REVIEW: Heimish Dailism Eye Palette (Brisk Grey)

One of my favorite Korean eyeshadow palettes that I've been using non-stop is the Heimish Dailism Eye Palette. I've previously reviewed the Dailism Eye Palette in Cozy Coral (review here) and I fell in love with it. The quality is unlike any other Korean eyeshadow I've ever tried - it's super pigmented, silky smooth to the touch, and blends out effortlessly. Of course the makeup hoarder inside me told me I needed MOAR, so I recently picked up a few other shade variations to try out, courtesy of Jolse!

The one I'll be reviewing today is the Dailism Eye Palette in Brisk Grey! :)


The Dailism Eye Palette contains 8 universally flattering shades that are all you need to light up eyes for day and night.

INGREDIENTS: Unfortunately, I couldn't find an accurate list of ingredients in English. The official Heimish website ( does have one, but it's all in Korean.


RETAIL PRICE: $32 (Discounted Price on Jolse: $27.20 + Free Shipping)

The Dailism Eye Palette is an eyeshadow palette containing 8 shadows in complimentary hues that are ideal for all skin tones.

The eyeshadow palette comes in a sleek matte black case with 'heimish' embossed in rose gold lettering. The packaging itself is so simple and nothing particularly special, yet for some reason I just really love the minimalistic aesthetic.

One thing to note is that the palette only opens up a little bit wider than 90 degrees (but not much), so that you can place it on a table and use the mirror while applying the shadows. I usually prefer palettes that open up all the way, but this one I don't really mind since the shadows are still easily accessible!

Included in the palette is a large mirror perfect for application on-the-go or for traveling, as well as a double-ended brush in a matching rose gold tone. Usually I don't bother with brushes that come inside palettes since they tend to be useless, but this one is surprisingly okay. It's not the best brush around but it's doable and works well enough as a travel brush if you have nothing else with you.

One end of the brush is a medium-sized fluffy brush that's somewhat dense. It's meant to apply eyeshadow allover the lid as well as packing on color. Since it's a bit fluffy, it can also double as a blending brush to blend out harsh edges.

The other end of the brush is much smaller and thinner in size. It's a rounded flat top brush that's meant to be used with the highlighting shades in the palette. It packs on the shadow with precision in specific targeted areas, such as the tear duct or inner corner for highlighting!

The Dailism Eye Palette comes in 6 different shade variations:

Slowly, but surely, I want to collect them all! Each palette caters to a very specific color (like coral, grey, blue, brown, etc) and comes with complimentary hues to create a wide variety of looks with. I already have Cozy Coral, which is a great palette for daily wear, but I wanted a palette with more oomph to it that I could use at nighttime when going out with friends, so I chose Brisk Grey!

Brisk Grey, as its name implies, has a handful of grey hues in various tones and finishes that all compliment each other. Each shade in this palette is also very cool-toned, which works well for creating smokey eyes. If smokey eyes are too dramatic for you, this palette also includes a wide mix of light grey tones that would work to add definition to the eyes that is day-time appropriate.

*All eye swatches below are swatched alone in natural light and without any primer. All of these shades performed better with primer, but I wanted to show the true nature of these without any supplementary products.

DRESS ROOM (Base) - Dress Room is a cool-toned cream beige with a grey undertone and in a matte finish. This shade is a really soft matte, but it can be a bit powdery on the lids. It blends out well, but is slightly sheer and therefore gives off a very natural apperance. For me, it might look like I have nothing on, but my normal lids tend to be dark and slightly red, so it really balances it out creating an even base for the rest of my shadows.

PIN CURL (Base) - Pin Curl is a pale ash grey with a matte finish. Like Dress Room, this shade is also a little bit powdery, but still silky soft and blends well to a light wash of color.

MIRROR (Point) - Mirror is a dark charcoal grey with a satin finish. To my naked eye, I can't really see any distinct shimmers in this shade, but it does have a slightly luminous sheen to it that doesn't make it a quite matte. This shade is easy to blend, silky soft, and not 'powdery' like the first two! It does go on a bit patchily alone, but if you use a primer or a base shade underneath, it works out wonderfully.

CLUTCH (Highlight) - Clutch is a beige taupe, or "dirty champagne" if you will, with a shimmery/glittery finish. I absolutely adore this shade and the formula! At first I thought this was just a chunky glitter bomb from the pan, but to my surprise it was more like shimmery pigments in pressed form. They blend out really well, but beware of fallout.

VANITY (Base) - Vanity is a pale grey taupe with a soft matte finish. As the matte shades get darker, the quality improves a lot - this one isn't powdery like the two other base shades and it's also not as sheer!

PERFUME (Middle) - Perfume is a dark stone grey with a shimmery finish. This is hands-down the BEST shade out of the entire palette. I'm not sure why they don't have more than one shade in this finish, because the formula is just totally on a different level than the rest. It's buttery to the touch, blends out like a dream, no fall out, and doesn't crease or fade.

ACCESSORY (Highlight) - Accessory is a frosty pearl in a shimmery/glittery finish. This is another pressed pigment type of shadow like Clutch and it's just as beautiful. It's a very cool-toned hue perfect for a bright highlight either in the inner corner, tear duct, or etc. Just like the other one, this one has a lot of fallout as well, but blends beautifully onto the lid.

HIGH HILL (Point) - High Hill is a matte midnight black with a very faint blue undertone due to the fine blue micro glitters in it. This was the worst shade out of the entire palette for me because it applied very patchily and uneven, but it does apply slightly better with a primer. It's fine blending out with other shades when doing a smoky eye, but alone, it's horrible. I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted it to. Just look how patchy and bad the eye swatch is! :'(

The texture for the majority of the eyeshadows are surprisingly silky smooth! They have a very soft texture to them that helps them blend out effortlessly. However, I did notice some inconsistencies between the shades depending on their finish. The matte shades leaned a little bit powdery when applying, which takes a little more effort to blend out, but they still felt very soft and silky on the lid. Other shades like Mirror and Perfume have a noticeably better formula - very pigmented, buttery to the touch, and no fallout! These two particular shades also blend onto the lids like a dream!

The highlighting shades like Accessory and Clutch take a little getting used to. In the pan, these two sparkly shades appear to be made up of extremely chunky glitter, but to my pleasant surprise they were more like foiled pressed pigments. This means that they appear chunky at first on the brush, but once you blend it out onto the lid, it transforms into a very smooth, almost glossy-like shimmery coverage. The only iffy part about it to me is that they have a ton of fallout, so I'd recommend apply these eyeshadows before you do your foundation! Other than that the two highlighting shades are bomb. The only shade I really disliked was High Hill - it was a dud out of the entire palette and came out so patchy and uneven!

What makes these eyeshadow palettes my favorite Korean eyeshadow palette though is that these shadows are very long-lasting on the lids even without a primer! They don't smudge, budge, or fade throughout the day and most importantly, they don't crease. I can usually get about 7-8 hours of wear before noticing it fading, but I find that a fantastic feat since nearly 80% of my eyeshadows I own crease within the first hour.


I'm not gonna lie, the Heimish Dailism Eye Palette is a bit pricey for a Korean eyeshadow palette, but I truly think that the quality is on par or better than high-end western brands. For instance, Urban Decay tends to have chalky shadows that emphasizes the dryness on my lids, but they cost $54 per palette! I very much prefer the Heimish Dailism Palettes because they have a silky consistency (some are even buttery) to them that nourishes the eyes rather than dry them out. Plus, instead of looking chalky on the lids, it creates a smooth film on the eyes that just looks really even on and doesn't crease all day (tested on 8 hour periods). Despite the one dud, High Hill, I do think this is a decent palette and worth the $30 price tag if you're looking for one to create smokey eye looks with, but personally I don't think it's a MUST-HAVE. It's good, but for only 8 shades and for $30, I would expect all the shadows to be of good quality and I just can't get over High Hill. If you're not looking for smokey palettes in particular though, there are better shade variations available like Cozy Coral, which I highly recommend!  


The Heimish Dailism Eye Palette is currently on sale for $27 and is available in all SIX shades at! They are also available on Amazon, HERE.

 Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes courtesy of Jolse, however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own honest opinions. 

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