REVIEW: Pony Effect Intense Eye Tints

Recently, Pony dropped another new Pony Effect release full of fun and unique makeup products, but what's new right? It seems like she's constantly releasing new items every few weeks and I LOVE IT! The quality of Pony Effect products has generally been really amazing, but that's expected from such a talented makeup artist like Pony. Seriously, its quickly become one of my favorite makeup brands of all time and I just can't get enough of it. 

Included in this new Pony Effect drop is the Intense Eye Tintwhich I'll be reviewing today! The Intense Eye Tint is a highly pigmented liquid shadow which provides the lids with rich, intense color that's crease-free as well as smudge-resistant. Contrary to its name, the Intense Eye Tint isn't actually a tint that stains your eyes like lip tints stain lips, but it's a liquid eyeshadow with the long-lasting ability of a tint. 


Forget about powdery mess -- master the art of eyeshadow with the Intense Eye Tint, a high pigment liquid shadow that glides on the skin and blends effortlessly.

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The Intense Eye Tint (7g) comes in a completely clear cylindrical tube with a rose gold twist-off cap. This kind of packaging is nearly identical to the Stay Fit Matte Lip Color with the same see-through bodies and rose-toned caps, but the Intense Eye Tints are a smidge shorter and slightly chubbier. I am obsessed with this kind of packaging because not only is it easy to tell what shade it is right off the bat, but also because the beautiful colors inside the tubes really shine through making them look super luxurious!

Twisting off the rose gold cap reveals an attached doe-foot applicator with a one-of-a-kind design. Unlike traditional doe-foot applicators, this one has a curved body and a thinned out tip, sort of like a curved, flexible paddle. The uniquely designed tip allows precision and ease of control when depositing the product on the lids.

PONY'S TIP"This liquid shadow is super pigmented, so I suggest applying to the back of your hand first."

HOW TO APPLY: Using the doe foot applicator, dispense some shadow on the back of your hand. Then, using your finger or a dense synthetic brush, apply the shadow onto the lid and blend.

I was too excited about these liquid shadows and jumped right in without bothering to look at the directions until now. I literally had no idea about the "apply on the back of the hand first" tip, but I totally agree about doing that for easier application. I'd also recommend to apply this product with your fingers because it helps the eyeshadow adhere and look better overall. Your fingers are able to get a better grip and control over the product, which a brush may not be able to.

Liquid shadows can be very tricky to work with, but once you get the hang of it, it's hard to not fall in love with these shadows! I didn't read the application tips beforehand and applied these shadows directly onto the lid (which you'll see in the demo/tutorial down below), but it's a heck of a lot harder to work with this way because it's almost impossible to tell how much product you dispensed until you fully blend it out. There's definitely a learning curve with these eye tints, but they're not that hard to get used to.

The Intense Eye Tint line doesn't have a very wide shade selection and only consists of a handful of different hues, but the shades that are available are stunning shades that would compliment all skin tones. I sincerely hope that Pony ends up launching more shades because *spoiler alert* these liquid shadows are crazy good!

The Intense Eye Tint comes in 5 shades:

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Over You is a rose taupe in a matte finish. This is the only shade out of the five that has a matte finish rather than a shimmery/glittery one! It's an extremely creamy, opaque color that glides on the lids effortlessly. It's undoubtedly one of the easier shades to apply/blend without getting splotchy as it dries down.

Over You is definitely one of my favorites out of the bunch since it makes for a versatile all-over lid shade that adds a bit of dimension to the eyes without being over-the-top. It also works as a great eyeshadow base! Plus, it's the only hue that has a matte finish, which makes it great for everyday wear and appropriate for any occasion!


Fix You is a cool-toned light taupe with a slight pink undertone. It looks a little warm in the photos, but it's not like that IRL. It has a semi-metallic finish with a smooth shimmery sheen rather than a glittery finish. There's absolutely no noticeable chunks of glitter in this shade at all! It applies very evenly onto the lid, blends like a dream, and is very easy to work with.

Fix You ties with Over You as another favorite of mine. I love pairing them together on the daily to both highlight my eyes and add dimension! It also looks great on its own since it makes the eyes pop without being over-the-top.


Counting Stars is a peachy pink with a glittery finish. This shade is the lightest out of the bunch and also the sheerest. It contains chunky glittery bits that's still gentle on the lids when applying, but once blended out onto the lid, it becomes completely sheer leaving behind almost no color, just the glitters. It's not very buildable either since no matter how hard I tried, the eyeshadow constantly applied splotchy. I couldn't get an even application with this color since it kept sheering out in certain spots.

Counting Stars would work well as an eyeshadow topper or an inner corner eye-highlight, since it adds a pretty shimmery touch to the eyes, but it's difficult to wear on its own. It just didn't show that well on my lids and needs a lot of improvement!


Lucky Charm is a warm golden orange with very fine gold and pink microglitters. The glitters in this shade are very finely milled so it gives the shadow a semi-metallic overall sheen rather than a glittery finish. This shade blends out well enough, but it can get splotchy and hard to work with as it dries down.

Lucky Charm's intensity is very buildable and can range from a sheer golden wash of color to an almost metallic golden orange depending on how you blend it out and build it up. Though these shades might look super intense from the tube they're all very versatile!


No Surprise is a dark burgundy with purple undertones. It contains miniature bits of gold and purple microglitters, but they're so fine that it gives the eyeshadow an overall sheen rather than a glittery finish, just like Lucky Charm. The eyeshadow has a really creamy texture that's buildable. It's easy to go from a light wash of color to a rich and dark burgundy hue depending on how you work with it!

The pigmentation of the Intense Eye Tints can be a little contradictory since it can go from a light wash of color to rich intense color like what you see straight from the tube. It's really all in how you work with the shadow and blend it in. Like I mentioned above, there's a major learning curve with these shadows. It's not hard to do, but it does take a little getting use to, especially if you've never worked with liquid shadows before!

The Intense Eye Tints have an incredibly creamy, rich, and highly pigmented formulation. Some even look like foiled shadows! The eyeshadow glides on easily since it has a fluid formula, and blends out effortlessly. Admittedly, it can get messy real quick and can be hard to apply at first, but as I previously mentioned, once you get the hang of it, it's hard to want to use anything else!

The texture begins to get a little tacky as the formula dries down, but then it subsides and dries down to a comfortable velvety finish. It's not drying on the lids whatsoever, and actually feels lightweight on! Though it's easy to blend out, it requires you to work EXTREMELY quick or else things can go south really quick! These shadows have a short window and will dry down in about 30 seconds or less. Once it's almost fully dry, it gets tough to blend so I'd recommend blending out the edges first and work your way in. Plus, it's much easier to fix the body of the shadow rather than the edges! The Intense Eye Tints also have a buildable formula and can be layered to build up intensity.

As you may have guessed, since this is a liquid eyeshadow there is absolutely no fallout even with the shimmer-intense and glitter-packed shades. At first, I thought it was strange that Pony named it an "Eye Tint", but it truly has the long-lasting power of a tint. Once applied on the lids, it will seriously last you all day with zero fading, budging, smudging or creasing whatsoever. The only exception to this is Counting Stars, which does last long, but it's hard to really tell with this shade since it's basically just a sheer topcoat. Overall though, the Intense Eye Tint is the definition of bulletproof makeup! I tested the eyeshadows several times and each time they consistently lasted over 14+ hours before I decided to remove them! There was no smudging or fading with the shadows  and they looked just as intense as when I first applied them.


Here's a quick and super easy makeup tutorial I did using the Intense Eye Tints! 

And here is the finished look:

As a side note, I didn't use a primer or eyeshadow base because really, there's no need for one with these shadows. The only other products I used to create this eye look is the Pony Effect Long Wear Precision Liner in Blacklist (to line my upper waterline) and Marsala Velvet, as well as my all-time favorite mascara, the YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara!


If you're on the hunt for long-wearing eyeshadow, you've met your match! The Intense Eye Tint is a crease-free and fade-free shadow that just doesn't wear out. It contains rich and intense pigments that can give the eye a light wash of color or full-on vibrancy depending on how you work with it. It doesn't budge and is the definition of bulletproof makeup, even without primer! There's a learning curve with this product, but once you get the hang of it, there's no other eyeshadow that really compares. I've worn these shadows for over 14 hours and they still didn't budge, transfer, or lose their richness.

This is definitely a hit product from the Pony Effect Collection and I highly recommend trying these out! My favorite must-have shades are Fix You and Over You. Lucky Charm and No Surprise are also good shades, but the only one I wouldn't really recommend is Counting Stars just because it applied too sheer and splotchy for my liking.


The Pony Effect Intense Eye Tint (7g) retails for $20 and is available HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post also contains some affiliate links.


  1. Sooo gorgeous! I've only ever tried liquid shadows once when I was younger and it wasn't the best experience. I was tempted recently by YSL's but their formula took forever to dry so I didn't get any. I love fix you and counting stars!

    1. Ooh, I had no idea YSL had liquid shadows! :o I LOVE YSL makeup, but I wish it wasn't so expensive.

      Fix You is amazing and blends so well, but Counting Stars just didn't work well for me on the lid. :(

  2. I don't wear much eyeshadow because I have oily eyelids and they go everywhere, but if these stay in place for over 14 hours I need to get my hands on some. I typically liquid liner and go.

    I really like Over You because of how deep it is. Paired with that liner it's perfection <3

    1. I typically have normal to dry eyelids, but these seriously didn't budge for me! I'm not sure if they'd be the same for oily lids, but I feel like it would be okay since they're so long-lasting (and there's always eyelid primer if not).

      Also, I'm glad you liked the eyeliner, it's my go-to shade for fall :D