REVIEW: Labiotte Wine Eye Shadow Palette (01 Dry Wine + 02 Sweet Wine) + BB Cosmetic Coupon Code!

Labiotte is a beauty brand known for using wine extracts in their cosmetics, which I thought was all hype at first, but was quickly proven wrong after seeing how pigmented and long-wearing their lip tints were, review HERE. Now, I'm back but this time with their wine infused Wine Eye Shadow Palettes courtesy of BB Cosmetic!

The Labiotte Wine Eye Shadow Palettes, like the Wine Lip Tints, contains ingredients extracted from France's premium wine which boasts softer formulas and richer color!

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Eye shadow palettes containing wine extract from France's premium wine for softer, melting touch and rich color. 

The Labiotte Wine Eye Shadow Palette (retails for $22.95, 8.8g) comes in 2 different shade combinations: 01 DRY WINE and 02 SWEET WINE.

Both of the palettes' shade selections are gorgeous, but Dry Wine contains a lot of neutral browns, which is perfect for every occasion while Sweet Wine contains pink/red shades and is ideal for feminine, romantic looks.

The eye shadow palettes come in a pretty brownish-red packaging with 'Labiotte' and 'Laboratories of Nature" in a classy gold font. The palette is encased in a plastic compact which isn't anything special, but it does feel sturdy! It's very slim, and I like how compact it is because it's perfect for traveling!

Included inside the palette is a wide mirror, 8 eye shadow pans, and a skinny double-ended eyeshadow brush with medium-sized fluffy bristles on one end and a smaller compact brush on the other!

Surprisingly, I really liked the brush that was included with the palettes! Granted, it's not the best out there, but they actually work as they're intended to and is a great travel brush when you're in a pinch. The fluffy end is meant to apply base color, which it does a fantastic job doing, but it's also great for blending out harsh edges and especially blending colors into the crease. The opposite end is a smaller, more compact brush that's great for detailing, adding on accents, or packing on color, especially the glittery shades!

If I had to choose one palette, I'd go for the Dry Wine just because I like the neutral shades a lot more and they're much more versatile for everyday wear. These shades can also easily transition from day-to-night! Plus, browns look good on every skin tone!

Sweet Wine is lovely too but it leans more warm and contains a lot of pink-based shades while Dry Wine contains cooler toned and neutral shades. The quality between these two palettes are the same -- they're both AMAZING! Korean branded eye shadows are notoriously known for being sheer (not all of them, but a lot of them), so it's surprising for me to find high quality shadows, but Labiotte hits out of the park.

The eyeshadows have a powder formula, but they all feel incredible smooth to the touch. However, the quality of each eyeshadow really varies between the different finishes. The Glittery shades have a sheerer formula which allows the glitters to really shine through, while the Shimmery/Pearlized shades have better color payoff and are more opaque. The Matte shades are very silky to the touch, but tend to be iffy -- though all of them are nicely pigmented, some go on evenly while others can go on patchily.

The shimmery shades are my favorite because they have a more concentrated color payoff and feel very velvety, almost creamy. They're insanely pigmented with not much fall out and zero creasing. It's just so packed with pigment and the color payoff is intense. The glitter shades are also decent, but you do have to watch out for fallout with these particular shades. It's like a glitter bomb, but they pack on nicely onto the lids for highlights or just giving your eyes a pop of color. The shadows wore for about 5-6 hours for me before they started to fade throughout the day.


Dry Wine contains 8 neutral and cool-toned brown hues, ideal for everyday wear which can also transition from day-to-night!

MATTE BEIGE - Matte Beige is a pale, neutral sandy beige in a matte finish. It's very pale and almost camouflages into my skin! The shadow is smooth to the touch and applies evenly onto the lids with zero patchiness. It feels a little more 'dry' than the rest of the shades, but it's not chalky by any means. As for pigmentation, it's okay, but it does go on slightly sheer and pales in comparison to the rest of the palette. This is a great all-over base shade that creates a nice foundation for layering colors. I also like to use this beneath my brow bone to highlight! 

SHIMMER BEIGE - Shimmer Beige is light champagne beige in a shimmery finish. It has very fine microglitters that give it a pretty pearlized finish that's not too over-the-top. It has a smooth consistency and feels silky to the touch. Despite the fine glitters, it's not chunky or gritty! It's decently pigmented and is much more opaque than Matte Beige. This is the perfect shade to really highlight the lid, the inner corner, or the aegyosal. It also works well as a highlighter for the face!

GLITTER BROWN - Glitter Brown is a light golden shade with a tiny hint of brown in a glittery finish. It's not very pigmented and goes on very sheer. It's such a beautiful color, but it works well as an eyeshadow topper rather than on its own. This shade feels slightly gritty to the touch, but goes on the lid very smoothly!

GREY BROWN - Grey Brown is a shimmery cool-toned medium brown with a grey undertone. It has a very smooth consistency and is pigmented with just one swipe! There are tiny fine silver and pink microglitters that don't feel gritty at all.

MATTE BROWN - Matte Brown is a cool-toned medium brown in a matte finish. This is my ideal all-over base shade for layering shadows. I also like to use this directly above my crease and blend it inward to add definition and depth. Matte Brown is nicely pigmented and goes on smoothly and evenly. It has a soft, silky texture that I see common with the the matte shades in this palette. There's no patchiness with this shade and it blends seamlessly onto the lid!

GOLD BROWN - Gold Brown is a bronze in a glittery finish. It contains fine pink and gold microglitters that stand out in the shade and give it a pretty all-over sheen that really catches the light. It has okay pigmentation but it goes on sheer, though it is buildable for a more intense color payoff. This particular shade isn't as silky soft as the mattes nor is it as velvety as the pearlized finishes. It feels a bit stiff and chunky to the touch, but they do blend out beautifully and smoothly on the lids.

DEEP BROWN - Deep Brown is a mocha brown in a shimmery, almost sateen-like finish! This is hands-down the BEST shade in the entire palette, formula-wise. It literally feels like velvety butter and the pigmentation is insanely good. The color payoff is opaque and looks like something that would come from a cream shadow, not a powder shadow, and I'm so impressed! I wish all of the shades had this formula, but unfortunately it's only this one that's super duper amazing.

DARK BROWN - Now for the worst shade in the palette -- Dark Brown. Dark Brown is a matte black but contains fine pink and gold microglitters. It feels smooth to the touch, but it applies very patchily, chalky, and uneven. It's also poorly pigmented and needs to be built up to look presentable, but it's definitely a dud in this palette.

Here are some photos of me wearing shades from 01 Dry Wine!

Base: Matte Beige mixed with Matte Brown, Outer V & Crease: Deep Brown, 
Middle Lid: Grey Brown, Inner Lid: Shimmer Beige

Base: Matte Beige mixed with Matte Brown, Crease & Lash Line: Dark Brown, 
Inner and Middle Lid: Glitter Brown, Inner Corner Highlight: Shimmer Beige, 


Sweet Wine contains 8 warm-toned pink shades, perfect for 'sweet', romantic looks!

MATTE CORAL - Matte Coral, despite the misleading name, is a soft beige with a hint of peach undertone in a matte finish. I don't see any coral in it at all, honestly. It's decently pigmented and feels silky soft to the touch and on the lid! It blends out effortlessly and isn't chalky or powdery! 

SHIMMER PINK - Shimmer Pink is a cool-toned frosty pink in a pearlized finish. It has a pretty silvery sheen to it that could also double as a facial highlighter! It's silky soft to the touch and is pigmented with just one swipe! 

GLITTER PINK - Glitter Pink is a shiny silver with a hint of pink in a glittery finish. This particular shade is seriously a glitter bomb, so beware of a ton of fallout when applying! It feels velvety to the touch, and applies smoothly on to the lids. The shadow itself is made up of a ton of pink, gold and silver microglitters, so it's definitely an eye-catching shade. It can go on a bit sheer, so it's definitely a shade you need to pack on.

MATTE PINK - Matte Pink is a warm muted coral in a matte finish. It has a velvety soft formula that applies onto the lids very evenly and blends out smoothly. It's decently pigmented, but slightly sheer. However, there's zero patchiness! Matte Pink is a great all-over base shade when doing romantic makeup looks! 

BROWN PINK - Brown Pink is a muted cool-toned berry in a pearlized finish. It contains fine silver and pink microglitters, but doesn't feel gritty at all. Instead, it's actually very smooth on the lids and blends out well! It's super pigmented that evenly glosses over the lids without creasing.

MATTE BURGUNDY - Matte Burgundy is a burgundy red in a matte finish. It feels a little stiff to the touch and isn't as silky soft or velvety as the rest of the shades in the palette. Despite it being a gorgeous color, the color payoff is disappointing -- it goes on a bit patchily and is semi-sheer!

ROSY PINK - Rosy Pink is a gorgeous rosy mauve in a satin finish. It's not exactly matte because it has a subtle sheen to it, but not as intense as the pearlized shades. Rosy Pink feels a little stiff to the touch and not as soft as the other shades, but it applies evenly and is very pigmented!

DARK PINK - Dark Pink is a puce/brown-purple with fine silver and pink microglitters in a shimmery finish. It's incredibly velvety and smooth to the touch! It goes on the lid like butter and has intense, opaque color payoff! It's the best formula out of this entire palette!

Base: Matte Pink mixed with Matte Coral, Outer Lid & Crease: Matte Burgundy, 
Outer Crease & Lash Line: Dark Pink, Inner Corner Highlight: Shimmer Pink

Base: Matte Pink mixed with Matte Coral, Outer Lid & Lash Line: Dark Pink, 
Inner Lid: Rosy Pink mixed with Brown Pink, Middle Lid: Shimmer Pink and a little Glitter Pink


The Labiotte Wine Eye Shadow Palettes contain a great variety of shades in all different kinds of finishes including matte, pearlized, and glitter. Dry Wine is my go-to palette for everyday wear because it contains a lot of neutral browns! Sweet Wine also has a great shade selection, but it's more modern and contains pink-based shades which is perfect for romantic makeup looks.

The quality of the shadows are worthy of a praise, especially since Korean shadows tend to be too sheer. That's not the case with these! Granted, not every shade in the palette is perfect and there are some duds, but most of the shades are incredibly smooth and silky! Most adhere well onto the lids and don't crease throughout the day. On average, they wear for about 5-6 hours before they begin to fade and that's without primer. All of the shades blend well onto the lid, though some mattes can go on patchily, but the rest go on very even.

Overall, YES! I'd totally recommend trying out these eye shadow palettes! They're great starter palettes to have if you don't already have a lot of eyeshadows, and they're also great if you're looking for a Korean one with high quality, pigmented shadows!


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  1. I love the dry wine palette. The colors are really pretty and suited for everyday looks. I also like that there are matte and shimmery eyeshadows in one palette.

    1. Dry Wine is my favorite! It's my go-to palette as of late, for both day and night looks! :) I'd definitely recommend giving it a try because most of the shadows are very pigmented!

  2. This is such an amazing and comprehensive review! I'm so in love with that packaging, and it's great to hear that the formula isn't bad (I know Korean shadows can be quite weak in pigmentation).

  3. I was scanning answer for eye shadow consequently I discovered your blog exceptionally accommodating.