REVIEW: Tosowoong Hello Kitty Pore Brush

Thinking back to my childhood, I remember I had everything and anything that was Hello Kitty. I was obsessed back then and still am obsessed with the adorable cat character now, so when I found out that Tosowoong had a collaboration with Hello Kitty and made facial brushes, I knew I had to have it in my life. There are two Hello Kitty brushes available, one in white/red and one in black with 24K plated gold!

 I had personally purchased the Hello Kitty Brush in White and Red, but was pleasantly surprised when Memebox sent me the Hello Kitty Brush in Black and Gold to review! Two is better than one, right? :D So lets get started!


The Hello Kitty Pore Brush is a very effective cleansing brush that eliminates deep-seated impurities trapped in the pores. It features 0.005mm microfine and soft bristles that is very gentle to the skin. This results to a much clearer complexion free from troubles!

HOW TO USE: Use the Hello Kitty Pore Brush with a foaming cleanser and massage all over the face using circular motions. 

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The Hello Kitty Pore Brush in Black & Gold by Tosowoong is hands-down the freaking cutest skincare tool in the history of ever! I don't think any collaboration will EVER top this. It's not only cute, but it's also very luxurious thanks to the 24K plated gold center and bow!

The body of the brush is made of a black plastic that's fairly sturdy and well-made. It comes with a black vented cap that covers the brush after it's been used. One nifty thing about this facial brush is that the gold center part can actually slide down, which makes putting the cap on a lot easier -- It helps keep the bristles in place when putting on the cap! What I like about the Hello Kitty Pore Brush is that it's so easy to hold, get a grip on, and maneuver all across the face as opposed to other manual brushes with handles.

The cap makes storing the brush really easy since it can just sit upright, and the holes at the bottom of the cap allows for easy ventilation since excess water can still escape through the holes while the brush dries. The design allows for easy and hygienic storage, but there's a tradeoff... The brush takes a longer amount of time to dry since it's not getting as much open air. Usually brushes I leave out can dry up over night, but this one takes about a full day until it fully dries.

One flaw with the Hello Kitty Pore Brush is that the cap is a little weak and not as secure as I would like it to be. This brush would be super portable and great for traveling, if the cap stayed on well. I wouldn't recommend throwing this in a bag because more likely than not, the cap will come off, but if you're carefully packing this up in a suitcase, duffel bag, or maybe even a bookbag, then the brush should be fine for traveling!

Nevertheless, the brush itself is amazing and effective. It's densely packed with all black, microfine 0.005mm bristles, which are extremely thin. This allows the brush to deeply clean out every single pore. It removes impurities and eliminates the gunk trapped in the pores leaving my face noticeably cleaner, smoother, and flake-free. I've also noticed a reduction in my congested skin (clogged pores) and with sebaceous filaments, aka those blackhead lookalikes on the nose!

This thick brush is so incredibly soft and gentle to the skin -- I would even recommend this brush to those with sensitive skin! Trust me, it feels as soft as feathers or a kitten's tail. The Hello Kitty Pore Brush removes impurities without any irritation whatsoever and is gentle enough for daily use! Plus, the bristles are infused with vitamin C, as well as the white Hello Kitty Pore Brush, which helps to brighten the skin's complexion. Personally, I haven't noticed a huge change with my skin getting brighter, but I have noticed that my complexion has gotten a lot clearer and smoother!


The Hello Kitty Pore Brush is absolutely adorable and would be the perfect touch to any vanity! It comes with a ventilated cap and is meant to be portable and travel-friendly, but the cap doesn't stay on as strongly as I would like it to, so be careful when bringing along on trips! The brush part is densely packed with all-black 0.005mm that are beyond soft! This allows for gentle, but really effective cleansing since the thin bristles can deeply clean out pores leaving behind, cleaner, clearer, and flake-free skin! I've noticed a huge reduction with my sebaceous filaments (aka those blackhead lookalikes) on my nose and my pores were so clear and minimized after use!

I've tried many manual facial brushes before, but this one definitely takes the cake! The Hello Kitty Pore Brush bristles feel amazing on the skin and is so much more easier to hold and control. The quality is well worth the price tag! There's no difference between the White and the Black brush, but I would definitely recommend the Black & 24K Gold as a fancy gift!


The Hello Kitty Pore Brush comes in two different colors which are both available at

- The Hello Kitty Pore Brush in White & Red is currently on sale for $21.74 and is available HERE!

- The Hello Kitty Pore Brush in Black & 24K Gold is currently on sale for $26.90 and is available HEREicon!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post also contains some affiliate links.

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  1. This brush sounds really nice, I'd love to give it a try! :)