REVIEW: Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Color

I know it's been a long time coming, but I'm finally back with another PONY EFFECT review! For the past year or so, matte lips have been all the rage in the Western part of the beauty world, so it's nice to see Pony's own take on this beauty trend! It's pretty rare to see K-beauty brands copying Western trends instead of vice versa, so I couldn't wait to test these out. Plus, it's refreshing to see that a K-beauty brand was branching out from the typical reds and pinks by including more "exotic" and hard-to-find shades (in the K-beauty world at least) like nudes, bold neons, purples, and etc!

Today I'll be reviewing the new Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Color, courtesy of Memebox! :D


Matte lip trend made easy! This ultra-pigmented lipstick applies creamy and opaque, drying to a long-lasting matte finish that won't overly dry out your lips like traditional matte lipstick formulas.

The Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Color (4.6g) is a liquid lipstick with an ultra matte finish. It's formulated with Murumuru Seed Butter and Brazil Nut Seed Oil to help protect and nourish the lips for comfortable wear. The Stay Fit Matte Lip Color comes in 10 different shades ranging from vivid reds, pinks, oranges, nudes, and even a purple.

The Stay Fit Matte Lip Color comes in a clear, hard plastic liquid lipstick tube with a rose gold twist-off cap. The twist-off cap has a secure closure which locks shut when closed all the way making it feel very sturdy and protected. The caps look gold in the photos, but they do have a pink tinge to them IRL.

The packaging is very similar to her Favorite Fluid Lip Tints which she previously released (review HERE) but it's inverted -- instead of an all rose gold case and a see-through 'Pony Effect', the body of the lipstick tube is all clear with 'Pony Effect' in a matching (to the cap) rose gold hue. I prefer the packaging for the Stay Fit Matte Lip Color a LOT more than the Favorite Fluid Lip Tints, because though it doesn't look as fancy, it's much easier to differentiate between the shades, and you can also see how much product is left in the tube!

 The twist-off cap comes with an attached lip applicator that features a fuzzy sponge in a slanted doe foot shape. The applicator tip is more elongated than usual and includes a rounded edge. The longer shape and slanted sides of the applicator makes it easy to glide along the meat of the lips, however, the fuzzy material it's made out of makes it difficult to achieve crisp and clean-cut lines. It allows for easy tracing along the edges of the lips, but to get really precise lines, I'd recommend using a lip brush!

The Stay Fit Matte Lip Color can be applied in two ways:

1) For vivid color payoff, line your lips with the liquid lipstick and fill it in for full-on color!

2) For a more natural look, apply a few dots of the liquid lipstick onto the middle of the lips and quickly blend it out for a softer finish. However, since the formula dries down super quickly, like 30 seconds, you have to work VERY fast, which makes this method a bit more difficult. I'd recommend using about 1-2 dots of product on the lips and then blending out because a little goes a very long way! I personally like the finish for this method much more since it's a very soft-focused look that's easier on the eyes, especially for everyday wear.

The Stay Fit Matte Lip Color comes in a total of 10 vivid shades packed with pigment! The shades range from bright reds, pretty pinks, neutral nudes, purples and more. I was so surprised to see a Korean beauty brand branching out with more not-so-typical shades, like the usual reds and pinks, so hopefully more brands follow suit because I love me some nude lips!

*Above photo taken from Memebox


INCREDIBLE icon- Incredible is described as a blue-toned cherry red. This is a vivid red that's perfect for a bold red lip because it makes the teeth appear much whiter than it really is. Incredible has amazing opaque color payoff that applies very evenly onto the lips with just one swipe. It's undoubtedly one of the best formulations out of the whole selection that provides streak-free application with zero patchiness. It has a seemingly silkier and thinner consistency than the rest which allows it to go on easily.

FLAWLESS icon- Flawless is described as a bright orange red. This is a very vibrant red and much brighter and warmer than Incredible. This shade would be a great bold red for those with warm skin tones or yellow undertones. Flawless has a noticeably more fluid formula than the rest, similar to Incredible, which makes it easy to work with and to apply onto the lips. I get opaque and even color that's not streaky or patchy. It goes on very smoothly and doesn't accentuate dry spots or emphasize fine lines.

FANTASTIC - Fantastic is described to be a burgundy red. Promotional photos makes it appear more like a brown, but it's misleading since it's more of a dark red. This particular shade had a sheerer formula that applied patchily and uneven. It's one of the harder shades to work with and layering on 2 coats makes it appear much worse, so it's not very buildable. It's one of the least opaque shades out of the 10, and it goes on very streaky.


AMAZINGicon - Amazing is described as a neon pink. It's a very daring blue-based pink that's almost a fuchsia. It has a slightly thicker and creamier consistency that goes on the lips well and deposits intense opaque color, but it applies slightly streaky making it hard to work with. It's not one of the worst shades, but it's also not one of the best.

ON POINTicon - On Point is described as a muted coral pink, but it's more of a strawberry shade! This is a great shade that gives the lips full opaque color with just one swipe. On Point goes on very evenly and streak-free! It's easy to work with and is one of the better shades out of the 10!


SPLENDIDicon - Splendid is described as a neon orange, but it's definitely a shade that can change depending on your skin tone. When swatched on my arm, it looks more like a fluorescent orange-y coral, but when applied on the lips, it looks like an orange creamsicle! Splendid is a very vivid shade that's hard to wear, at least for my warm light-medium skintone! This hue had a thicker and slightly "drier" consistency than the rest, which made it go on patchy and streaky. It's also not a very buildable shade since layering on more coats makes it appear cakey!

EXCEPTIONALicon - Exceptional is described as a bright orange, but it's more of a bold tangerine with a tiny hint of a red undertone. This hue applies a bit uneven, but it's definitely not the worst one out the bunch. This is a beautiful vibrant shade that's great for summer! It's definitely a bright shade that'll be sure to draw all the attention to your lips, but it's perfect for pairing with neutral eyes.


SO GOODicon - So Good is literally SO GOOD! It's described as a muted orchid and is surprisingly one of my favorite shades with one of the best formulations! It's incredibly silky, providing the lips with even, streak-free, and opaque color. I was pleasantly surprised with this shade since purples can be a little too bold to wear, but because it's an orchid that has a bit of pink to it, it's easier to wear for many skin tones. I LOVE this shade!


MAGNIFICENTicon - Magnificent is described as a marsala, however, it's not really a nude pink, but more of a warm-toned rosy mauve. It's a great everyday hue that's universally friendly and would look good on all skin tones and also for all seasons! Plus, it's versatile enough to pair well with many outfits and different makeup looks. It's seriously my go-to shade for everything.

Magnificent has a creamy formula that adheres well onto the lips, making them appear slightly more plump and full. It also fills in the lines in my lips making it appear more even. The formula does go on a bit uneven, but it's not super noticeable. Magnificent is one of the better ones out of the bunch and is a great choice that's perfect for almost any occasion!

ON FLEEK - On Fleek is described as a muted brown. This is easily one of my favorite shades out of the whole selection because it's a great neutral color which an even better formula. I thought that I would hate this shade, since I never in a million years thought brown lipstick would look good on me, but I'm surprised to say that it's a fabulous neutral shade that I'm sure would look good on most skin tones! It's not warm or too cool, but it does have a slight pink undertone to it that makes it much more wearable.

 The formula feels a bit thinner and silkier than the rest of the liquid lipsticks, making it easier to apply. It glides effortlessly onto the lips while depositing even, streak-free and opaque color. It feels really lightweight on making it super comfortable! If you're looking for a stand-out shade that's not to bold, try this one!

The formula for the Stay Fit Matte Lip Color can be a little inconsistent between the different shades, but generally they're all really creamy (some creamier and silkier than others), non-sticky, and very comfortable on the lips. The formula dries down incredibly quick and adheres in about 30 seconds, so it requires you to work very fast. The Stay Fit Matte Lip Color also typically looks best with just one coat. They're not very buildable and layering on multiple coats ends up causing the lips to look cakey and gross.

Based on my experience, the 'Bad' ones, or the ones I'd skip over, include Fantastic and Splendid. Though these were amazing shades, they were difficult to work with when compared with the rest. The formula for these applied either too patchy, uneven, or streaky and I personally wouldn't reach for these shades.

The 'Okay' one is Exceptional and Amazing. They're not bad by any means, but they're just not as outstanding as the 'Good' ones! Exceptional and Amazing both applied a bit uneven, but they're much better than the 'Bad' ones.

Now, the 'Good' ones are the best ones formula-wise and that includes So Good, On Fleek, On Point, Flawless, Incredible, and Magnificent. These particular shades were the ones that stood out the most to me because they were so creamy to the point where it felt silky on the lips. These shades had even and streak-free application that wasn't hard to work with. Plus they all had very opaque color payoff with just one coat!

As with most matte lipsticks, its essential to exfoliate your lips well and prep them for wear. I like to layer on a lot of lip balm before applying the lipsticks to ensure that the lipsticks won't have any dead skin to adhere to or dry patches to emphasize.

The Stay Fit Matte Lip Color gives a vivid and playful matte lip in a comfortable finish that doesn't dry out the lips. It has a unique lightweight, almost satin-like formula that spreads easily and adheres almost instantaneously! These lipsticks are relatively long lasting once it sets, with the shades wearing an average of 5 hours before they begin to crack and fade. The Stay Fit Matte Lip Color are budge-proof, but not transfer proof -- it does have minimal transfer throughout the day while eating, drinking, or etc.


The Stay Fit Matte Lip Color is an incredibly pigmented liquid lipstick that delivers full, opaque color with just one coat. It dries down to a velvety matte finish that feels very comfortable on the lips and isn't drying at all, which admittedly is hard to find with matte lipsticks. There are definitely a few shades that ended up being misses (Fantastic and Splendid) because of the poor formulation that isn't consistent or up to par with the rest, but I would definitely recommend giving the rest of the shades a try! My personal favorites include On Fleek, So Good, Magnificent, and Flawless.

These lipsticks dry down in about 30 seconds leaving you with a lightweight and velvety soft finish that doesn't budge. There is minimal transfer with eating and drinking throughout the day, but it has a relatively long wear time, an average of 5-6 hours with most of the lipsticks, before they begin to fade and crack on the lips. There's a fun and unique range of colors from all over the spectrum making the Stay Fit Matte Lip Color perfect for any occasion. I give this two thumbs up! :D


The Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Color retails for $19 and is available HERE!


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post also contains some affiliate links.


  1. I bought flawless and magnificent and so far I really like the formulation. It is so nice to see all the shades compared *_*

    1. You picked really good shades! :D I was really surprised by the formulation because it wasn't heavy on the lips -- it didn't feel uncomfortable or too drying either! I think Pony did a great job with it overall ^ o ^

  2. All the shades look grogous! I've been meaning to try out this brand fro awhile :)

    Lotte |

    1. I love her shade selection! It's refreshing to see other colors besides the typical pinks and reds ^ o ^. You should definitely give Pony Effect a try, her Favorite Fluid Lip Tints are one of my faves! :)

  3. OMG, On Fleek looks so good on you! I’ve been loving those throwback brown shades, it’s so 90s and perfect for fall!

    1. Thank you! :D It's one of my absolute favorites and definitely one of the top ones I'd recommend. It looks good when dotted on the lip and blended out for a soft nude brown lip too! :)

  4. Great review! I especially love how the lipstick looks when you used the softer application method to give a more natural finish -- which shade did you use for that?

    - Katya

    1. Hi Katya!

      I'm glad you liked my review -- I used the shade Incredible for the softer application! :)

  5. Hey !
    I really liked your review I was just thinking of buying On Fleek, So Good and Magnificent. But as it's matte lip tint , I guess it kinda go into lines so how do you exfoliate your lips before use ?

    1. Hi Skadek!

      I'm glad you liked my review and good choice on the shades -- they're my favorites! :) The Stay Fit Matte Lip Color is not a lip tint, but a liquid lipstick. It feels very lightweight almost like a tint, but it's much more pigmented with opaque color payoff, rather than sheer like tints. Plus it doesn't leave a stain like tints do!

      As for my exfoliation technique, I like to use my toothbrush! In the morning after I'm done brushing my teeth, I take my wet toothbrush and gently brush my lips to get off the dead skin. I like to do this right after brushing my teeth because my lips are wet and the dead skin is already softened up, but be careful to be very gentle!

      Then I just cover my lips with a generous coat of Vaseline lip balm and let it sit while I'm doing my makeup. When I'm ready to apply my lip color, I wipe off all of the Vaseline and my lips are moisturized and ready for matte products.

      I hope that helps!! :D

  6. Love the photos and swatches! This review was SO helpful. Looking to buy 2 colors and you helped me make the decision!