REVIEW: Heimish Dailism Eye Palette (Cozy Coral)

I'm back again with another Heimish review, courtesy of Ohlolly, but this time on the Dailism Eye Palette in Cozy Coral! I've previously reviewed the Heimish Dailism Blusher Palette (HERE) and since then I've been hooked to the brand. The packaging is just so alluring with their modern and simplistic aesthetic that truly gives off that cool-girl vibe! I know not everything is about looks, but Heimish products are seriously so beautifully packaged, and hey, who says a brand can't be pretty AND functional?

 Though they're a relatively new brand that launched in early 2016, the quality of their makeup has proved to be really amazing and beautiful (yes, I'm talking about this eyeshadow palette right here)! Since the Blusher Palette was a hit for me, I had very high expectations for the Dailism Eye Palette and was very impressed!

So without further ado, lets get to the review!

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Eight universally flattering shades in the Heimish Dailism Eye Palette are all you need to light up eyes for day and night.

The Heimish Dailism Eye Palette comes in 6 different shades:

The Heimish Dailism Eye Palette comes in a very similar packaging to the Dailism Blusher Palette -- It's the same shape and size, but the only difference is that it comes in a sleek matte black case instead of a glossy pink. Don't worry, the palette still feels just as sturdy and protective!

This palette, like the blusher one, doesn't open up fully to 180 degrees, but instead about 3/4 of the way (~135 degrees).

Included inside the palette is a huge mirror that's ideal for traveling, a beautiful rose gold double-ended eyeshadow brush, and 8 pans of eyeshadow in gorgeous shades of coral and a few browns!

One end of the brush is a medium-sized rounded fluffy brush that's able to multitask, such as packing on lid color and blending. The other end has a smaller rounded brush tip that's more compact and perfect for detailing or applying shadow as liner.

I've tested out the brush with the eyeshadows a handful of times and I have to admit, the brush is only okay, not anything special or great. If I had a choice, I wouldn't choose to use it, at least not alone. It doesn't work that well for blending out color, but it does pack on shadows onto the lid nicely. It's not the worse brush around and definitely functional when you're traveling light or in a pinch!

The palette I'm reviewing today is in Cozy Coral. There are 8 different shadows in the palette ranging from pretty pinks, corals, and even a few browns! The shade selection is perfect for daily makeup because of the neutral soft pinks, but can also be dressed up with the browns for a smokier look. There's also a nice variety between base shades, middle shades, point shades, and highlighting shades in all different kinds of finishes from matte to glittery!

HYACINTH - Hyacinth is an off-white cream shade in a matte finish. It's not powdery or chalky to the touch, but it's silky smooth! It blends easily onto the lids and applies evenly with no patchiness. It's a decent neutral shade that's great for using as an all-over base before layering on other shades!

ORANGE FLOWER - Orange Flower is a vibrant strawberry coral with intense golden shimmers. Despite the tiny gold microglitters, its not gritty to the touch. It goes on smoothly on the lid and is extremely pigmented!

COTTON PLANT - Cotton Plant is a satin mocha brown that feels just like butter -- it's super soft and goes on so smoothly. It's a lovely dark brown that can be used for a smokey eye to dress up your eye makeup. The eyeshadows continue to impress me! This one feels velvety to the touch and the pigmentation is insane. Literally, all you need is ONE swipe and you get full on color. This is my personal favorite out of the entire palette!

AMARYLLIS - Amaryllis is a glittery pink champagne with silver microglitters. It's basically a glitter bomb, but without the gritty feeling. One thing I want to point out about the glitter shades is that they initially feel gritty to the touch, but after a few uses (aka "breaking the seal") it's velvety soft! Despite the initial bumpy texture, it blends out really smoothly and doesn't feel gritty on the lids. I was pleasantly surprised by this shade because it looked really chunky in the pan, but blends out to a foiled shadow/pigment look. It's perfect for applying over eyeshadow or using to highlight the eyes in order to make them pop!

GERBERA - Gerbera is a soft light salmon in a satin finish. This particular shade was slightly powdery, but still felt silky soft to the touch. It applies beautifully onto the lid with zero patchiness and blends out seamlessly. This shade is similar to my skin tone, but slightly more pink. It's a fantastic base shade for everyday makeup, especially if your lids are dark, uneven, or you just want to brighten their appearance to look more awake and put together!

MAGIC LILY - Magic Lily is a stunning shimmery rose-gold with pink and gold microglitters. It's one of the more shimmery ones in the palette, but not quite as glittery as Amaryllis. The texture of this shade was also silky smooth and crazy pigmented. It's another great base option if you're looking for a more eye-catching shade!

YELLOW ROSE - Contrary to the name, this shade isn't yellow at all! Yellow Rose is a unique pearl shade with pink and yellow glitters. It's also a glitter bomb and similar in texture to Amaryllis. Once I "broke the seal" the texture was much smoother on the lid. What's cool about this shade is that it has a  gold and pink duochrome reflection! It's insanely pretty when sunlight hits it, making it perfect for highlighting the lids.

CYMBIDIUM - Cymbidium is a decently pigmented blackish-brown in a smooth satin finish. I initially thought it was black from the pan, but it has a nice mixture of dark brown in it. You get the same intensity as a black shade, but it's much easier on the eyes! This is the perfect shade to use when transitioning from a day-to-night look and is great for a smokey eye.

Most Korean matte eyeshadows I've tried are too sheer and powdery, so I didn't expect much from Heimish. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the mattes in this palette were so silky soft and smooth to the touch! They're decently pigmented, which is definitely a huge step up from typical Korean matte shadows. The matte shades have decent pigmentation that isn't too sheer, and is definitely buildable, but isn't as pigmented when compared to the shimmery shades in this palette. To achieve a more opaque look with the matte shadows, just build it up by adding on more layers. It blends out well on the lids and doesn't crease, but it does fade after about 7-8 hours (with a primer) so it's still long-lasting.

The shimmery shades in the palette exceeded all of my expectations -- they are perfect! It's not gritty or chunky, but there's still a beautiful sheen when wearing these shades. On the other hand, the glittery shades can initially be a bit chunky and gritty upon application, but thankfully, they blend out smoothly onto the lid, so it's definitely doable. The gritty feeling goes away after the first couple uses, so it's nothing to worry about! Once on the lid it's a smooth glittery sheen that adheres well. If using a brush, I found that there's basically a glitter explosion on the face, aka a ton of fall out. I like to apply the glitter shades with my fingers to help minimize fallout and to pack on a lot more color! Nevertheless, the glittery shades are insanely pigmented and will be sure to catch everyone's attention. 

Here, I applied Gerbera all over the lid as my base shade. Then, I used Cotton Plant on the outer lid and blended it into my crease. I mixed Cotton Plant with Hyacinth and blended it into my lower lash line. Next, I lightly blended Cymbidium onto the outer part of the crease to add more dimension. Lastly, I applied Amaryllis all over the lid with my fingers, and voila! :)


Heimish has quickly become one of my favorite K-beauty brands all thanks to this palette, which is what pushed it to the top of my list. It's seriously the best eyeshadow palette I've ever tried from a Korean brand!

 The Heimish Dailism Eye Palette is such a gorgeous and handy palette to have no matter if you're a beginner or a pro at makeup. It contains a nice variety of corals and browns, as well as different finishes ranging from mattes to glitter, making it ideal for bringing along for travel! If you're just starting out with makeup and want an eyeshadow palette that takes care of all of your needs, I HIGHLY recommend this! Most of the shades are super pigmented, relatively long-lasting and wear for about 7-8 hours before fading (with a primer)! All in all, I find myself reaching for this palette most mornings when I want a natural makeup look. The combination of pink and brown shades in this palette make it perfect for daily makeup and also for transitioning from day-to-night looks! I love this one so much, I'd give this three thumbs up if I could!


The Heimish Dailism Eye Palette retails for $32 and is available in all SIX shades at Ohlolly.comHERE! They are also available for $28.99 on Amazon, HERE!

 Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post contains referral code, but I do NOT make any form of commission from it.


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    1. Me too! I want to buy more shades hehe :D

  2. I've been really wanting to try one of these palettes. Thanks for the detailed review and those awesome swatches! <3

  3. Thank you for such a thorough review! I love how soft the shades are - I may be purchasing their Ltd. Edit. one that's not out yet (saw a pic on their IG page) IF I can find somewhere that sells to Canada.

    1. So glad you liked the review! :D Are you talking about the Coralic one?! If you are, I saw it on Jolse and it looks SO pretty!

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