REVIEW: Royal Skin Animalian Mask in Sheep

Today, I'll be reviewing the Royal Skin Animalian Mask in Sheep courtesy of Skin18! I have a pretty big addiction when it comes to sheet masks, so it's always fun for me to try a new brand. I mean... I don't think sheet masks could get any cooler than making them into animal faces!

Here is a list of the ingredients:


Packaging and Design:
These animal masks are the coolest things ever! They're so fun to wear despite the fact that I look super silly in it, but it's a great mask to wear with your friends, family, or boyfriend/girlfriend. The packaging is cute; it's a bright green with a photo of what the sheep mask looks like on the front. The mask looks exactly like the photo too! The cutouts in the mask are all near-perfect shapes; the eye holes are big and round so it'll fit all eye shapes, the length and width is relatively a good size (forehead part is a little long, but I have a small forehead), the nose cutout is a little big, but I also have a small nose and the cutout for the mouth is round and a perfect size for those with small-medium sized lips.

Ease of Use:
The Royal Skin Animalian Masks are really easy to apply and use. They're soaked in a decent amount of essence so you have enough left over to rub onto your neck/hands if you wanted to. The cotton feels of very good quality and is easy to unfold and spread onto your face. There are also slits along the bottom and sides of the masks so you can achieve a better fit.

Texture and Scent:
These cotton sheet masks feel very smooth on the skin. It's soft, but not to the point where it feels like it'll rip easily. Plus, the Royal Skin Animalian Masks smell so good! It has a nice, clean, and fresh citrus-y scent.

The instant I put on this sheet mask, I felt a really cooling sensation throughout the whole duration of the 30 minutes I left it on my skin. It's recommended that you wear this mask for 10-15 minutes, but I usually like to leave it on as long as I want and my skin didn't feel irritated at all; this mask is extremely gentle to the skin! It was very hydrating and refreshing and I would definitely wear this again. I also noticed slight improvements with my skin texture and tone too! The redness in my skin, usually around my cheeks, and my blemishes were all minimized. This mask left my skin feeling great and looking brighter and more luminous.

Yes, my boyfriend loves sheet masking with me LOL :D

The changes aren't super drastic, so they're a lot more noticeable in person than in the photos. You can tell that my skin tone looks more even around my cheeks, my face is a bit brighter, and my skin more moisturized. If you notice the few blemishes on my cheek and nose area, you can see that they're minimized and the redness is gone from them after using the mask!


Relaxing & Refreshing
Minimized redness and blemishes
Glowing skin




This is a hydrating sheet mask and it does it's job wonderfully! My skin feels a lot healthier and hydrated after using and I would definitely recommend this to everybody!

The Royal Skin Animalian Mask in Sheep is currently on sale at for $1.80, HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes; all reviews are, and will always be, my own 100% honest opinions.

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