REVIEW: Missha Triple Shadow (Honey Orange, Mocha Beige, Marsala Red, Sand Wave)

For the past few years that I've been obsessing over Korean Beauty, I've always avoided one thing: eyeshadows. Eyeshadows from K-Beauty brands have had a notorious reputation of being too sheer partly due to the fact that most Korean women, the targeted market for K-beauty brands, prefer a natural makeup look. However, as of late, more and more K-beauty brands are upping their eyeshadow game and creating shadows with rich pigmentation rivaling that of Western brands. One of my favorite eyeshadows I've been LOVING lately is the Missha Triple Shadows!


The Triple Shadow (2g) by Missha is a 3-in-1 eyeshadow trio that contains a combination of shades that compliment each other and are meant to be worn together. These trios come in a fun array of shades and there are currently 8 different ones!

The eyeshadows come in a very simplistic black square compact. It features a clear, see-through window right in the center of the pact, so it's easy to tell what shades are included in each one. The compact has a traditional snap closure that makes it easy to open and shut. When opened, the compact lid does not extend all the way, but slightly more than 90 degrees. However, despite not opening up all the way, the eyeshadows are still very accessible!

The Triple Shadow comes in 8 different shades with a wide range from everyday neutral browns, to plums, pinks, and even orange hues! Though the selection isn't huge, I actually really like all of the shades they have because each one would compliment most eye colors and skin tones.

The eyeshadows are placed in stripes in the order in which it's recommended to wear them for an easily achievable gradient eye -- the bottom hue corresponds to the lid color, the middle hue is the transition shade, and the top hue is the crease shade. Missha made the eyeshadow game really easy and laid it all out for us! Though, you definitely don't have to wear them this way and can switch them up according to your tastes.

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Because of the easy placement of the shadows, you could apply these shadows by swiping your finger horizontally across all three hues and then swiping it straight onto your lid. These are a great concept especially for makeup beginners! Alternatively, you could also apply these shadows with a brush and use each shade individually or mix and match.

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The shades I'll be reviewing today are:

From Left to Right: Sand Wave, Mocha Beige, Marsala Red, Honey Orange

For this review, I decided to try out the finger method, so all the eye-swatches you see below are done with my finger! :)


Honey Orange contains mostly warm-toned shadows with a unique orange and khaki combination. The top shade is a very sheer champagne beige with a golden undertone. It's super sheer and in my opinion, and the worst out of the three hues because it doesn't adhere onto the lid well. The middle hue is a warm pale orange. This shadow makes a really good transition shade by brightening up the eyes while still being very wearable and not over-the-top! The bottom shade is a warm khaki/olive brown. It has the best pigmentation out of the three, but admittedly, this whole trio was a dud for me, since the overall pigmentation pales in comparison to the other trios!


Mocha Beige contains a mixture of warm-toned browns in pearlized finishes. The top shade is a shimmery beige that goes on a bit sheer, but still manages to add a nice sparkle to the eyes while still looking natural. The middle shade is a golden bronze and the bottom shadow is a warm chocolate brown. These are great neutrals for everyday wear and is one of my favorites!


Marsala red contains a mixture of warm pink and red eyeshadows in pearlized finishes. The top shade is a shimmery pinky peach that goes on slightly sheer. The middle hue is a lively peachy coral and the bottom eyeshadow is a warm marsala/rust shade. I love the pink and burgundy hues in this trio because it gives the eyes a romantic and feminine appearance that still works well for daily wear. 


Sand Wave contains a combination of warm sands and tans in all matte finishes. The top shade is a matte sandy beige that's decently pigmented. The middle hue is a warm chestnut brown that leans a bit orange and the bottom hue is a warm expresso brown. This is the only trio out of all of them that contains matte finishes, and I was completely blown away! I expected it to be chalky and powdery, like many Korean matte shadows I've previously tried, but to my surprise, it was so BUTTERY. This trio contains a great set of neutrals that can add definition to the eyes or create a smokey eye fitting for all skin tones. Sand wave is definitely one of my favorite eyeshadows of all time!

Here are swatches of Honey Orange, Mocha Beige, Marsala Red, and Sand Wave side-by-side:

 The eyeshadows have a very silky soft texture that's ultra soft. All of them glide on seamlessly onto the lids and are easily blendable with smooth, uniform pigment with just a swipe of the finger. The color payoff isn't as intense as I would like it to be, but it's definitely buildable by adding on more layers!

These shadows would be ideal for those who like a more natural makeup look, but with some effort, the pigmentation can be layered for a richer color payoff. The pearlized shadows all have a similar silky texture, but the most noticeably stand-out one for me is the all matte trio, Sand Wave. Sand Wave goes above the silky texture and feels like velvet to the touch! It's not powdery or chalky by any means and is hands-down one of the best matte formulas I've tried from a Korean brand! 

As for longevity and performance, the Triple Shadows are not that long lasting. They wear for about ~3-4 hours before creasing and that's without primer! I tend to get oily lids throughout the day, so primer is essential for prolonging the wear time on these shadows. With primer, these eyeshadows can last 7-8 hours before fading and wearing off!


The Missha Triple Shadow is a unique concept that works well and is easy to use! It's like the popular gradient lip look, but for the eyes! :D What I like to do is combine both of the methods of wear and apply the shadows with my fingers but blend out the edges with a brush for a more seamless finish. The quality of these shadows are also surprisingly really decent (with the exception of Honey Orange, which is a miss), with a silky smooth texture that adheres well onto the eyes. My favorite out of the bunch is hands-down Sand Wave and I can't recommend that one enough! These are all really good and SUPER affordable shadows that are worth giving a try, but Sand Wave is definitely a must-have!


The Missha Triple Shadow (2g) retails for $8 is available in all 8 shades at, HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes courtesy of Missha. However, that does not have any affect on the review and all opinions stated are my own.

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