a little harsh on the eye area.


Unfortunately, the Catalina Geo Auto Eye Liner is currently unavailable in the US or on any online retailer. I'll be sure to link it when I'm able to find it!

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