REVIEW: Etude House Big Cover Collection + Monkey Wish Eyes Eyeshadow (JANUARY PINK BIRD BOX)

 Etude House was on a roll for the month of January and cranked out so many new collections and products! As you know, 2016 is the year of the monkey, so it's only fitting for Etude House to come out with limited edition monkey imprinted shadows, right? ^ o ^ Also, in January, Etude House came out with a new product line: The Big Cover collection, which is meant to help you cover imperfections in more convenient and easier ways! The Big Cover collection includes the Big Cover Concealer BB, Cushion Concealer, Concealer Kit, Stick Concealer, and the Tip Concealer.

My January Pink Bird Box from Etude House recently came in and I was so excited to see that I had received the Big Cover Concealer BB, the Big Cover Concealer Cushion and a few Look At My Eyes Monkey Wish Eyes eyeshadow singles to review for you guys! :D



Concealer BB Cream covers flaws with its excellent coverage power and easy absorption. Just a small amount delivers full coverage on the skin!

The Big Cover Concealer BB comes in 3 different shades ranging from Vanilla, Beige, and Sand. I received Sand, which is the darkest shade out of the three and unfortunately, it was a few shades too light for my medium NC30-35 skin tone! I'd say Sand would be a good match for those who usually wear around a N23 in Korean foundations!

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much from this foundation just because BB creams tend to have very low coverage since it's typically made for basic everyday wear, but boy was I wrong! This is the very first BB cream I have EVER came across that has high coverage, and I mean it covers every single imperfection leaving behind a flawless semi-matte finish. What I love about it is that it's an ultra-creamy formula that's not too dewy, but it's also not too matte or drying; it's a perfect balance between both and the semi-matte finish looks very natural. Plus, you don't really need to set this foundation with a powder! It feels incredibly lightweight on the skin and it's not cakey at all despite having high coverage. It covers every blemish, discoloration, and red spots with ease and the cover is also buildable by apply more layers for those spots that need more coverage!

I really enjoy the Multi-Touch Tip of the applicator. It's HUGE and the slanted part is made to swipe the product onto you face, while the rounded tip can also be used to dot the Concealer BB Cream on blemishes that need extra coverage!


The Big Cover Concealer BB currently retails for $18 and is available in 3 different shades at Etude House, HERE! It's also available on Amazon, HERE!


Cushion Concealer includes a cushion puff to cover flaws naturally anytime and anywhere. Achieve complete and flawless skin with its customized correcting color.

The Big Cover Cushion Concealer comes in 6 different shades: Illuminate, Peach Pink, Mint, Sand, Vanilla, and Beige. I received the shade Peach Pink, which is meant to brighten up the complexion, dark spots, and dark circles. Luckily, that's just what I needed since I struggle with dark circles!

To use, just click the bottom button on the pen about 20-ish times (or until you see some product) to first activate it. After that, you only need to click it once or twice to dispense product onto the cushion puff. I then dab the pen onto my problem areas that need brightening such as my under-eye area.

The finger cushion puff is so, so soft and is super gentle to use when dotting product onto the under-eye area. It doesn't make dark circles completely disappear, BUT it does help to make it a lot less noticeable and also brighten up the area, which makes me appear much more awake! The pinky peach shade helps to counteract dark and dull skin, so it's perfect to use if you want to brighten up your complexion or certain areas. The formula of the concealer is creamy and hydrating which gives it a slightly dewy finish. I like to blend out the concealer with my fingers and it sets very evenly!

The only gripe I have with the Big Cover Cushion Concealer is that I wish it came with extra tips! I don't think cushion puff applicators are very hygienic because it's used on so many different parts of the face and this particular one can't be removed or cleaned.

The Big Cover Cushion Concealer currently retails for $13.20 and is available in 6 different shades at Etude House, HERE! It's also available on Amazon, HERE!


Along with the Big Cover collection, Etude House also came out with a super cute limited edition version of the Look At My Eyes eyeshadow singles called the Monkey Wish Eyes! There are 10 different shadows in this collectiong, ranging from both jewel and velvet type, with special printed packaging! Each eyeshadow single has it's own little encouraging phrase that are supposed to be messages that you want to hear during the New Year! :D

What's even cuter is that each eyeshadow has a Monkey face imprinted onto it! There are 6 NEW limited edition shades, and 4 shades from the regular Look At My Eyes collection.

I received the shades BE109 Pay Day,  PK013 Cheer Up, and GR707 Exam Passed! If you have yet to try any Etude House Look At My Eyes eyeshadow, then you're missing out! The formula is so silky soft, but also highly pigmented. Each shade is easily blendable, buttery, and applies very smoothly on to the lids and these limited edition ones are no different!


BE109 PAY DAY is a gorgeous natural champagne beige with a shimmery, satin finish. This one is so soft on the eyes and feels almost velvety! It's highly pigmented and blends out really well, with very minimal fallout.


PK013 CHEER UP is an adorable baby-pink frost eyeshadow with pink and gold microglitters! It applies very sheer and is perfect to add a bit of sparkle to brighten up any look. The pink and gold microglitters are really pretty, however it is a bit chunky with lots of fallout, so be careful of getting this in your eyes!


GR707 EXAM PASSED! is my absolute favorite eyeshadow out of the bunch, and probably ever from Etude House. It's a khaki brown and green duochrome shadow with a shimmery finish that's absolutely gorgeous. It appears green in the pan, but when applied, it has a gorgeous shift to brown. This shade is actually really hard for me to capture the correct color of and just really depends on how the light hits you -- in some lights it looks like a brown, and in other lights it's like an army green! The formula itself is also buttery soft like the rest with very minimal fallout!

Here are some photos of me using all three Monkey Wish Eyes eyeshadows! I used Pay Day all over my lid and applied a bit of Cheer Up in my inner lid and inner corner. I finished up my eyes with Exam Passed! on the outer lid and lower lash line! ^ o ^

And here are some finished makeup looks using all of the products I received from January's Pink Bird Box! :)


I am in awe at the number of awesome collections Etude House continuously cranks out! The Big Cover BB Cream and Cushion Concealer truly does a wonderful job with covering any imperfections with ease. However, I do wish Etude House had a wider shade range! All in all, I definitely recommend trying out the Big Cover collection if you're looking for some high-coverage, semi-matte BB cream that's quick and easy to apply!

The Look At My Eyes Monkey Wish Eyes was also a hit! Their regular line of Look At My Eyes eyeshadow singles are so high quality, so it's nice to have a few new shades released with ultra cute, encouraging packaging and an adorable monkey face embossed onto the shadows! Two thumbs up from me! ^ o ^

The BIG COVER Collection and Look At My Eyes Monkey Wish Eyes are available at!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions.


  1. Will the cushion concealer settle into fine lines etc?

    1. Yes, it does for me at least! I have a lot of fine lines in my under-eye area, as you can notice in some of the photos, so I have to set with a powder, but that's consistent with every single concealer I have ever used. :( The concealer helps to balance out my eyebags/dark circles though!

  2. I looked at those products when I made my last order from Etude House, but my budget wasn't big enough for me to get both that and a buttload of the Berry Delicious things! I am so in love with that collection. I'm kind of kicking myself now because those results are pretty fantastic.

    I was miffed that I wasn't able to get any of the eyeshadows. They weren't on the global website, and by the time I found them elsewhere they were already sold out. They are really fun shades! I love that they have the little monkey pressed into them.