REVIEW: Daeng Gi Meori Ja Dam Hwa The First Shampoo

By now, I'm pretty familiar with the Korean haircare brand Daeng Gi Meori! I've tried the Look at Hair Loss True Shampoo (HERE) and the Oriental Special Shampoo (HERE) which have both worked pretty well for me, so I was stoked to receive the Ja Dam Hwa The First Shampoo in my August BNT Box! 

When I first pulled this shampoo out of the box, I was amazed at how absolutely gorgeous the design on the bottle was. It's a deep scarlet red bottle with a quaint floral design. Most shampoos I've tried don't usually have pretty packaging like this one, but this was vibrant and eye-catching.


The Ja Dam Hwa The First Shampoo is a multi-funcitonal shampoo aimed at cleansing the scalp while also boosting the hair's vitality.

This Oriental Medicine-inspired shampoo contains a white ginseng, ginger, and patented cranium lily extract formula that helps provide tired scalps and hair with energy, strength and beauty. Silk extracts from golden cocoons and proteins protect the hair while reinforcing firmness and glow. It also contains a real herb complex made of green tea, chamomile, sage, Calendula, and Henna to deeply moisturize.

There are no English descriptions or directions on the back of the bottle, only Korean!  I can't help but reiterate that the packaging is SO gorgeous! 


The Ja Dam Hwa The First Shampoo foams up and lathers very well. I tend to use a small palm full and there's so many bubbles. It feels pretty normal on the scalp; there's no tingly sensation or anything that feels different, but it has noticeably improved my hair. 

My hair feels stronger and healthier, and I haven't noticed any brittleness or dryness after using. My hair feels softer and silkier almost immediately after rinsing the shampoo out of my hair and I don't feel a need to use an additional conditioner or treatment with this product. This shampoo was hydrating for my scalp and my hair; my scalp is usually dry (especially because I love hot showers) and gets a lot of dry flakes, but they were nowhere in sight after using this shampoo. My hair was also a bit shiner due to the added boost in hydration to my strands.

This bottle of shampoo comes with a red flip-top cap that opens and closes effortlessly. The quality of the bottle itself, besides the cap, feels somewhat flimsy, making the plastic tube extremely easy to squeeze and dispense product.

The shampoo isn't your average looking one; it's a bright scarlet red shampoo that foams up white/pale pink. 

The scent is also very pleasant! It's a strong floral scent that smells wonderful in my opinion, but if you're one that doesn't like strong scents, then this shampoo is probably not in your ballpark.


Gorgeous packaging
Lathers well
Nice floral scent
Strengthens hair
Adds shine, softness, and silkiness
Hydrates scalp and hair
No need for conditioner


Scent can be a bit strong


This is undoubtedly one of my favorite shampoos I have tried from Daeng Gi Meori! Everything from the way the packaging looks, to how it works and smells is lovely! I know some of my fellow BNT girls have had problems with itchy scalps with this shampoo, but I have been using this product for a little over 3 weeks and have not felt any signs of discomfort whatsoever. I usually have a dry scalp, but this shampoo has helped me combat the dryness!

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. Omg, finally someone it works well with!! Thank you Mary for bringing faith back to me!

    1. Haha I'm so glad I could restore your faith! :D I read the other girls' reviews and it seemed like it gave everyone an itchy scalp. I'm still using it (it's been about a month) and nothing has gone wrong yet so that's really strange!